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Favorite Christmas Scents.

Hello lovelies, how is your week going? Today I have for you my favorite Christmassy scents. I love the general Christmas scents such as frankincense, ginger, cherries, cinnamon etc. I love rich deep powerful scents. So here are a few of what I'm loving this year.

I am a big Yankee Candle fanatic, I love my candles and these are just lovely. I would like to try some more luxurious brands but for the price tag I think these are beautiful. I have a few large jars but mostly the smaller ones as I love a mixture of smells there are only literally two scents I don't like from Yankee. The two 104g jars I have to share with you lovelies today are,

Cherries On Snow & Red Apple Wreath

Cherries On Snow - The only way to explain this candle is Cherry Bakewell Tart!! I want to eat this right now as I'm sniffing away like a dog at a pee stop. It's amazing it smells good enough to eat it really does if you like cherry bakewell ofcourse. You can also smell the frostiness of the snow lingering in the background. I would love a large jar of this just for Christmas. I know there are some people out there that buy expensive candles and don't burn them... why?! Whats the point haha, I'm quite bad with mine they go quite quickly I am addicted to candles. 

Red Apple Wreath - A true homecoming feel to it with the warm sweet apples, cinnamon, maple and those sorts of aromas. Very Christmassy scented in a jar. Once its lit I do feel all festive inside I have also spotted Yankee have an advent calendar! A candle obsessives dream. 

A couple of Yankee Wax tarts also,

Christmas cupcake & Christmas memories.

I prefer my wax tarts to my jars to be honest as I feel they give of more scent around the room/home. There also fairly cheap at £1.25 a pop but there's always cheap finds on ebay and amazon. 

Christmas cupcake - A vanilla butter frosting scent very rich and creamy this also smells good enough to eat. I know not a lot of people like the sweet scents but I'm a massive lover of sweet scents, I adore my Vanilla cupcake one and this smells similar with the richness of the butter cream icing. 

Christmas memories - All your Christmas treasures mixed into a wax tart, the smells from your home cooking kitchen including spices and sweet smelling aromas. This makes your home smell Christmassy in preparation for the big day. 

Then lastly, not the most exciting thing in the world but I love my home smelling welcoming, clean and fresh so always have an air freshener on the go. I couldn't actually find my plug in wrapper to show you so thought I would just show you the air freshener I have on the go at the minute. 

Spiced Apple and Cinnamon - Glade

Glade have some gorgeous Wintery scents fresheners in the shops now, I want them all but being a candle obsessive is fairly normal, an air freshener obsessive though I think that's a little strange. This is a festive aroma filling the home full of gorgeous rich scents, my mum hates cinnamon scented things so I lay of it as much when shes visiting but I spray like mad once shes gone, not because she smells or anything haha because I can't wait to fill my home in the gorgeous notes of cinnamon and spices.

What are your favorite scents throughout Christmas?

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