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Belated Birthday Haul.

Hello lovelies, how ya'll doing? Nearly the weekend again, how fast is time going, is it just me or are the weeks, months, years passing by so quickly? Ever since I've been a mum it just seems to go so fast. I'm now 23! Yeah, getting older I'm scared to get into my thirty's'. But anyway, it was my birthday Monday so I'd thought I would share with you all what I got. 

Just a little disclaimer that I'm not bragging or anything and your obviously intrigued to what I got or you wouldn't be reading this right? So here goes.

I haven't pictured everything I got, I was actually trying to film my first Youtube video on my items but I bailed out again. Damn you confidence. An also I'm not going to go into too much detail about what I got as I will be posting more in depth posts about the items separately. 

From family members I got £300 all together so I brought myself some goodies, I brought a camera, a Nikon Cool Pix S3500 the quality is great for the price I think with just over 20 megapixels. I won't lie to you I haven't the foggiest about camera's. I'm not the best with technology, I usually just take my pictures on my I-phone 4 but as I did want to to start of in the Youtube world I thought I would get myself a camera and I'm enjoying it at the moment.
From my Mum, Her Partner and brothers I got a lovely frame with beautiful words inside, which will be pictured below, a set of Yankee candle tea lights in mandarin cranberry a beautiful fruity scent with a gorgeous tea light holder which you will also see in the pictures below and a set of scales because my lovely mummy remembered I wanted some to help with my weightloss journey for measuring and all that shizz. 
 From my Boyfriends Mum and Dad I got Alien Perfume, my absolute favorite! A real techniques blush brush and a set of Revlon nail polishes. All beautiful colours fast drying nail enamels. 
From my Boyfriend and Son I got a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a charm saying Mum on it in different languages, I will cherish that forever. This was my surprise present as the other presents he basically said here's my card get yourself some things, so I picked some more Real techniques brushes, the stippling brush, powder brush and a new expert face brush as if you remember from a few posts a go my lovely puppy chewed the handle. How kind or maybe he loves make up as much as me haha? I got a Liz Earle essentials kit as I'm new to the brand I thought this would be the perfect way to test there products out and also when you order of there website you get a free 30ml sample of the hot cloth cleanser with a muslin cloth which I think is lovely and fantastic! I did use these products last night and pretty much in love already but like I said I'm not going to go in to much depth as I will be posting reviews on most of my products I have brought. Then lastly I got a couple things from Mac, currently online if you spend £45 you get two free samples so I brought a new lipstick, a Mac Mineralize skin finish and a travel sized fix+ which was over £45 so I got two free samples, a mascara the zoom fast black lash which I also am loving I am wearing right now as I type and a skin base prep and primer. I got the lipstick shade Snob and the mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle. The lipstick is a neutral pink with undertones of purple on my lips, I love the smell of Mac lipsticks they smell so yummy of vanilla and the mineralize skin finish is a gorgeous highlighter, I gave my mum a make over yesterday and she fell in love with it.

With the money I got as well as buying the camera I got some more Muji storage A 2 drawer in wide, a 2 drawer in narrow and another narrow drawer on its own. I brought a few items of clothing from Primark or Primarni as I like to call it, Some Origins skin care being the Clear Improvement charcoal mask and the Super spot remover as my blemishes are causing havoc with my chin there having a spot party down there and they need to be banished! I went into Mac just to get myself a pigment in Naked but the lovely woman in there assisted me to there limited edition season area where I found the most gorgeous pigments ever for a set of five mini pigments for £25.50 when a single pigment is £17 I thought why not? A Samina pure make up Instant Glow Mineral Foundation as when I first got into Selfridges in Birmingham the lovely woman collared me straight away and was doing free make overs as Mac were fully booked I thought why not. I'm usually pretty dubious of powders on my skin with my dry areas on my face but thought why not try it, its free right? I liked the results so I brought the foundation she used on me in Porcelain. I was surprised how it did give me coverage not as full as I liked but would look great for a natural look. I got some 3 for 2 deals going on in Boots, the first offer I got my mum one of her Christmas presents which I get her every year a big Dove set then I seen this Starbucks gift set and thought I'm getting me some of that! Which had a large Starbucks mug, filter coffee a chocolate sprinkler and some hot cocoa so was very pleased with that and those date blocks you get with the dates and months I think there super cute and shabby chic looking. I then got some hair care in the 3 for 2 offer all being Lee Stafford, a dry shampoo, a flat iron protection and a dehumidifier. A mini hair spray for my handbag on the go from L'oreal Elnett Satin I love this hair spray. Then the last 3 for 2 offer being on nail polishes. A models Own one as I don't actually own one of there polishes! (well I do now) A gorgeous baby pink in there scented ones, strawberry in the shade strawberry tart. Another Barry M gelly Hi shine in Passion fruit a gorgeous bright reddy pink and a Collection lasting gel colour in the shade Vixon Red 3 which is a gorgeous Vampy red shade. I brought a Denman Hair brush and a Sanctuary Spa 4 day Moisture body oil spray as I'm super lazy with moisturising my body I know I know it's just as important as your skin care regime its just such a chore for me especially now I have more junk in my trunk! So thought this would be perfect for me a few squirts after the shower and rub it in (filthy ;) ). I brought a couple of Lush items as I can never go to Birmingham and not go in Lush, its my favorite shop by far. So I brought Christmas Eve bubble bar which smells gorgeous of jasmine ans all Christmassy gets me right in the festive spirit and Blackberry Bath bomb which is a big purple/blue bomb which smells of palma voilets to me. I got a couple of things in The Body shop one being completley because Caroline Hirons made me do it! With this POST the facial massager and an exfoliating sponge. I got other little bits and bobs and lastly a cheeky Nars purchase all down to Sophia as on her blog she had some Christmas gift ideas for Make up lovers from Space Nk and I instantly fell in love, mini Nars lip crayons in a gorgeous make up bag. I will be doing a blog post about these beauties very soon. 
If there's anything I forgot to have mentioned I will pop it in as I feel like I have forgot something, baby brain has never left me sadly. But hope you enjoyed my haul post and I'll leave you with a few pictures of my goodies and keep your eyes peeled for more in depth posts about my goods. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely birthday! I love my Muji storage!!

  2. I did Thankyou hunny, me too! Looks so clean and tidy sorry only just seen this comment xx

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