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Favorite Christmas Sparkly Nails.

Hello lovelies, today I have my favorite sparkly/glitzy nails for you with a sneaky peak of a Christmas nail art I have in store for you all. 

Christmas to me screams glitter, sparkles and pretty things. I do also love my plums, reds, silvers, golds etc but these are my favorite sparkly numbers. I have some Christmas Nail art tutorials coming up so keep your eyes peeled. 

Barry M - Red Glitter; A gorgeous opaque red glittery polish that gets me right in the festive mood. It is so pretty and sparkly and you literally only need one coat but if that's not enough then go over with another coat. The lasting power is brilliant, that great its a bugger to come off! Like all glitter polishes. 

Rimmel - Your Majesty; An opaque silver that isn't all that glittery but it shimmers like no other. You only need one coat of this too to become opaque but that's to your own preference. 

OPI - Happy Anniversary; This colour is my favorite I think of the glitters, it is so stunning! Would look gorgeous for a wedding or christening. This is gorgeous on its own but even more outstanding on top of neutral shade. 

Maybelline Brocades In Knitted Gold; Another gorgeous polish that I have been loving, this isn't that opaque alone but a couple of layers and it is but I like this on top of a normal gold shade. It is super shiny and glitzy a very girly number which would rock at a party.

W7 - First Class; A gorgeous sparkly gold that would suit all ages to give your nails a sparkly elegant touch. 

Rimmel - Disco Ball & Miss Sporty - Sparkle touch; These two polishes are exactly the same! Sparkly particles of blue, silver and purple looks gorgeous on top of any colour base. 

The Snowflake nail is a sneaky preview of one of my Christmas nail tutorials. I don't just wear glittery polishes at Christmas I adore a touch of sparkles on my finger tips but just thought I would show with you some of my favorites if you was looking to sparkle and shine at a Christmas party coming up. Do you like a bit of glitter around Christmas time? What are your favorite sparkly numbers?

Lush Christmas Gift guide.

Hello lovelies, today I have for you my first gift guide. I have chosen Lush as I know most people love Lush. I adore it so much and eyeing up all of the gift sets! Last year I was so lucky and grateful to receive the Lush Legends Box of my lovely boyfriend. I was in love, speechless. I didn't really want him spending £100 on bath products but he said I was worth it and he knew how much I love Lush, the cutie. But anyway I have picked a handful of gift sets to see if they take anyone's fancy...

Merry Christmas Gift Set £19.95 . Shooting Stars Gift Set £15.95 . WOW Gift Set £129.95 .  Christmas Gift Set £6.50 .

Ranging from £6.50 to a whopping £129.95. Do you think that is excessive? Or do you think that is reasonable? I'd love to hear your views. I am in ore with the big WOW box its full of all the Christmas goodies 32 amazing products which is my I'm in love. My favorites all come out to play in Winter at Lush. Snow fairy particularly, there is all sorts you can pick for gifts for your loved ones from Lush though not just gift sets. They sell gorgeous Knot wrap gift wrap which you could just place a bath bomb in, or a hair bar in a tin. They have some gorgeous new scents out too! I want the Snow fairy scent in my life.  There is a scent for everyone though as I know not everyone likes sweet smelling scents. Back to the gift sets though, FUN as you guessed has little samples 50g of a trio of fun to play with and do as you please with I love the idea of this gift set. Shooting Stars is a bauble which is really cute full of four goodies, Shoot for the stars bath bomb, two bath melts and gold Fun. Then the Christmas gift set is full of 5 bath bombs including Lord of misrule, Cinders, Father Christmas, Golden Wonder and Christmas Eve. One of my favorite bath bombs is Golden Wonder a yellow Christmas present hiding stars and mounds of bubbles. 

Really hope this helped in some sort of way for you bath/shower lovers. Or just a lover of Lush, don't forget its not just for others you can treat yourself to a cheeky purchase or put it on your own Christmas wish list ;) All these pictures I got of the LUSH website. If you want to search for yourself feel free to browse there site.

Favorite Christmas Scents.

Hello lovelies, how is your week going? Today I have for you my favorite Christmassy scents. I love the general Christmas scents such as frankincense, ginger, cherries, cinnamon etc. I love rich deep powerful scents. So here are a few of what I'm loving this year.

