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A month of lipsticks, January 31st 2013.

Hello lovelies, for the final post on my month of lipsticks I thought it would be nice to get  others involved and let them share with you all there favorite lipsticks! Here are the lovely girls that got involved.

The lovely Amy who I am always chatting away to on Twitter who owns this gorgeous blog who I have become very close friends with. She is an amazing woman.
Astor102 Catwalk Fuschia


This is probably a brand that many people haven't heard of but after trawling the Fragrance Direct website; I came across Astor lipsticks for 99p. This is from their Rogue Couture collection and is a gorgeous pinky purple colour, which is perfect for Autumn/Winter. It lasts for a good few hours and I find it doesn't smudge like alot of lipsticks. The lipstick itself is quite silky and highly pigmented, which I'm so pleased with. The colours are really bold, and you don't need to keep reapplying.

I love the shimmery effect that this lipstick has, it really helps to bring out the shine of the lips. As I have pale skin I think purple/pink lipsticks really help to bring colour to the face, especially the cheeks. I bought a few of the Astor lipsticks and they are great quality, especially for 99p.

 Have you ever tried Astor lispticks?


The ever so beautiful Samantha, she has the most amazing unique hair ever and owns a lovely blog

Nashbag | UK Personal Style and Beauty Blog

Russian Red is MAC Cosmetics No1 best selling red lipstick. Described as an intense blue toned red Russian Red is rich and striking in colour and luxurious in texture. The deep, classic hue of the red and the matte formula makes it the most flattering colour to wear and suits everyone whatever age or skin tone. 
So why I hear you say, is Russian Red my favourite lipstick in the whole wide world out of the many thousands or so I own? What I love most about Russian Red is how timeless and elegant it is, yet it's so easy to wear in day to day life. The fact it fits like a glove with every skin tone imaginable not to mention it being a basic necessity in practically every girl's make up bag. If you're yet to try this gift from above, what is it you're waiting for? The pigmentation is to die for, as is the wonderful non drying matte formula. All of these reasons whipped up together is what gives Russian Red the name of My Favourite Lipstick in my make up bag!


Alison, who I also love chatting away to on Twitter who owns this lovely blog
RockandGlitter | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Although the majority of my lipsticks are made by MAC, the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in number 54 is my favourite lipstick because it has the most soft, gloss like texture without any sticky feeling. 

It’s easy to apply, with the most amazing glossy finish. It’s also the perfect ‘my lips but better’ colour and would be suitable for anyone. Although it’s expensive, I’ve owned this for well over 3 years and love it so much.

Much love, 
Alison xxx


The sweet Mandy who owns this beautiful Australian blog

I must admit, I'm totally in love with pinky, peachy lipsticks. My favourite lippy has got to be my Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Honky Tonk, which is a really pretty fruity peach colour. It works well as a day-to-day lipstick, and looks lush on a night out. It's so soft and creamy, and very buildable, and is definitely my number one go-to lipstick.


The gorgeous Hannah who owns this blog

Words by Hannah Rosalie...

I am obsessed with lip products! The bolder the colour the better!
As we are approaching Spring, I wanted to try and move away from my typical red/purple lip colours and go a little more fresher!
On a shopping trip recently I spotted the Lasting lip stains by Collection. I was spoilt for choice on colour and ended up purchasing 'Flirt 3', which is a Rosy matte stain.
 I loved this colour however I wanted it a little bit more glossy!
I decided to experiment a little and applied Benefit's Cha Cha tint over it.
The results where amazing! It ended up working really well and being just the colour I was after!
I find the tints and stains last so much longer the lipsticks and think this is my 'go to' technique for the season!


This is Nik and she owns nikmakeupjunkie

Confessions of a Makeup Addict
Hii! It's @nikmakeupjunkie. 

My current favorite lipstick is the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Showy.
I actually have a review of it on my blog here


Then lastly but defiantly not least the lovely Julie who owns this lovely blog
With a name like LippyLikes it will be no surprise to anyone that I love my lippy, so when I was asked to contribute to a Lipstick post , how could I say no? Deciding to say yes was no problem at all. The only problem for me was what lipstick to choose. I have a real penchant for bright, bold lipsticks. Readers of my blog, LippyLikes know that I love a strong lip and my love for Mac Rebel, So Chaud and Flat Out Fabulous is known to all. But when I was asked to pick a favourite, I quite controversially chose Mac's Honey Love. 

