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Lush Haul.

Hello lovelies, if you hadn't already guessed one of my other obsessions aside nails and make up is LUSH! I just love it so much. As I am a massive bath lover I enjoy nothing more than popping a bath bomb or melt into the mix and unwinding with a magazine soaking up the bubbles. So here is what I have been ordering online recently I picked some up in the sale after realising a week prior to a normal shop, woops...

Santa's Groto

Ok I'm 23 but this is the one I was excited about the most! Even though I knew what was inside the though of unwrapping it was exciting. Yes I'm a big kid I know, but isn't it just adorable? 

How cute is the little Secret Santa, ahhhhh! This alone is around the £5/£6 mark so to get all these goodies for £9.48  is just amazing and a fab bargain, I love sales. 

Secret Santa - I'm seriously so excited to use this but don't want to at the same time as its adorable and looks so cute in my beauty room. Think I will be sharing another bath with Oscar with this so we can both get excited and find out whats inside this awesome bath bomb.

Father Christmas - Another adorable bath bomb, this word will be used a lot in this post by the way guys. Its a huge ball with Father Christmas's face on that smells pretty plain but who knows whats inside? I didn't read much about the Christmas bath bombs and melts as I want it all to be a surprise for the ones I've never used.

Snow Man - A super cute bath bomb of a Snowman in a cute little red scarf. It smells quite pure and a little floraly.

Cinders - I love Cinders the bath bomb I always get one as soon as there in store. Strong cinnamon and Christmas smells in a ball.

Mr. Frosty

I also managed to get this cute little snowman in the sales for £6.25, incredible! Where you get three items to create Mr. Frosty in the cute little knot wrap.

Cinders - As already mentioned above.

Mini Blue Skies - Look very familiar to my favorite bath melt Comfortor but in blue form. It smells nothing alike either just similar with thewhite and swirly effect. This smells very fresh with a whiff of frankincense it turns your bath into bubble heaven.

Big Blue - This is a huge bath bomb, My friend had this on her instagram and did a little video it has sea weed inside I think, filled with ingredients to keep you at ease and relaxes such as lavender and a hint of the Mediterranean to make you feel like your in the sea rather in your bath. Cool idea if only you really was in the sea... It does smell like the Sea, I can't wait to use it!

Bath Bombs & Bath Melts

What I got in the sale...

Bombardino, One of the Golden Wonders, So White and Shoot for the stars.

Bombardino - How cute is this little guy? He looks like a baby lemon meringue and he smells like one too! I just want to sit here all day smelling it, mmm best stop or I'll start nibbling I picked him up for a bargain price of £1.25!! Why didn't I buy several???

Golden Wonder - I am so annoyed with myself at this one as I stupidly bought one a week before the sales and in the sales they were only £1.75! Half the price gutted but never mind. This is a fave of mine of all the Christmassy products Lush bring out next to Snow fairy. It is just adorbale shaped as a little present. Smells so gorgeous and when you shake it, it rattles! All the excitement around it like you have a little present all over again. 

So White -  Another bargain at just £1.62, Smells so fresh an citrus like with apples hitting your nose. I can't wait to relax in an apple scented bath! I love the smell of apples.

Shoot for the Stars - £1.62 again just fab prices. I love the look of this bath bomb, quirky and fun, colourful and looks inviting. Smells like toffee and honey richly, absolutley gorgeous I can't wait to see what colour it turns the bath water.

Then the other bits I got a week before the Sales...

Another Golden Wonder - As mentioned above.

Superstar - A bath melt with a strawberry scent again I thought it looked really cute and I love bath melts as they last longer and give more bubbles than the bath bombs do. I think I may test this out Sunday night with the fella a sweet smelling bath.

Ma Bar - A chocoalte scented bath melt, yummy! It even looks like a mars bar with the little sugar cube encrusted inside. I can't wait to use this and having to keep it up from Oscar as he might be tempted to eat it, even I am! 

Shower Gels

Snow Fairy - My favorite, pear drop and candyfloss scented shower gel makes you smell all sweet and delicious! Its pretty and pink with hints of sparkles, the girliest shower gel going and I LOVE it so much.

Rose Jam - I seen this and kept coming back and forth to it then seen it in the sale for £2.32 so ended up picking it up. Smells of rose, vanilla, berry's and smells just like the rose jam bubbleroon bath melt you can get if your familiar with that. 

Skin care

Tea Tree Water Toner - As I have been battling with a couple of spots recently I thought I would test this toner out, I did used to use Breath of fresh air which was lovely but I needed something to help my blemishes this time and I know tea tree helps so thought I'd give this a whirl. 

Buche De Noel - I seen this was a festive one of cleanser I had to have it! It sounded amazing and to help with my combo skin so I picked it up, it smells gorgeous of almonds like marzipan aroma and I am loving it at the moment. It is weird going from a normal cleaner to this though as it is more like a paste you grab a little bit of the product then rub into your warm with a splash of warm water to make a paste and rub it all over your face then rinse of. But it is nice to know I have fresh ingredients all over my face feeding my skin goodness.

This is how I currently store my Lush bath bombs and melts, on a cute little cake stand.

That's everything I bought recently and hope you liked my haul. Did you take advantage of the Lush sale? If you did leave me links below I love a Haul post!


  1. Blimey! Thought my lush haul was bad enough this is mental, so jealous! You got some lovely bits. I love Cinders, it's yummy!!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

    1. Lmfao, I am addicted to Lush babe! Love it so much haha, got to make the most of the sale they only happen once a year don't they haha?
      Cinders is a Christmas fave mmm. What did you get hunny? xxx

  2. I love Lush my favourite is the Shoot for the stars but I haven't seen the Superstar before!! xx


  3. wow ! you bought so much , you must be spoiled for choice on which to use first ;)
    The Inked Blonde

  4. looks like you got some right bargains! the 'so white' is one of my favourites x

  5. Wow you really went wild! :)


  6. Amazing! The santa's grotto package is so cute! STILL dying to try snow fairy, are the sales still on?? xxx

  7. I love how you've stored them on a cake stand, they look so cute!

    Libby from www.lifeoflibby.co.uk


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