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My 2013 Favorites.

Hello lovelies, how are you finding 2014 so far? Are you sticking to some resolutions? I have loved reading peoples 2013 favorites and thought I would share with you all some of mine. I actually had quite a lot but narrowed it down to a few or It would be a very long post. Hope you like it,

Jimmy Choo Perfume, this was worn almost every day last year my go to perfume. It is quite rich, woody scents with depths of fruity charm which oozes confidence, mystery and seductiveness. A very modern smell for women of all ages.

Estee Lauder Night Recovery Serum, I got this sample a while back and has lasted me so long last year it has just made my skin feel amazing and always cleaned it up on bad days. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple I am defiantly getting this in a larger size. I was lucky enough to get extra pennies of my Grandad for Christmas but decided to get things we needed for the house with it and going to continue saving up my Boots points cards till I reach £48.00 it is alot but I think it is really worth it for the benefits my skin discovered from this. I am not far of so shouldn't be long till I have this in a larger size I can't wait! It will last me for ages though I can tell as this tiny bottle has lasted me months! A little really does go a long way. Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask Overnight, Just go to your nearest Origins counter and have a whiff of this stuff! Ermagaaad it smells so gorgeous! Very fruity with amazing ingredients inside such as Avacodo oil, apricot kennel oil and Japanese seaweed all amazing ingredients that give amazing results to your skin. Super moisture quenching, I apply mine just before I go to sleep, I don't understand why some people think this is gross? You put on moisturiser over night right? Duh. Leaving it overnight gives it chance to sink into your skin and start making your skin feel more youthful and not letting it be hydrated as throughout the day your skin does loose moisture and this replenishes it again. I have normal to combination skin suffering from dry areas to cheeks mainly and an oily forehead and nose from time to time depending on weather etc and this works a treat on my skin. I always wake up feeling refreshed within, I can defiantly tell the difference after using it just the once. Loreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Water, This was by far the best thing I found in 2013 I thought I would never come across a product so amazing as Bioderma but I did! This is jsut as good and a fraction of the price! In fact it is just over £2 at the minute at Tesco's, quick run and get several right now. You will not regret it! I was a bit worried about using this on my eyes as there very sensitive and why I loved Bioderma so much but it doesn't irritate them at all. It removes thick mascara and the darkest of liquid liners without rubbing too hard. A miracle water in my eyes. Balance Me pure skin face wash, 98.8% natural origin always good to know. It doesn't really contain any nasty's and again a little goes a long way, it foams up really quickly! It gets rid of your make up or daily grime intake quickly, not amazing at removing all your mascara and such but good for everything else. I love Balance me products they just feel so pure and fresh on your face. I'm not a massive fan on the scent of this but I can live with that if its looking after my skin. Anatomicals Spray Misty for me facial spritz,  I have loved using this in the last few months of 2013. There packaging is always on par. Quirky, colourful and humorous. It has all ingredients inside to keep your skin feeling resfreshed staring, peppermint, lavender, aloe vera, witch hazel and rose. Also a couple of ingredients to keep your spots at bay. It has helped alot of my bad spot days out and controlled them. It smells lovely and fresh and when used in the morning the cold spritz really wakes me and my skin up!

Loreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Masque, This has been my favorite go to conditioner, just after one use it makes your hair feel brand new. Like you've been to the salon, its under £5 and amazing. Smells divine and I will continue to keep buying it. Yuko Anti-Frizz Leave In Conditioner, I love this! It just smells awesome, apples and clean fresh smells. Not only does this help with your frizzy hair blues it acts as a heat activation too. once you've sprayed it in thoroughly and brushed all threw (no tangling) the heat as you start blow drying enhances the effect of the oils inside. Epic product of 2013 I was lucky enough to receive this at an event I went to in 2013 and will be repurchasing this baby when it runs out! 

