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Happy Halloween

Hello lovelies, Have you been trick or treating? I feel kind of bad I didn't really get into the spirit this year but Oscar is still young and if I did carve pumpkins with him he would only try and eat the insides, eurgh! The smell is off putting enough. But I did take him to a kiddies Halloween party which was lovely. He really enjoyed himself and the kids did too. My friend who hosted the party but so much effort into it it was lovely, she dressed up as a witch and looked fantastic. Really wish I took a picture of her now. She put a lovely spread on and had little games for everyone and they all got a bag full of goodies when we left too. Oscar was dressed in a little pumpkin outfit he looked adorable but didn't like his picture being took today as he didn't want to stay still and miss any of the action. Whilst I post this I am actually burning my Halloween Yankee candle Candy corn, smells so sweet and amazing.

Just a short Halloween post for you today lovelies but hope you all got lots of treats. Do you make a big deal at Halloween? I think I may host a party next year, just a maybe.

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