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Autumnal/Winter Lipsticks.

Hello lovelies, Hope your all well. Went for my first job interview today with a year out of work. So nerve wracking but so glad I've dipped my toes back in the working water. My partner wasn't really bothered with me getting a job till Oscar was in full time school but I need it for me, my own independence and earn my own pennies so I can be guiltless for my shopping habits hehe. I think it went well but I will hear for defo on Monday or Tuesday, so fingers crossed. I am sharing with you today my Autumnal/Winter shades of lipsticks. I do personally wear any type of shade lipstick all year round but the ones I have picked to show you I think will look great in these particular seasons. 

A range of different brands and shades, from vampy blood red to berry colors.

They are all very pigmented and lovely finishes. 

The Reds

Yves Rocher- Framboise, W7 - Pillar Box, 17- Red Devil, L'Oreal -Feeric Fuchsia and MUA- Shade 8.

All beautiful bright reds, like the reddest of apples. Shiny and moisturising. The L'Oreal and MUA one have a slight pink tint so them with the L'Oreal lipstick having shimmer running through. I have never been a red lipstick lover, I just never thought the color suited me and was never brave enough to pull a bold red lip of. But I've been a little braver and venturing into the red side and going to try and pull it of with certain outfits. I always think people look so beautiful with big red lips, I think personally the shade looks so well on women with black and blonde hair. But pretty much anyone can pull a red lip of surely? I think you just have to pick the right shade. If your like me and a bit nervous delving into the red for your first time why not try an MUA lipstick as they are so cheap at £1! There also not 'cheaply' made in my opinion I think its quite long lasting and a great finish. You don't really want to break the bank for a first time color do you? Unless your really brave obviously. All the reds I have I love, I just think they go well with certain outfits or make up looks. Red is defiantly more a winter color for me I think, a frosty morning/evening looks more warmer with a nice dark toned bold red lip. Have you got a favorite red lipstick? 

The more Autumnal colors I chose;

17-Autumn berries and Collection - Seduction from the Gothic Glam new range.
Autumn berries being the color as it says on the tin, a beautiful berry colour with undertones of peaches and pink running through and Seduction being a vampy purple with hints of reds and pinks. Both gorgeous colors and dark lips seem to be right on trend at the moment another cheap starter is the Collection Gothic glam range at only £2.99! Another brand I love and obviously there amazing prices. Two both lovely finishes a little shimmer running through and quite moisturising on the lips.

They all look pretty pink toned on the picture it might have been the lighting outside, as the colors inside look really dark and red. I'll have to take some more pictures for you to see the difference. All drug store brands but the Yves Rocher one, cheap and cheerful, they do the job perfectly without making you penniless. Great if your wanting to build your collection too. Is there any shades you would recommend for Autumn or Winter? Do you pick certain shades for certain seasons?

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