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Little Birmingham Haul.

Hello lovelies, how are you all? Enjoying your weekend I hope, I have this weekend and me and the boyfriend have been doing some well over due retail therapy. I love Birmingham for shopping it has everything I need/want which ever you prefer. So here is what I got today.

Apart from the shops you can see I've been to above I also went into the Disney store and got Oscar a Donald Duck teddy and a Christmassy Mickey Mouse bouncing ball, for once I insisted we kept them for Christmas and Dan usually being the scrooge of the pair of us said no we must give them him. So naughty us we did, but he loved them both very much! He loves his cuddly toys and does the cutest ahh sound with a big cuddle now, its the sweetest thing! Then Dan finally caved in and brought himself Fifa 14 so yes as you guessed that's the TV taken over now. But that means I can blog in peace without him shouting at me haha.

Now the more exiting bit, what I purchased thanks to my lovely boyfriend treating me.
Where shall we start first? Dying to see what I brought from MAC? Well don't get to excited, I'm still pretty new to MAC and only have a few things from there brand foundation, bronzer and lipsticks and as my favorite foundation ran out I needed a re purchase! I do really want to try out there pigments and was told vanilla was lovely but after speaking to a lovely assistant there she showed me vanilla and naked and naked looked more suited to my skin tone and not too white looking so really tempted to get that soon for a beautiful highlighter. But back to what I bought I got the MAC Studio sculpt spf15 foundation in NW20. This has been my most favorite foundation ever, I have quite an oily T-zone with dry areas every where else and this fits perfectly with my skin type. It is medium to full coverage which I love, its a creamy gel based foundation which is also hydrating on my dry areas that leaves no nasty patches and long wearing. It makes my skin look smooth and soft and I just have to dab a little bit of powder on my T-zone to keep the sheen at bay a little. But makes my skin look plush with a satin finish.

Next! Muji, I was having a good wander around the Muji store and wanted everything really but what I was really after was some deeper draws to fit my foundations in as my other drawers only fit in my lipsticks/mascaras in so was in need of one of those so that's all I brought from there today but I shall be getting some more for my blushers and bronzers in the near future. So here is my Muji Acrylic 2 drawers wide storage box. It fits all my foundations and BB creams perfectly and looks great on my dressing table I love the look of the acrylic drawers, I think it looks clean, fresh and much more tidy. I shall be doing another updated make up storage once I have filled most of my make up in the acrylic drawers as I love them!

Primark or as I like to call it Primarni haha, I only picked a couple of things up in here as I only wanted a pair of leggings but as the cute Christmas stock is in there now I couldn't resist a cute pair of slippers and socks! You can't not have a new pair of socks for Christmas! And these are the cutest socks ever, a pug saying ho ho ho?! Also Mickey mouse slippers which Oscar loves! He kept grabbing the Mickey's on them so don't know how long those are going to last on there. There cute non the less. Then just a standard pair of black leggings as I'm always finding little holes in mine and for £3 why not get another pair?

All you pug lovers must love these right?! 

Then lastly my favorite shop of them all LUSH! Most people like to get drunk on the weekend, Oh no not me there's nothing more I love than a hot bubbly bath with a Lush bath bomb or bath melt. Makes me feel all heavenly inside my boyfriend thinks I'm very sad of course to get so excited over a new bath product, well that's just me! Love me or hate me haha. All the Christmas stock is out and new things, I love there Christmas stock and actually suprised myself and did not buy snow fairy! I may get it when I venture to Birmingham again when the German market is on though as I do love the stuff smells amazing and so sweet. But this is what I picked up today.

I wasn't too naughty and only spent a little of £20 and got mostly what I was after, me and Dan both love The Comforter, it is our favorite product from Lush by far. Every time we make a Lush order we always have this. Weather it be online or in store its amazing smells so good. Its so fruity and sweet rolled into one and makes your bath all fluffy and pink you just can't wait to dive in it. It defiantly has the perfect name for it as it is the most comforting bath ever. 

Cinders, I brought this last year and fell in love with the scent, I love strong Christmassy smells such as cinnamon and strong fruits and this is meant to make you think of the crackling warm fireside and it defiantly does with the crackling sound the bath bomb makes at the bottom of the bath whilst smelling the rich tones around you, its the most perfect Christmassy wind down bath time.

Candy Mountain, I couldn't resist this cute little pyramid of pinkness. It smells just like snow fairy with a hint of vanilla. Its covered in sparkles and so sweet smelling but as you know I love the sweet smells and there not for everyone but for those of you who love snow fairy you will really love this! And who wouldn't want a sweet smelling pink sparkly bath to brighten up there day and bring out there inner child? Yum.

Star Light, Star Bright. This bath melt is a citrus dream, A creamy feeling nose dream I could smell this all day, it's so fresh and citrussy. Lots of shea and cocoa butter inside to make your skin feel amazing. I love the look of this product its so adorable a cute silver glittery star. I don't want to melt it away but I am really looking forward to this starry night. 'Catch a falling star and put in your... bath save it for a rainy day ;)' My key board is covered in glitter at the minute as I can't put this down it just smells amazing, go to Lush now and smell it honestly you citrus scent lovers.

The melting snowman, the cutest ever bath melt yet. I also bought this last year as it smells amazing! Cinnamon again with almond scents but how could you not buy this cute little thing? I hate popping him in the bath because I want him to stay on my shelf forever but he makes your bath so much better with mounds of bubbles and making you skin lovely and soft. Again if you love strong Christmas like scents you will adore this little fella as much as I do. The detailing is just brilliant even down to his cute little carrot nose.

Then lastly but defiantly not least a new product I couldn't wait to try was the Santa's Lip Scrub. I can't remember seeing this last year but I had to pick it up this year. It is adorable inside, Red with cute little hearts in a lot of love of Santa baby. Smells delicious of coca cola and cherries which is edible! So rub it all over you nasty chapped lips for softer lips this winter to kiss that special someone under the mistletoe this year. I currently use the Bubble gum lip scrub which I adore but I had to try this and I already love the scent and I've just tried a tiny bit on my lips and it tastes amazing! I just want to eat the pot.

I hope you liked my little haul and wonder if your all excited for Christmas this year as much as I am? Apologies if the picture quality isn't the best but we got back when it was very dark as the nights are getting darker very quickly now and I couldn't wait till the next day to take them and put the post up so had to make do with home lighting so I hope you don't mind. Also if there is any MAC products you could recommend to me please do in the comments below lovelies, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Lots of love. 

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