23 January 2014

Wishlist #1

Hello lovelies, thought I would start doing some regular wishlist posts of whats taking my fancy and if I ever get the urge to buy these pretty pieces I come across.

1. Jeans / 2. Necklace / 3. Jumper / 4. Boots / 5. Lipstick

I have wanted a pair of acid jeans for ageees and finally going to get some soon. I love the coral jumper, coral is a colour I have always loved and this looks so cosy and its not thick so would get wear out of this until Summer arrives really want this. Another thing I have wanted for a long time is those boots with the cut outs these are super sleek and trendy from Topshop! That YSL lipstick is just so gorgeous I was on the YSL website but couldn't get the colour up to show you all so I googled the shade which is Coral Incandescent and it lead me to this lovely blog featuring it so I thought I would just link you to that seeing as I pinched there photo here's your credit :). Then lastly another necklace to add to my many! You can't go wrong with a nice statement necklace they just jazz any boring outfit up, I love my statement necklaces.


  1. Love everything on this wish list! Great boots and sweater

    1. really need these boots on my life lol xx


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