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Stay Blushed!

Hello lovelies, finally Friday! What will you all be doing with yourself this weekend? Are you saving up for Christmas or just going to get stupidly drunk? Sadly my option is the first, well not sadly as I'm not a massive drinker myself but it is always nice to let your hair down once in a while. But I'm waffling again, and back to the drawing board. Blusher...

Rimmel - Stay Blushed to be precise, a fairly newish product on the scene. A blusher in tube form. 

I personally think this is more hygienic than pots to put your fingers in and get all grubby, I'm not quite sure if I like the packaging more or not but it is different. A liquid blush that you can easily apply just dab a little on your finger and dab on your face or rub whichever you prefer. All this dabbing and rubbing is sounding rather rude but all innocence here ladies and gents. I like the look of the packaging, it looks clean fresh with a pop of color. They only have two shades at the moment though so that lets it down as I'm sure not everyone will warm to these colors.

A very bright baby pink and a peachy coral shade. I love them myself but maybe not to everybody's taste. To me they smell a little like suncream, I quite like that scent though, fresh. I think they are fairly long lasting and very lightweight. You can make your cheeks look very subtle with a hint of color or keep applying for a more stronger flush of color to your cheeks. A very suitable size to pop in your make up bag also. I like to apply my cream blushers with the Real Techniques buffing brush, by squeezing the tiniest amount of blusher on to my hand spreading it out a little then dabbing my make up brush into the product then on to my cheeks, it just gives enough color to radiate my cheek bones. I love this product but defiantly think they should bring out more shades! They retail in boots at £4.49 the value is great for what you get out of the product.

Gorgeous shades, but that's my personal preference and very pigmented! You really only need the tiniest amount if your applying with your fingertips. The tube will last you a good while.

004 Sunkissed Cherry- A gorgeous peachy coral that really does make you look sunkissed. A lovely glow to your skin to make it look radiant. I find the formula to this liquid blush though moussy rather than liquid form as the pink one is.

001 Pop Of Pink- A beautiful bright baby pink that gives your cheeks that highlight them instantley to lighten up your face. It is a very flattering pink that really does give your cheeks that pop of color.

Hope you liked my little blush post, have you tried these yet?


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    1. Ahh, I'm glad to hear hunny. If you love the colors I really think you will love the products. The formula is lovely and so easy to apply. I just hope they bring out even more shades :) xx


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