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My Nail Varnish Storage.

Hello lovelies, how have you spent your New Years Day? I Wish all the happiness for you all in the New Year and thought I would share with you all today how I store my nail varnishes and tools etc.

Firstly the acrylic stand you see I bought this of a lady who used to do my acrylic nails as she was closing her shop down and starting to work from home again she was selling these for £20 or £25 not too sure and I had always wanted one so picked it up from her. It holds around 60 ish nail polishes maybe a tad more but I have minis on here so can fit more than that at the moment. 

By looking at the acrylic nail varnish storage shelves you kind of get the idea what polishes I have on there, OPI, Models Own, Company, Natural Collection, Max Factor, Nails Inc, Topshop, The Ciate mani mini collection from there advent calendar with a full size one also, Essie, Barry M collections from there Gelly ones, Limited edition, Textures, Mattes and Nail effects, Loreal and Maybelline Colour Show. It would be a very lenghtly post if I named all the shades but if you want to know any names just comment below, I'd be happy to help.

I then keep a few in this cute little vintage floral looking tin which I actually bought from Home Bargains at £1.99 or £2.99 Bargain! 

This little tin mainly holds Miss Sporty nail polishes, a couple Rimmel, MUA, 2true and a Primark one mainly my cheap and cheerful ones really. Again if you want a more detailed look of them just let me know.

Then lastly the long box is actually the box that held my leopard print GHD's in I really like leopard print and thought it was a great storage idea to hold my other nail polishes. This is currently filled to the brim and if you can't tell already I am a bit of a nail junkie. I am always changing my nails since I stopped getting acrylics done a few months ago. Best thing I ever did, as much as they look beautiful they are so bad for your nails they damage them whatever they say. Plus I get bored really easily of colour's so I like to switch them all the time. So many nail polishes not enough fingers!

In here holds, Revlon, Seche, Hard Candy, Beauty Uk, Seventeen, Me Me Me, No7, Lacura, W7, Technic, Sally Hansen, Essie, Collection, Rimmel and my base and top coats. Like above want to see any particular ones close up or know prices, shades etc just comment below lovelies.

I hide all my tools etc in a little draw underneath all these where since I changed around my beauty room the GHD box now lives in there too as I'm going for a floral, vintage looking beauty room and leopard print wasn't really fitting in with that.

I have used old glossy boxes and baskets to contain tools for my nails etc, I keep one filled with diamonds not real of course, beads, fur effects, stones and nail art decor etc. One with my nail wheels, dotting tools, brushes, cuticle pens and nail art pens. One with nail wraps, my nail polish removers of all kinds, scissors and foot spray cherry one lovely and lastly one filled with my acrylic tips (I never use), nail files, Acrylic nail cutters, normal nail cutters and buffers. From all types of brands some even from the Pound shop! Lastly to not sound too repetitive if you want to know about anything in more detail just comment below and I'll get back to you all as soon as I can.

Hope you liked this and it was some sort of help to all my fellow nail polish junkies or new nail varnish addicts, Hello. I love how I keep mine where do you store your nail polishes?


  1. This is such a cute idea, I love the hanging storage for your polishes :) And my gosh GB's are just perfect for any additional storage, been using mine for drawer dividers :)


    1. Thanks lovely! I'm loving it. They are aren't they I have Glossy Boxes everywhere scattered around for storage uses. xx

  2. I use glossy boxes for storage too! You have loads of nail stuff!

    Corinne x

  3. I love that rack and I wish my nail polishes were more organized but i have to buy a few more to get more in my collection. I love all the shades and would really like to try some different ones you mentioned.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    1. Thanks hunny! Im sure you will build one up :) Natural collection polishes are only £1.99 and actually really good xxx

  4. you have lots of good places to store your nail stuff! :)

    I bought this helmer to store mine, maybe a good idea for you? http://gingerbreadsmiles.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/a-new-way-to-store-my-nail-polishes.html


  5. This is so cool! Mine are all literally shoved in a big gift bag. Oops!

  6. wow your collection is huge!! in love,
    wish I could but nail varnish's are getting exspensive!!! :( boo!! where do you get your dotting dools & etc from? as I am looking at branching out xoxo


Thank you ever so much for your comments, I value them all and try to get back to you all soon as possible. Lots of love xxx