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A month of lipsticks, January 20th 2013

Hello lovelies, how was your weekend? A bit late today as I had a lovely busy weekend with my boys and yes I'm sad but wanted to watch all my soaps and joined in #fbloggers chat before I posted tonight. But here's another lipstick post for you.

Loreal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash - Princess 

Ok so it's not a proper lipstick but it looks like once on your lips. It goes on quite wet like a gloss then dries into a stain on your lips. They come in gorgeous gold packaging with the colour at the bottom and the wand inside soak up the product to apply to your lips wonderfully. It lasts up to a good 6 hours and who doesn't want a lip product called Princess?

It is a pinky red shade. A touch of gloss to it adding supreme shine to the lips with its 30% water based formula it adds hydration to your lips and gives it that extra shine. They come in lots of beautiful colours. I have a couple and this one is my favorite of them all. Very easy to wear day or night to any occasion.

It dries instantly from the wet texture to your lips and great staying power.

Do you own one of these, If so whats your favorite shade?


  1. gorgeous colour have not tried it before , might have to test it though ;)
    The Inked Blonde

  2. I won one of these from somewhere, I'm not sure where now, but I found it really strange at first as it really does just feel like water. I seem to remember I quite liked it but I don't tend to use it because it's quite a light shade and I prefer darker more visible lip colours x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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