I am a big Yankee Candle fanatic, I love my candles and these are just lovely. I would like to try some more luxurious brands but for the price tag I think these are beautiful. I have a few large jars but mostly the smaller ones as I love a mixture of smells there are only literally two scents I don't like from Yankee. The two 104g jars I have to share with you lovelies today are,

Cherries On Snow & Red Apple Wreath

Cherries On Snow - The only way to explain this candle is Cherry Bakewell Tart!! I want to eat this right now as I'm sniffing away like a dog at a pee stop. It's amazing it smells good enough to eat it really does if you like cherry bakewell ofcourse. You can also smell the frostiness of the snow lingering in the background. I would love a large jar of this just for Christmas. I know there are some people out there that buy expensive candles and don't burn them... why?! Whats the point haha, I'm quite bad with mine they go quite quickly I am addicted to candles. 

Red Apple Wreath - A true homecoming feel to it with the warm sweet apples, cinnamon, maple and those sorts of aromas. Very Christmassy scented in a jar. Once its lit I do feel all festive inside I have also spotted Yankee have an advent calendar! A candle obsessives dream. 

A couple of Yankee Wax tarts also,

Christmas cupcake & Christmas memories.

I prefer my wax tarts to my jars to be honest as I feel they give of more scent around the room/home. There also fairly cheap at £1.25 a pop but there's always cheap finds on ebay and amazon. 

Christmas cupcake - A vanilla butter frosting scent very rich and creamy this also smells good enough to eat. I know not a lot of people like the sweet scents but I'm a massive lover of sweet scents, I adore my Vanilla cupcake one and this smells similar with the richness of the butter cream icing. 

Christmas memories - All your Christmas treasures mixed into a wax tart, the smells from your home cooking kitchen including spices and sweet smelling aromas. This makes your home smell Christmassy in preparation for the big day. 

Then lastly, not the most exciting thing in the world but I love my home smelling welcoming, clean and fresh so always have an air freshener on the go. I couldn't actually find my plug in wrapper to show you so thought I would just show you the air freshener I have on the go at the minute. 

Spiced Apple and Cinnamon - Glade

Glade have some gorgeous Wintery scents fresheners in the shops now, I want them all but being a candle obsessive is fairly normal, an air freshener obsessive though I think that's a little strange. This is a festive aroma filling the home full of gorgeous rich scents, my mum hates cinnamon scented things so I lay of it as much when shes visiting but I spray like mad once shes gone, not because she smells or anything haha because I can't wait to fill my home in the gorgeous notes of cinnamon and spices.

What are your favorite scents throughout Christmas?

My Winter Lip Saviours.

Hello lovelies, its getting bitterly cold and my lips hate this time of the year. They get very chapped and a little sore so I need to protect them before it happens again this year. I used to be pretty lazy and bad with using lip balms even if there the most easiest part of any routine?! I don't know why I never used to bother with them to be honest, but that's all changed now I have for you three of my favorite lip products to keep my lips smooth, kissable and looking guuuurd. 

Firstly I start with my Lip scrub! Every one needs this in there life to exfoliate your lips in preparation for your choice of balm. My chosen Lip Balm is,

 Santa's Lip Scrub from LUSH 

I love everything about this product. Colour, scent, taste and the job it does! You rub this onto your lips and can lick away whats left, its a gorgeous cola flavour lip scrub especially for Christmas. Yummy, the cola truck makes it Christmas for me, yeah I'm one of them people that as soon as the adverts on I'm like It's Christmassssss. So yeah, once you have licked away the access you can go in again and do it once more or leave it at that. For extra exfoliation I sometimes like to use a tooth brush to gently rub it in more, it exfoliates your lips beautifully and leaves them feeling polished and new. It smells divine I just want to eat the whole tub, in this lip scrub it also has tiny love hearts inside to make it extra cute and girly. The gritty texture really rubs in well and gives you a gorgeous finish. If you would also like to add this to your routine you can find it here.

If I've done this at the night time I then use this,

 Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden 

This is a skin protectant that I love to lather all over my lips over night as I think this is far too thick for the day, It soaks into my lips lovely over night and still some product there once I awake also. It is an orange sticky texture but not as gross as I'm explaining. I'm not very keen on the scent but that's a personal preference. You can use this on any dry areas so its an all rounder winter product but I just use this for my lips and this mini is perfect for my make up bag if I'm stopping out etc. I do really need a bigger bottle for my bed side table, I love it so much it really helps my lips out when there having a lot of bother, its rich and very nourishing. My boyfriend hates me with this smothered all over my lips because he said I'm all sticky and refuses to pucker up haha, oh well he won't be complaining when my lips are luscious and his are chapped then it will be me refusing to pucker up. You can find this here.

