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The chop

Hello lovelies, If you remember in one of my previous posts I mentioned I went to Nuneaton with my cousin. He is a hair stylist and always going on courses to learn new things, tips and tricks. He kindly asked me I would like to come along to his most current course and asked if I would like to be his hair model. A free hair cut/style and travel? Who would turn that offer down right. So of we went in the early hours last Monday to Nuneaton never been there before. The shopping place wasn't too bad but a lot of trackie bottoms about haha. Not that I'm a judgmental person people wear as they please. I was so excited for a re-style as my hair was in such bad condition with dying it myself continuous amounts of times and bleaching it really didn't make things any better. So this was well over due. The man hosting the course was amazing at what he did, I should think so charging £500 a head for the course itself wowzas. He was amazing though I've never seen someone do so many things with a pair of scissors before, very talented indeed. I think the hair brand was KMS? Not to sure, as I only went when he needed me for the hair model part. I didn't get to see all the ins and outs but as he was showing everyone what to do I was really interested and even wanted to start doing hair myself. 

The chop, I was so nervous about getting my hair cut as I knew I had so many split ends, I thought if I need them all coming of I'll be bald! So very nervous sitting in the seat and Eric the main man hosting the course said well, its going to need a lot of as its all dead but we can save a lot also. So he said we should go for a bob. I calmed down a bit after that as I've had bobs before and liked them and also I have hair extensions if I really despised the cut. I got a little head massage with my hair wash which was lovely. Then went straight in with the cut, using new techniques he had never done before and his first time razor cutting! In the end I absolutely loved the finish look. Although as I've put on weight with having Oscar I thought it made my face look fatter but I need to loose weight I cant keep covering myself with hair haha. Sadly we didn't take any before pictures which you really needed to see the massive difference it made to my hair. I really thought I would need a crop! But my cousin Ryan did a fantastic job and I'm so pleased. He got a massive compliment as Eric even said I didn't think you would salvage that lady's hair but you worked wonders on it. I think my cousin will go a very long way in his industry and hes hoping to work in big salons in London in his future so I wish him all the best as I think he will so amazing there. So thank you very much Ryan and here is the after picture for you all to see my new transformation. This will help my hair finally grow now, I hope. 

Excuse the state of me though I did a long day shopping so all my make up had pretty much come off haha.

This look is also less time consuming so I can have a really quick shower and a blast of the hair dryer and I'm good to go no more half an hour blow dries. Which means I'm not struggling with a toddler stuck to my leg.

What do you all think? It takes a while to adjust to a short do but when your hair really needs it I think you just have to be brave and just go for it. Your hair will benefit massively and its good to have change. It took me a couple of days to really love the look as I hate my hair short but now it will grow and it so much healthier and that's the main thing.


Thank you ever so much for your comments, I value them all and try to get back to you all soon as possible. Lots of love xxx