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Lush Christmas Gift guide.

Hello lovelies, today I have for you my first gift guide. I have chosen Lush as I know most people love Lush. I adore it so much and eyeing up all of the gift sets! Last year I was so lucky and grateful to receive the Lush Legends Box of my lovely boyfriend. I was in love, speechless. I didn't really want him spending £100 on bath products but he said I was worth it and he knew how much I love Lush, the cutie. But anyway I have picked a handful of gift sets to see if they take anyone's fancy...

Merry Christmas Gift Set £19.95 . Shooting Stars Gift Set £15.95 . WOW Gift Set £129.95 .  Christmas Gift Set £6.50 .

Ranging from £6.50 to a whopping £129.95. Do you think that is excessive? Or do you think that is reasonable? I'd love to hear your views. I am in ore with the big WOW box its full of all the Christmas goodies 32 amazing products which is my I'm in love. My favorites all come out to play in Winter at Lush. Snow fairy particularly, there is all sorts you can pick for gifts for your loved ones from Lush though not just gift sets. They sell gorgeous Knot wrap gift wrap which you could just place a bath bomb in, or a hair bar in a tin. They have some gorgeous new scents out too! I want the Snow fairy scent in my life.  There is a scent for everyone though as I know not everyone likes sweet smelling scents. Back to the gift sets though, FUN as you guessed has little samples 50g of a trio of fun to play with and do as you please with I love the idea of this gift set. Shooting Stars is a bauble which is really cute full of four goodies, Shoot for the stars bath bomb, two bath melts and gold Fun. Then the Christmas gift set is full of 5 bath bombs including Lord of misrule, Cinders, Father Christmas, Golden Wonder and Christmas Eve. One of my favorite bath bombs is Golden Wonder a yellow Christmas present hiding stars and mounds of bubbles. 

Really hope this helped in some sort of way for you bath/shower lovers. Or just a lover of Lush, don't forget its not just for others you can treat yourself to a cheeky purchase or put it on your own Christmas wish list ;) All these pictures I got of the LUSH website. If you want to search for yourself feel free to browse there site.


  1. I very rarely shop in Lush but it always looks so tempting!! Love the xmas gifts x

    Kylie - lazy2lovley.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I love the place so much, its an addiction lol! I want them all haha xx


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