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Nocturnals Pigments and Glitter in Black and Gold - MAC Limited Edition

Hello lovelies, I'm getting excited about writing this post just as I'm typing as these pigments and glitters are just beautiful! I know I've been saying I want to shy away from my trusty brown smokey eye with creams etc but I just couldn't resist these beauties when I was wondering around Selfridge's a couple of weeks back. I am still fairly new to MACs collection as I only have a few products from them and was having a mooch around the MAC counter in Selfridges and came across these Nocturnals and i was in ore and mesmerised with the sparkles and shimmer. I actually went into Selfridges just to get the Naked pigment as I did love Vanilla but thought it was abit too frosty and white for my complexion so wanted something abit more subtle but shimmery for a highlighter and the lovely woman at the counter said have you not seen our new holiday collections? Then pointed me in the right direction when I seen them. If you think one pigment costs you £17 this gorgeous set for 5 minis cost me £25.50 and pigments last quite a while so I thought bargain they shall be mine. Especially as anything from MAC in limited edition is always a bonus. 

As you can see I love me some mini's especially as they are BIG minis to me because they will last me like my new Nars set. In this set you get five gorgeous shades. 

Naked - The shade I only really wanted a close to flesh beige shade with hints of cream and gold shimmer running through. I shall be using this for a highlighter and my inner corners of the eyes. My new favorite pigment so velvety soft finish on my skin.

Museum Bronze - A pigment which is very rich in bronze with gold flecks also running through for that extra shine which will make a gorgeous smokey eye.

Copper Sparkle - This is also a pigment but looks more like the glitter finishes as its more seperated particles than a thicker coverage on the lids but a beautiful pigmented copper and very glitzy and sparkly.

Gold - A gorgeous glitter which will look beautiful for a Christmas sparkly eye which I'm actually thinking of doing a look for a Christmas party look. All the colours look beautiful together. 

Black - Lastly a glitter with sparkly black particles which will look gorgeous on a dark smokey eye also for an outing, party, shin-dig. I'm not usually a massive fan of glitters on the eye but these will look beautiful for a special occasion and like I said I want to step out of my comfort zone and try more looks and shades. 

If you think these are as beautiful as I do you best make it quick to your nearest Mac counters! I've just looked online and there sold out. They also come in two more colour collections, Green & Teal and Silver & Violet if these aren't the shades for you. Like I said there all sold out but if you want a look online you can find them on the MAC website. 
I'm really looking forward to testing out looks with these pigments and glitters, I think you will need a good eye primer to keep these glitters in place or maybe a cream shadow? For extra definition also. 

Have you got these? Or would you like some, can any of you recommend some gorgeous Mac eye shadows for me as stepping out of my comfort zone I would love a quad. 


  1. The colors are beautiful! I really like the packaging too. It does look a little bit like nail polish bottles though from far away, but they're very elegant.


    1. They are aren't they! Haha I love the packaging :) x


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