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Life update.

Hello my lovelies, so sorry about the big gap I've been having a really tough time at the moment but I have been on holiday also! The next post will be all about my jollies. Then its back to reality isn't it. Worst part about holidays having to sadly come back home. So grab a pew and a very large cuppa if you don't get too bored. Unless you want to know about my life haha which I'm guessing you do or you wouldn't be reading this, so...

Its not all doom and gloom at the moment in my life thank god. I have the most beautiful boy who has not long turned 1 I wanted to do a big post about his birthday but the picture quality was rubbish and my phone was plugged into a stereo for Disney music so that wasn't much good either. He did have a wonderful day though I think. He had a party with a bouncy castle and the kids loved it. It was lovely to see him interacting with all aged kids and smiling happily on his new toys although he didn't think too much over the bouncy castle. He is still young though maybe try again in a couple of years. So that was lovely! A very proud moment but a little upsetting as it really does go far too fast which is why I'm so lucky to have a great boyfriend who works all hours so I can be a stay at home mum and take every moment in because every day is so precious watching him grow into his own little personality, hes amazing but obviously I'm biased. 

On the job front though I hate not having my own money and I love nail art to I'm going to be doing a nail art course in November so I'm really looking forward to that and means we have extra pennies! Always a good thing also and I get to do it from home so I'm not missing out a bonus. 

The thing that really is getting me down lately is our puppy! I know what your all thinking, he's a puppy there all nightmares but a one year old and a puppy WOW hard work don't come close, I really think I'd rather have ten kids there much easier. I trained him to not pee and poo in the house that's sorted with but he is just a nightmare and I know it's not the puppy's fault he needs attention but I can't give it him whilst I'm trying to teach Oscar to walk watching him and doing housework etc its impossible when Alfie is trying to hump Oscar all the while too, I had a break down the other night and just cried my eyes out Oscars going through teething at the minute with a dog trying to hump him and him wrecking the place I'm sure you can all imagine. But my boyfriend is being so selfish about the matter as he is the one that wants to keep the dog yet he never does anything with him, he will go to work yeah fair enough but then he will go to the pub for a couple of hours and its just not fair and to be honest the dog needs a family who can give him that attention because I know its not the dogs fault hes just bored and making his own entertainment up but It's really having its toll on me big time. Its causing me and my boyfriend to row a lot and I feel I'm doing everything alone I really need to go on 'It's me or the dog' or I can see myself just walking out. Ahhhhhh, someone please comment if you feel me haha. 

The holiday was amazing, was so nice to be with just my family and not have to worry about anything, all inclusive so food and drinks whenever you want can't get much better than that hey. The hotel itself Club Mac Alcudia was an amazing complex for kids had so much to do and the entertainment was good I thought but I'll go more into detail about my holiday in the next post. 

Friends?! Oh what are those again, you don't have any when you have a baby I've decided. I have a couple don't get me wrong but not that you can rely on. I just give up to be honest I'm usually always the first to text or arrange a meet up I do stop that now as whats the point when they don't bother? You really cant trust anyone but yourself. I wouldn't change my life for the world I love being a mother so much and Oscar is my best friend but I would also like female company in my life and an adult conversation not about football and what to have for tea. Everyone is busy and doing there own thing yeah, not a problem but surely you can make some time, I also think people act differently when there with certain people which really grinds me. I have lost a lot of friends lately due to not listening to there bull crap and they all slag each other of and so dis loyal and the list goes on to be honest. I'm just so glad I have my son he makes me life that bit better and makes me smile everyday. There are some friends I have that I don't need to see everyday but still love and grateful for and never feels like we don't see each other as soon as were together but my attitude now is to those people who don't bother with me now your loss, I don't need you :)

Last whinge I promise, my weight! I know I know, thats my fault 100% I put on a whopping 4 stone whilst pregnant just being a pure fatty pig eating mounds of chocolate, currys, Mc donalds, take aways you name it I ate it. Now Oscars one its really hit me now I look in the mirror and feel disgusted with myself, how could I let myself go so much? I hate myself, I've never been body confident or confident in my looks but now I just gross myself out looking in the mirror so its final now. I need to loose my weight and tone up, I'm going to join Slimming World for the last time on Thursday and start a new leaf. I will learn to love myself also, you only get one body so be kind to it. Don't get me wrong I never judge any one on there weight if your comfortable in your own skin that is all that matters! Don't worry about anyone else its your body you do what you like with it. I'm just really not happy at all with mine at the minute and its time to be a new fitter me. Oscar doesn't want an out of breath whale chasing him around the park haha.

I really didn't want this to be a moany ranty post but I'm sorry lovelies it was. (covers face)
I am going to do more posts like this maybe a weekly thing or fortnightly to say what I've been doing and I promise not to moan all the way through but this has been me for the past few weeks hope I didn't bore you all too much and a big well done if you made it all the way through tap yourself on the back and have a biscuit with your brew!

I hope your all very well and thank you so much for being patient with me and giving my blog the time of day, I honestly really appreciate it.

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