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A month of Lipsticks, January 1st 2014.

Hello lovelies, it felt so strange typing 2014 I just know I will still write 2013 somewhere. Isn't time just flying by? I sound like an old woman now but its true its so scary how time does go by so fast you really do need to make the most of it. But back to the post I thought I would share with you all a lipstick a day for one whole month! Luckily for me I'm quite keen on the odd lipstick so I have enough to fill me out for the month from Drugstore to High end, you never know you might just like one yourself. Here's the first.


A light neutral pink with a purple undertone, gorgeous satin finish that leaves your lips looking shiny and sleek with added glamour and different. I find this to be very different from any other shade of lipstick I have. 

It looks like a Barbie pink here but it has got a slight purple tinge to it. I love this colour and expanding my Mac lipsticks at the moment if you have any recommendations. Also it may be strange to you all but I LOVE the smell of Mac lipsticks they just smell so edible of vanilla cake or something, yummy. But don't eat it, it does make your lips look delicious too though, if you are liking the colour of this it is worth checking it out at your nearest MAC counter lovelies, heres a swatch for you on hand also.

If you want to pick this up online you can find it over at the MAC website. 

What's your favorite Mac lipstick?

Just want to say also a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my lovely followers/readers new and old. I feel like I have come so far from when I started my blog it still amazes me every time I get a new follower and I am so grateful, your all amazing people and make me enjoy blogging even more with your fantastic support! I hope you all have an amazing year, be healthy, happy and carry on doing everything you love.



  1. That looks lovey and a shade i would totally wear! Happy New Year!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. Love that colour, I think I may have to purchase this one thanks sweetie Happy New Year x

    1. Your welcome lovely, think it would look great with your blonde locks :) Happy new Year beautiful xx

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  4. Such a pretty colour, looks lovely on you

    Hayley - Teapartybeauty.com


    1. Thanks gorgeous! Can't beat a pink lippy ;) xx

  5. Such a nice colour :) Great pick!


  6. thank you, can't beat a pink lippy :) x

  7. thanks lovely, have you got a fave lipstick? xx


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