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Hello lovelies, so some very exciting news! I am officially apart of the HiPP organic #weanteam it's a 12 month blogger programme which will follow every step of Lawson's weaning journey. 

Me and I think 9 other bloggers got chosen out of god knows how many others, I feel so honoured and privileged and above all excited to be apart of it all, not only is this an amazing opportunity but I get to document everything here and have it all to look back on later, I massively regret not doing this with Oscar now to see if I changed things and to look back on because it all goes so fast but I can't wait to do it now. We all got invited to a special HiPP event in Birmingham not long ago which we all got told so much more about HiPP as a whole and we got to speak to a nutritionist and many other lovely people who work for Hipp we could also sample the food pouches they do which was very kind of them, they set the room up beautifully and accommodated to everyones needs, they even provided high chairs and baby toys and even food and drinks for us! It was so refreshing to go to a blogger event and actually be able to take your children! 

I learnt that HiPP organic is actually a family ran business! Created by Joseph HiPP who in 1899 created the rusk after his wife was having difficulties nursing their twins. The popularity of the rusk grew and grew, then in 1932 Joseph launched his own company. Later in 1956 Josephs son Georg expanded the family business and developed new industrial manufacturing process for organic baby food in jars. Today HiPP organic is run by Georg's son Claus and grandson Stefan.

A bit later on in the month just before Christmas all of the #weanteam got sent an amazing crate full of goodies! Then a day or two after we got sent a box full of food and they even got us a personalised stocking! So sweet and touching, I couldn't believe what I saw when I looked inside, I really wanted to do an unboxing for my Youtube channel but we have all come down with the flu! Devastating but I can barely talk so would of been pointless, I will however show you a picture below. I want to thank HiPP so so much for choosing me amongst others to be apart of their team and I look forward to the following 12 months with them. 

HiPP has a product range of more than 150 products in the UK, the HiPP organic portfolio includes milk, cereals, tray meals and pouches. 


Hello lovlies, I haven't been on blog form at all this year but next year has some very exciting things coming on the blog and my blog game will be strong! One of my resolutions is to get my shi* together and be a hell of a lot more organised. I have really enjoyed bringing my 'Mummy Monday' posts on here but have missed the beauty posts, you know your a mum when you get more excited for baby/toddler things coming through the post than a beauty order! I haven't treated myself to new make up in a long time but I've been really realistic and thought do I need another lipstick/blusher? No.. I also want to save a lot more money in the new year with our mortgage going trough and extension, I am going to share everything what we do on here alongside my Youtube channel I can't wait, but back to the lipstick post....

Who doesn't love a berry toned lip? If you're scared, don't be! I was always slowly walking away form the dark lipsticks before hand, I thought no, don't do it, you will look stupid! You're the same shade as casper, you girl are not going to pull of the sexy vampire look going on. But here I am pulling of the sexy vampire look, kind of.

There are so many shades to choose from as you can see above I picked out quite a few different tones and finishes. For long lasting lipsticks obviously go for a matte but if you apply plenty of lipliner before hand any lipstick will do, here are some of my faves I've loved this year..

Topshop Beguiled - By far the most loved berry lip I've been wearing this year, I wore this a lot when I had darker hair but looks even better with my blonde hair so no matter your hair shade this colour will rock! I love it against my fair skin also but I think it would look gorgeous on a dark skinned face too. It's very creamy but goes on quite matte and lasts so long! I went out to watch the christmas lights even though I got absolutely soaked, I ate a curry and had a glass of wine and it stayed put through all that, winner. 10/10

Chanel 81 - The most expensive of the bunch but who can resist the gorgeous chanel sleek packaging? So so sleek and sassy and doesn't take any room up what so ever in your make up bag, its very glossy but lasts a good 2-3 hours, it's quite a pinky berry shade with a slight iridescent shine to it.  8/10

Clinique All heart - It took me a while to like this one to be honest, I always thought it was quite a granny shade but after breaking it in a bit I got to grips with it, I think it suits my skin tone a lot and the formula is gorgeous. Again it's quite pinky with a metallic like sheen to it lasts around 2-3 hours. 6/10

Rimmel Kate Moss 30 - Along side the Topshop lipstick this has been my go to lipstick through out autumn and winter other than my nudes! It is a matte finish but not drying at all lasts through drinking and eating and with the right lipliner could last you all night. I actually love the smell of the Rimmel lipsticks too, this is a deep fuchsia berry shade. 10/10

Revlon Super Lustrous Black Cherry -  One of the darkest shades of the bunch, a very deep dark purple, you have to be very brave to pull of the black cherry! I think this would suit any skin color and hair shade, such a gorgeous purple but make sure you apply this perfectly as it could look messy, great staying power with its matte finish. 7/10

Revlon Colourburst Red Velvet - Did anyone else think of Red Velvet cake straight away then? No, just me. This is so so similar to the Chanel lipstick above so if your after something similar for a hell of a lot cheaper I definitly recommend picking this one up first, glossy finish with an iridescent shimmer just a bit more of a red shade than the chanel pinky shade, feels nourishing on the lips and lasts 3-4 hours. 6/10

What are your favourite berry lip shades?


Hello lovelies, so I'm so annoyed! The lovely team at Baker Ross sent us a big brown box full of goodies, I filmed it and I've only gone and lost the video, absolutely gutted! But along side these gorgeous owl tea light holders they sent us some christmas ones, some jelly like dinosaur toys and does anyone remember those jelly men you threw up the wall and they would fall down by themselves? Well we got sent them too with some paint pads and paint pens, thank you so much Baker Ross and huge apologies for not being able to share with people what we got!