Why? Because it is my perfect nude, goes with anything and lasts all day! Whats not to love about Honey Love x

Also some lovely tweeters took part when I asked what there favorite lipsticks where...

Hope you enjoyed my month of lipsticks lovelies and you didn't find it too boring, I can't actually believe I didn't fail! Hope you all had a lovely start to the year in January and have many more happier months and adventures xxx

A month of lipsticks, January 30th 2013.

Hello lovelies, If you read yesterdays post you will have seen that that was my last lipstick post and swatch and today I have for you my lipstick collection with my lip glosses and some lip balms just thrown in for good measure.

So to start with the storage, My storage drawers are from Muji and my lipstick case is from Ebay! At the top I store my lipsticks and in the draws I have lip glosses, lip crayons, lip stains and lip lacquers. 

To the left I have all sorts of lipstick brands
17, Glossybox, Rimmel, Elf, Sleek, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Collection, Gosh, Revlon  and Max Factor. These are all my drugstore lipsticks and I adore them all. The sleek pout paints are super pigmented and last hours. Rimmel are a fantastic brand for affordable lipsticks in all sorts of finishes and shades. 17 do some lovely lipsticks from super pigmented to super sheer they do affordable lipsticks for everyone's individual style. There all great up there apart from the 17 mirror shine lipsticks they are just to sheer for me but some people like sheer its just personal preferences.

This is just a close up of the L'Oreal Glam shine stain splash's these are very nice. They feel and look luxurious to me, they go on like water then dry like a lipstick, I really need some more of these.

Then to the right I have my more expensive lipsticks, I don't have very many as there are so many good drugstore lipsticks out there and I can't justify over £15 for a lipstick that isn't going to last very long on my lips? Although I would love to try some more higher end lipsticks such as YSL, Chanel, Tom Ford and Burberry. But here I have Mac, Clinique, Topshop, Maybelline, Yves Rocher, Rimmel, Revlon then I do have some MUA at the back. Mua do some amazing lipsticks for just ONE POUND. Ridiculous they smell sweet and the pigmentation is great. Also a Bare minerals lip gloss as it didn't fit in my lip gloss drawer. I do love my Mac lippys, who doesn't love a good Mac lipstick? There just so nice and soft on your lips, glossy and sleek packaging. I love my Revlon lip butter and need to pull my finger out and get some more shades! There are so many gorgeous shades available and they feel so hydrating on your lips. Maybelline Colour sensational wow, these are just mega pigmented and stain your lips up to hours on end, you must check these out lovelies! Especially that 910 one its just gorgeous.

Inside the drawers...

At the bottom I have my chunky lip crayons, I adore my chunky lip crayons, they feel hydrating, glossy, pigmented and such pretty colours. I have So Susan, Chit Chat, Jelly Pong, Borjouis, Revlon, Catrice and MUA. My favorite of them all are my Borjouis ones they just feel like soft butter on your lips and the colour pay of is great. 

In the middle drawer I have lip glosses and lip lacquers. I have Mac, No7, Rimmel, Max Factor, Soap&Glory and Mally. My favorite from all these are my Rimmel Apocolips they are very pigmented and last for hours and come in great shades that I need to expand.

Then the top drawer I have my little lip crayons and some more lip glosses. I have Nars, Urban Decay, Bellapierre, Elf, Barry M, Benefit, Gosh, Max Factor and MUA. If you don't know this already Nars - Cruella is my absolute favorite lip crayon it lasts hours, super gorgeous red and stains your lips, it is a little drying as most matte pencils are but if you hydrate your lips with a lip balm you will be fine. Also love the Max factor one very similar to the Nars pencils but not matte and very glossy and pigmented also a lot cheaper.

Then lastly I thought I would just show you some of my lip balms, I say some as some are in handbags, at work, floating around the house and probably left on a bus or something.

Eve, Nivia, Bodyshop, Read the label, Malibu, Lacura and Beauty fixation.
There all great lip balms and do the job! I have the Maybeline Baby Lips floating around somewhere there nice aswell as the Bodyshop ones for a touch of colour with your hydration.

I love looking at peoples make up collections and storages so if you have a lipstick one please share in the comments below would love a peek! 

