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My brothers thoughts on Clearasil Perfectawash.

Hello lovelies, just for a change I thought I would share with you all my brothers reviews on this product I gave him.

As you all know, millions of people around the world suffer with acne, mainly people in their teens but it can affect people of all ages. I started getting acne on my back around 5 years ago, but it came and went and never really affected me until around a year ago, my back looks like I've been shot continuously with a paintball gun. My face never really got that bad up until around 6 months ago and that's when I noticed the 'acne cheeks' at the back of both of my cheeks near my ears is a patch of bad, big red spots that have turned into scars and then patched up by new spots (ew). I've tried a few things, different creams, lotions and whatever, but I've always been skeptical about 'beauty products', because I haven't seen much evidence of any of them doing anything major.  I've tried other things, like kicking out dairy, caffeine, cigarettes and things for a few weeks each, but that didn't make any difference either.

My sister, Paige (the owner of this blog) gave me this 'Clearasil Perfectawash' a week or so ago, and I can definitely say it has helped (to an extent). I first put it on at night and in the morning by spots had been dried out by this product (which is what i wanted) and the rest of my skin looked and felt cleaner. A few days of trying this, I started noticing my 'acne cheeks' seemed to be clearing up a bit, it was great! A lot of my spots started to bugger off and I was really happy with the product. Don't get me wrong, It's not a miracle product, I get the odd spot popping up every now and then, and I've still got a lot of my old ones that are taking time to go, but it is definitely progress!

Here are some pictures of the progress that I took myself, sorry about the quality!

Day One using the product..

A couple days later...

You may not see a massive improvement but it is to me! It's made me feel that little bit more confident and defiantly curios to try more of the Clearasil range. 

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  1. Honestly the Clearasil range is so underated for dealing with acne my sister was the same and she got the clearasil blackhead clearing cleanser and after a week everything she had was basically gone!!


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