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Alcudia family holiday.

Hello lovelies, is this week dragging or is it just me? 

Our family holiday, My lovely boyfriend literally booked a holiday and told me within 5 days to spare so obviously I was very excited but my first holiday abroad with a 1 year old panic what do I need?! I got there in the end though. Suit cases packed a couple days prior and all set! Luckily the flights were only a couple of hours as that was the main thing I was worried about with having Oscar, he gets bored really easily. We flew with Monarch which is a company I'd never heard of but they really was fantastic! The seats on a plane are cramped and it gets fairly hot and sitting in a 3 seated tight area with 3 people plus a toddler on your lap it can get abit frustrating so a lovely staff member came up to us and asked the gentleman next to us if he wouldn't mind moving a seat to give us some room I thought this was ever so kind and made out flight much more pleasant especially when moving seats normally you get a charge of £15 so we was very grateful!

Once we got there we had to go on a coach for an hour and half till we reached our complex which is another thing I worried about not only for Oscar but me as I get awful travel sickness in cars/coaches/buses for longer than an hour! But we were both fine, Oscar luckily slept most of the way on daddy's lap. 

Well as you can see they both napped, bless them.

As soon as we got of the plane the heat hits you, I'm not one for hot hot weather I know your probably thinking why go abroad here then? But I didn't want Oscar to miss out and Dan loves it. It wasn't too bad anyway as you get nice breezes.

We finally got to our complex and I was immediately chuffed, the staff were ever so welcoming and helpful and very friendly although the receptionists weren't as lovely.
We quickly got upstairs and opened our cases to get our swim suits on! I couldn't wait to jump in the pool with Oscar, but there wasn't just one pool there were several! A pool for everyone (not literally) I mean children, adults etc. There's nothing better than jumping in a nice cool pool on a hot day is there with endless amount of food and drinks supply. We went all inclusive, best thing ever. There was breakfast all you can eat from 7 till 10 then lunch 12 till 3 then supper 6 till 9 which every different night they had a theme so all sorts of different food to choose from. Amazing, then for late night snackers they did food 9 till 12 but whilst your around the pool they had huts on till 3 with burgers, chips etc so you could never get hungry! We all ate far too much, just because we could really. Oscar was loving it obviously! Well we all was the food was amazing, I know some food abroad can be abit funny but it was gorgeous there.

In the day they had lots to for children and teenagers but Oscar was abit too young to go in one of those play groups so he was stuck with us all the while. They had a lovely little park there for him which also had a baby pool in. The facilities were faultless. We can't wait to go back again when Oscars older so he can enjoy it and appreciate it more. Also in the day we went into the Alcudia town a couple of times but the town wasn't all that for me really alot of pubs and shops but not for things I would really buy. We went to the beach a couple of times also and Oscar loved crawling in the sand and playing and the sea of course. We all had so much fun, if we wasn't doing them things we would be by the pool just relaxing really.

At night time we only ventured out of the complex a couple of times went into the town and had a couple of drinks in the bars and there was an english bar right round the corner from our complex with wifi and football for the boyfriend! So he was very pleased and they did pub quizes which I enjoyed and they made us a scrummy curry one night. In the complex at night the entertainment was lovely. The first night we got there they did a Queen tribute but we didn't really enjoy Spanish people miming to that so we left but we didn't give up for the night after as it was a take that tribute from the UK and they were awesome. Then the other night we watched the entertainers they put a play on of Beauty and the beast we all loved that although there miming is awful we really enjoyed it. I hated Oscar being out of his usual routine but hes been great at home since so no problems at all luckily. 

With the booking we did Dan payed just a little extra for us to have access to the water park a 30 second walk from the complex and we all loved it there also. Dan enjoyed the kamikazes,  all the big water slides and I loved in the pool next to them the wave machine! Oscar was thrilled by that also it was amazing. So that was defiantly worthwhile.

We went to the Alcudia market one day wow what a long walk but the place was beautiful where the market was set out next to a beautiful church too, they sold beautiful handbags and clothes but I was good and didn't buy a thing.

The mountains are beautiful in Alcudia/Palma and we had tremendous views from our balcony was so pleasant at night time sitting out there having a snuggle at night time with the stars out (I know grab a sick bucket).

I don't really know what much else to say about our holiday to be honest but how much we loved it and I would really recommend going we stayed at Club Mac Jupiter hotel they have so much to do its unreal you could never get bored! Golf, swimming pools, football,  aqua aerobics, fitness, park, a little fair, a beautiful lake with canoe boats and swan boats on. At night time they had little stalls where me and Dan purchased a plaster cast of our hands together you had to dip your hands in hot wax then straight into freezing cold water a few times then go back the next day to purchase it, I love it its beautiful and we also got a picture of Oscar by a cartoon artist there. He must be on a fortune 20 euros for 5 minutes and he never stopped from 7 till 12! 

I'll let you just enjoy the pictures as you may see a little more from what I explained, thank you for reading our holiday post I hope you enjoyed it and I'm more than happy to answer any questions about it :) Have a lovely afternoon x

This is really just a snippet of my photos if you want to see them all follow me on facebook they will be on there soon Paige Wallbank on there. Thanks again.


  1. I been to alcudia was amazing! Ur lil one is gorgeous xxxx
    Lots of love,
    Laura x


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