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15 November 2013

NOTD Star Gazer

Hello lovelies, Happy Friday! Hope your all relaxed and soothed, fancy doing your nails different for the weekend? You like stars? Well here is a nails of the day featuring both.

I have decided to name this nail art star gazer. A shooting star with lots of silver sparkles, this is how you re-create this look.

The colour is completely up to you even a baby blue would look gorgeous with this I think but I started with painting my nails all over in this beautiful pale pink from Models Own in Strawberry tart, one of there scented polishes which is not scented may I add, just the lid.  Then I went over with Sally Hansens Dry fast top coat as I'm in impatient bugger and you need patience with nail art. I then popped a star on to my thumb in the left hand corner which again is completely up to you, you can put the star where you prefer. I got a packet of silver stars from a Ebay seller just type in your search bar star nail art and you will get lots of options. I pressed the star down pretty hard then again re-applied another coat of Sally Hansens top coat to make sure it stays put. 

Then for the stripes I used my nail art pen which was from Primark that comes in a pack of two you can choose from a range of colours I chose a pack with gold and silver in. I then swiped carefully across with the silver nail art pen and made shooting star lines then went in after for the middle with a sparkly number from Rimmel in Disco Ball. For around the edges of my nail I used the silver nail art pen this was pretty easy I start from the middle then carefully follow my nail line and follow it up to the top then again on the other side.

Then again I re-applied another coat of Sally Hansens Super Dry top coat to hold them all together. I love this nail art its very girly and spacey. Hope you enjoyed this little nail art tip see you soon.


Thank you ever so much for your comments, I value them all and try to get back to you all soon as possible. Lots of love xxx