My choice of a day time Lip Balm is this, 

Cherry Blossom Lip Balm by Figs & Rouge

I love Figs & Rouge lip products and that there 100% natural and 100% pure. I have actually come across a couple of spots on my lips which I found SO odd, I have never had spots on my lips in my life, anybody know how I can get rid of them? There very painful to pop, I know gross but I cant help myself. I thought with this being natural and pure it won't make my lips any worse. This Lip balm is tinted which I also love that if you don't feel like wearing a lipstick you can get away with this sheer subtle red/cherry shade. The scent of cherry's is amazing too its very nourishing and soothing. They do gorgeous packaging also, i adored my little tin lip balm I had from them but this one is pretty also and a screw on lid so its least likely to spill all in your bag. They have some gorgeous new balms out at the moment which I shall be trying once I've ran out of this one but if you do like the look of this one you can find it here. 

Hope this helped you out in some form to keep your lips protected in the cruel weather conditions coming our way. What are your favorite lip saviours?

Nocturnals Pigments and Glitter in Black and Gold - MAC Limited Edition

Hello lovelies, I'm getting excited about writing this post just as I'm typing as these pigments and glitters are just beautiful! I know I've been saying I want to shy away from my trusty brown smokey eye with creams etc but I just couldn't resist these beauties when I was wondering around Selfridge's a couple of weeks back. I am still fairly new to MACs collection as I only have a few products from them and was having a mooch around the MAC counter in Selfridges and came across these Nocturnals and i was in ore and mesmerised with the sparkles and shimmer. I actually went into Selfridges just to get the Naked pigment as I did love Vanilla but thought it was abit too frosty and white for my complexion so wanted something abit more subtle but shimmery for a highlighter and the lovely woman at the counter said have you not seen our new holiday collections? Then pointed me in the right direction when I seen them. If you think one pigment costs you £17 this gorgeous set for 5 minis cost me £25.50 and pigments last quite a while so I thought bargain they shall be mine. Especially as anything from MAC in limited edition is always a bonus. 

As you can see I love me some mini's especially as they are BIG minis to me because they will last me like my new Nars set. In this set you get five gorgeous shades. 

Naked - The shade I only really wanted a close to flesh beige shade with hints of cream and gold shimmer running through. I shall be using this for a highlighter and my inner corners of the eyes. My new favorite pigment so velvety soft finish on my skin.

Museum Bronze - A pigment which is very rich in bronze with gold flecks also running through for that extra shine which will make a gorgeous smokey eye.

Copper Sparkle - This is also a pigment but looks more like the glitter finishes as its more seperated particles than a thicker coverage on the lids but a beautiful pigmented copper and very glitzy and sparkly.

Gold - A gorgeous glitter which will look beautiful for a Christmas sparkly eye which I'm actually thinking of doing a look for a Christmas party look. All the colours look beautiful together. 

Black - Lastly a glitter with sparkly black particles which will look gorgeous on a dark smokey eye also for an outing, party, shin-dig. I'm not usually a massive fan of glitters on the eye but these will look beautiful for a special occasion and like I said I want to step out of my comfort zone and try more looks and shades. 

If you think these are as beautiful as I do you best make it quick to your nearest Mac counters! I've just looked online and there sold out. They also come in two more colour collections, Green & Teal and Silver & Violet if these aren't the shades for you. Like I said there all sold out but if you want a look online you can find them on the MAC website. 
I'm really looking forward to testing out looks with these pigments and glitters, I think you will need a good eye primer to keep these glitters in place or maybe a cream shadow? For extra definition also. 

Have you got these? Or would you like some, can any of you recommend some gorgeous Mac eye shadows for me as stepping out of my comfort zone I would love a quad. 

Promiscuous Lip Pencil Coffret - NARS

Hello lovelies, Happy Sunday to you all, weekends gone in a flash again hope you've all had a good one, today I have for you a Nars post, Promiscuous Lip Pencil Coffret. I was a Nars virgin till I discovered this magnificent set of gorgeous mini velvet lip matte pencils featured on Sophias blog for her Space Nk gift guide for make up lovers. I instantly thought these are right up my street and I have to try them. Lucky enough for me I had a bit of birthday money over to purchase these at a great price of £30 considering for one full pencil they are £17.50 so well worth it.