Rimmel Match Perfection, I have always been a lover of Rimmel foundations altering them round to all there different ones through out the years even from a youngster. I did love the 24 hour stay one and still do but this one has took over. It is fantastic coverage and buildable you can go from sheer to full coverage. They do a great range of shades I am currently using Soft beige as I like to be a little darker than my pale skin and suits me to a tee. I always get compliments on my foundations they last so long! All through a working day or mothering day anyway! MAC Studio sculpt foundation, Rimmel and Mac are my favorite foundations and so glad I have actually found 'The one' even though its now 'the two' top ones for me, suit my skin perfectly and love the coverage and how it fits on my skin. I tend to go for Rimmel for every day use then Mac on nights out or if I'm going somewhere nice or a day out shopping somewhere maybe. I love this foundation as it is luminous but not over the top with it again buildable coverage from sheer to full just depending on how you apply the product. I apply the product using another 2013 favorite and will most defiantly be an all year favorite the Real Technique brushes, I used to use the expert face brush for foundation but lately been loving the stippling brush both of them are fantastic for applying and give a gorgeous 'flawless' finish. Another of the brushes I was loving was the buffing brush that I actually use for my cream blushes just super easy to dab in the blush then apply gently to my cheeks.  Mally cover up concealer, this has been such a good find for me! After searching through rubbish tv and coming across QVC to them selling beauty finds I thought hmm this looks interesting a set of Mally products never heard of the brand but eager to try it out. So glad I did this is by far my fave concealer. Creamy texture but not cakey at all covers all my blemishes up and covers those bad boy under circles. Really great product, hitting pan so need another soon! Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush, I think 2013 for me was lover of the cream blushes after summer I just got bessoted with them, whatever the season weather month I was using them! This one in particular. I have it in Coral reef a gorgeous coral colour with a hint of pink. SO easy to apply I use a buffing brush as mentioned above but if your on the go and don't take brushes with you just swipe abit on with your fingers! You can make the blusher sheer or full coverage also I go inbetween you don't want to look like a bad make up's barbie right. Mac Blusher in Sincere, Yeah it's a blusher but I'm a rebel and use it as a bronzer, also contouring at times as it is matte and a gorgeous color for defintion to the cheek bones or a glow of bronze when your feeling pale and miserable. Hitting pan on this and will be sad when it goes but I have far too many bronzers to get through before I repurchase, loved using this though! Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner, I don't actually care if I have too many eyeliners when this runs out I'm buying it again! This product makes it so much easier to apply liner on the top eyelid or a winged eye effect. Gorgeous soft application swipe over the lids and your good to go lasts all day and all night and not hard work to remove. Really loved using this, I would love to branch out more with this brand if you have any recommendations at all? Gosh Mascara, I have loved using this Mascara it claims to grow your lashes, it does once you have applied the product they really do seem to stretch all out and give you a gorgeous set of lashes. A thin bristled wand that prevents clumps and really does make your lashes grow out and stand out from the crowd. Emite Lash Curler, I think I got this in a Glossybox and have loved it through out 2013 I do really want to try the Shu Emera one but this has worked wonders on my lashes and does the job, just a couple of seconds on each eye and my lashes are lovely and curved and ready for the mascara, good to go! Rimmel Apocolips, No particular favorite shade of these just the formula is amazing. Stays put a good few hours nice range of shades, affordable and just so great and versatile. My favorite lip product of 2013 in fact against the best lip find of the year, Nars Lipcrayon in Cruella! From being totally against wearing red I am now an avid brave red lip wearer thanks to this amazing find! After coming across many blog posts of the Nars Promiscious lip crayons set I knew I had to buy them and the best decision I ever made. Gorgeous mini crayons even though I wouldn't class them as mini they will last me a good darn time. Suitable for fitting in a small make up bag or handbag and they last a great amount. A matte finish, deep red giving your lips that very kissable look to them you will just have everyone staring at them. They can cling to dry patches on the lips is the only down fall but you have this with all matte lipsticks, just prep them up with lip balm and your ready to go and paint the town red with your gorgeous red lip!

Wow, text heavy today guys but hope you liked what I was loving in 2013! All amazing products and worth checking out. 2014 really did come round so fast but I love a fresh new year to make more amazing memories and take everyday as it comes and new adventures! Just enjoy and embrace it, when your having a bad day just remember there is always someone out there worse off. Don't take things or people for granted and just enjoy your life and be a better you. If you have done a 2013 favorites I'd love your links below. Another Happy New Year and thanks again for all your support on my blog, my readers who have stuck by and continued to read and new readers Hello and welcome hope you enjoy the ride of my journeys and beauty finds. I truly love you all and my blog wouldn't be the same without you, enough soppiness! Have a good Monday beautiful people xxx

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  1. i just got some really techniques brushes and i really like them too though I'm still getting the hang of using them!they were my first ever make up brushes:)xx


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