A month of lipsticks, January 29th 2013.

Hello lovelies, mid week anyone itching for the weekend yet? I'm more happier as Dan is coming home Friday instead of Saturday night woo. So need to do as much blogging as I can before I get to spend the weekend with my family. I have one more lipstick post for you today then I will be posting my lipstick collection tomorrow including some lip glosses then excited to show you the last day of the month some of my lovely readers have joined in and posting about there favorite lipsticks! But for your last lipstick post...

Elf Studio Matte Lip Colour - Natural 

I love Elf products as they are affordable and some great products. This however isn't amazing but it's ok. It is quite drying so you would need to prepare your lips with a lot of lip balm. However I love the colour and the packaging. The slim black pen with the colour at the bottom makes it easy to reach in your make up bag for the colour you want without taking the lid off.

If you can see here it is drying on my lips and clings to my driest patches. The colour is your lips but better colour and it does last a good few hours. You just draw it on your lips and fill in, you wouldn't need a lip liner with this colour. It is also very pigmented for such an affordable price.

I think this colour would suit anyone so versatile and great if your a neutral lover. 

Do you own one of Elf's matte lip crayons?

A month of lipsticks, January 28th 2013.

Hello lovelies, not long left of the month of lipsticks now and I have another for you red lipstick lovers out there.

Yves Rocher - Framboise

This is such a sultry, beautiful red that instantly makes you look elegant, sexy and sophisticated. It is a super glossy pigmented red that swipes on to the lips beautifully.

They just make your lips shine, pop and give you confidence. You will understand if you get that feeling when you put on your favorite lipstick or a bold colour. Anyone can pull of a red lipstick, don't be afraid! I used to be so scared of red lipsticks and just thought no they really don't suit me but some do! You just have to find the right shade with your complexion unless your just a brave individual that can pull of any colour then you go glen co co! 

With Valentines coming up soon I think this lipstick will have all the boys falling at your feet and wanting to pucker up. The scents quite nice, It is quite a darker red but it's looking quite bright on the pictures. I love this lipstick and think I got it in some sort of beauty box but I'm not 100% I think this red would suit any complexion its such a strong red and vibrant.

Which is your favorite red lipstick?

A month of lipsticks, January 27th 2013.

Hello lovelies, If you follow me on twitter you will have seen that I had a dupe for a Topshop lipstick...

Topshop - Whimsical and MUA - Omg

I have my perfect 'dupe' Topshop's Whimsical and MUA's Omg, both orange pinky lipsticks with different price tags.

Topshop - Whimsical - £8
MUA - Omg - £3

I actually prefer the formula of the MUA one, the Topshop one is very drying and clings too all my dry areas on my lips. They are completely the same colour on my lips which is amazing. I was playing around one day and swatched one on the top of my lip and the other on the bottom and couldn't believe it.

How alike? MUA on top and Topshop below, The MUA one is much more glossier and as you can see the Topshop one looks a little bit matte as it is so drying. The Topshop one lasts a little longer but I would much prefer to keep applying the MUA one as it feels hydrating on my lips. I adore the smell of the MUA lipstick it is so sweet and smells good enough to eat. I would defiantly recommend giving this a go if you had your eyes on Topshop's Whimsical and love to know your thoughts on it.

Swatched on the hand Whimsical looks a little more pinky toned but on the lips you wouldn't tell which one is which as long as you put plenty of lip balm on before using Whimsical. I love both shades and glad I came across this 'dupe' to share with you all. 

Would love to know your thoughts on this in the comments below lovelies.

A month of lipsticks, January 26th 2013.

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a good weekend, I have had a lovely family day again this Sunday, here's your daily lipstick post. Will all be over this Friday are you sad or glad?

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Lovesick

These are actually my least favorite lip balms, the colours are lovely but I'm not very keen on the formula or the scent. They do last a good few hours though. I love the packaging though. 

As you can see they are very pigmented and its a gorgeous fushia pink shade. They go on quite glossy then dry quite quickly in a matte formula which gives it the stain effect. This has lasted me a whole day and night before so very good if your busy all day.

I do love the lasting power to it, I'm just not keen on the formula or scent but if you can live with that then these are great. Just for the lasting finish.

Do you own a Revlon lip stain?