Also not only do you get 5 mini's you get a beautiful make up bag with it too! I adore the bag, satin black and patent blue lip embellished on top with a gorgeous gold zip. Usually when I pick make up gift sets up there's usually always one colour I will never use so I give it away but I love all the colours in here so sorry friends and family there all mine, muhahaha. 

These are so handy for on the go, tiny and sleek will fit in almost anywhere, especially your gorgeous new make up bag which is defiantly mine now! Good bye old make up bags hello new sexy one. The colour I'm most surprised about on my self is Cruella, I'm always so weary when it comes to bold reds I just never think they look right on me but this blew me away. Its such a pigmented deep red but I loved it on my lips I don't know if its the matte finish but its simply beautiful. The glossiest one out of the lot is the Velvet gloss Lip pencil in New Lover, it has a gorgeous shine to it and feels more moisturising on the lips than the other lip pencils it glides on beautifully and is quite long lasting. They have all got good staying power in all honesty I wore Cruella out on Friday night and it surfaced Chinese food and a couple of vodkas and I never had to touch up. They are so easy to apply although I would need a mirror with Cruella because me and red together are newbies. 

Here is me sporting my new Lip Pencil in Cruella...

Reds, Pinks and a little peachy shade all shades that are my most go to which is why I thought I need these, or want whichever you prefer. 

When you seen this did you also start singing to Justin Bieber? Yes you did...

Apologies for my awful skin on my chin, break out central going on at the moment but had to show you how beautiful they are on the lips. These would be perfect for a gift for someone or a treat for yourself to introduce you to Nars lip products like what I chose to do or just another addition to your Nars family with the beautiful bag you can't go wrong. I would purchase more of these in different shades as the long lasting finish is a bonus for me as I am always on the go not having time for touch ups and the shades are beautiful. If you need these babies in your life you can find them here at Space NK. 

November Glossy Box

Hello lovelies, Today I have for you Novembers Glossy Box.

In side this months box, the Glossy wishlist edition. We have brands such as Vichy, Emite, Yves Rocher, Elegant touch and Gosh

Vichy - Idealia Life Serum, This claims to help transform the appearance of your skins quality and helping to protect from visible effects of stress, pollution, smoke or an unbalanced diet! Gimmy gimmy, obviously just for the stress mainly. I'm not a smoker and OK I have an unbalanced diet but I'm trying with that one. This is Vichys first skin idealiser and I'm really looking forward to trying it and seeing if it does what it claims. 

Yves Rocher France- Hand Cream, this stuff smells like chocolate heaven! A dream to rub on your hands. It is very moisturising, I have been putting it on most nights when I get into bed. I'm usually pretty bad with hand creams but in the winter my poor little puddys (hands) suffer bad so no time for forgetting a little tip which I do is to pop the hand cream beside your bed so you can't forget or on your pillow? I am loving it so far though and just under £2 is a bargain. 

Emite Make Up - Micronized Eye shadow in Dams. This eye shadow is completely free from oil, nickel, parabens and perfume. Which is making me think what is in my other eye shadows? The pigment is micronized to facilitate application and to create an even and lasting results and very ideal for sensitive eyes which I do have from time to time. A beautiful pale champagne colour not far of white, a lovely base colour or highlighter for your brow bone and inner corners. Such a lovely velvet soft application.

Gosh Cosmetics by E.Tjellesen - Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in 148 Sundown. When I swatched this I thought Wow that's a bright orange, can't see me wearing that but once I applied it onto my lips it really wasn't that opaque. It was quite sheer but it is very buildable depending on the shade you like. It is a very glossy lipstick and feel nourishing on your lips it is quite long lasting I got a good 3 to 4 hours out of it. I wouldn't personally choose this colour but I don't mind it, a nice summer shade I think. 

Elegant Touch - Nail Polish Remover Pads, I know not the most exciting product you'd think but I love them and defiantly will be re purchasing these once I run out. They are just so easy, great for on the go. They don't smell as bad as normal nail varnish remover and not only are they nail polish removers they are packed with Vitamin E and they moisturise to leave your nails and cuticles feeling nourished! £2 is a fab bargain I'm even thinking of buying a back up just for my handbag. Because there's nothing worse than chipped nails, I'd rather have bare nails than chipped ones. You could even offer a pad to a passer with the same dilemmas? Either way these are fab! 

Have you had this months Glossy Box, what did you think? I'm looking forward to next months being Christmas soon, eeek.