The Owl tea light holders anyway... We received this four pack of tea light holders and had lots of fun painting them, I thought these would make great christmas presents, I think family members would really appreciate something personal and 'handmade' from the kids at christmas and they also have a huge range of christmas stock on their website, if you love arts and crafts then you will absolutely love their website its amazing they have everything you can think of on there.

I thought the paint pens were awesome, less messy and a lot easier for Oscar to hold onto. He really enjoyed painting all of his owls and I will try my best to get a video of us doing the christmas tea light holders! Was really gutted because I showed Lawson of too in this video a no one has seen him on my Youtube channel yet, I will try my very best to get us all in. I would get crafting for Christmas now, spruce your house up or give gifts to loved ones.


Hello lovelies so a couple of weekends ago starting from a Thursday night, my partner actually had Friday to Sunday of work and after years of wanting the wood panelled ceiling painted white he finally said we could do it! Bless him taking his days of to re decorate and splurge we got stuck in, all together the room cost about £300-£350 to do as we got new carpet, paint and new toy storage. You could re design your childs room for a lot cheaper but it needed it! It was very dated carpet as the house we live in actually belonged to Dan's nan and granddad so as you can guess the carpet wasn't modern at all, so we ripped that out and started fresh. We had to sand down all the wood panelled ceiling with a little help from my friend Jess and Dan doing most of the hard work then painted it white, I felt like grey would look nice in the boys room as I don't think it will need doing again as they get older, perfect colour for all ages. 

We went to Ikea to get all the new storage we decided to choose the Trofast design with different colour buckets as we thought this worked best to store all the toys away, I've given all his toys there own homes e.g. cars in one bucket, dinosaurs in another, lego bricks in one etc. We also picked up these cool green shelving units that you can stuff anything inside or like we have done toys on top! It just adds a bit of something to the room, it looks quite funky. Then Dan had the idea of putting the Avengers fleece up and removing the door! I wasn't keen at first then I thought why not, it's something different and the room next to them is a play room anyway so easy to get into and no trapped fingers in doors! As Lawson gets older we will have to put a stair gate on but there is one at the top of the stairs anyway. We got the marvel canvases at a carboot of all places, I think there great most of the little bits around are Ikea, new bedding from B&M along with the fleece and spiderman cushion and I painted some old furniture to go with the new decor. 

Me and Dan are thoroughly happy how the room turned out and more importantly so are the kids! Plenty of room to play in and its all stored away tidy, Oscar has learnt that when he has played with something to put it back in the right bucket before he gets another toy out and it's working so far. We stupidly forgot to take a before picture but if you seen in this old blog post you can see the wooden panelling and the dated carpet 'Old nursery' ! As much as it was hard work it was fun and all worth it when you see the finished results, it just makes me want to change all the rooms now but were going through mortgaging the house at the minute then getting an extension so will have to wait a while but I can't wait for it all to be done. 

Has this inspired you to change your room?


Hello lovelies, just a quick one today, I thought I would share with you all just incase you was unaware of the great deal the Disney store has on at the moment, if you buy a large teddy you can have another one for just £5! They range from £40.95 upwards, I craved and bought Lotso the strawberry bear, I've wanted him for ages and couldn't resist the offer! With this we got Lawson Bullseye well were actually undecided who to give this to as Oscar is a big fan of Toy Story but not so big on cuddly toys anymore, who knows, they share everything anyway. 

I promise I haven't been paid for this aha, I just thought I would share with you all the great offer if you never knew, I didn't know until we were shopping in Liverpool and its online also! Even if you don't have kids treat yourself or your loved one to one, who doesn't love a soft toy? Dan's already trying to rob Lotso!


Latest In beauty The glamour beauty power list £18.99

Hello lovelies so a couple of weeks ago I bought this beauty box form one of many Latest in Beauty collections, all the beauty bits inside it appealed to me so I thought why not! They also had a free DHC cleanser with the offer and code but I don't think that code is running anymore sadly, but that is one of the main reasons I got this box, it's the best cleanser I have ever used! But back to the box...

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream - I have been using this every night for a bout a week now and I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin, it's so much more hydrated, clean, no spots forming and can feel the firmness in my skin too, it defiantly illuminates to I feel such a glow when I look in the mirror in the morning now rather than looking so fatigued like I used to. Well worth the pennies if you're thinking of trying out a new night cream, it's took me ages to find a decent one and I'm pretty impressed with this purse friendly one so far.

Nails Inc Nail Kale Superfood Base Coat - I have only used this once but it gave my nails a shiny glow and they looked pretty fantastic just having this base coat on without any nail polish, the next time I give my nails a break from nail polishes I will definitely just be putting this on them to give them that healthy glow. 

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in the shade Gladiolus - I am a huge fan of of these lipsticks my Revlon already and own a couple and was happy to receive a red sort of shade from their collection as I think it will be perfect for the winter months ahead, there's something about pale skin and red lips on a frosty day! 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - I haven't used this yet and I actually have another sample of this somewhere so it shows the enthusiasm I have for this product, not a lot. However I will try it out since I have currently gone a lot blonder starting from my balayage journey here so my hair could probably benefit from this! 

Vita Liberate Luxury Tan - This is a mini self tanning night time moisture mask to gradually build a tan, I might use this just for my face to see how I get on as I have recently had a spray tan and the tan always seems to fade quickly of my face so I shall see how this develops and how long also!

Eyeko Midnight Blue Mascara - Not going to lie I was gutted when I received the midnight blue mascara rather than the black one but I see blue a lot lately, so it must be 'in', I'm going to have to test it out to see how it goes against my green eyes!

Rimmel Nail Polish In the shade Glastonberry - I actually already had tis particular nail polish so I gave it to my mum, she loved the shade as I do and I find these nail polishes really long lasting. I think its a lovely summery shade and I tend to go more near the plum sort of shades during the winter months and a few nude ones but my mum will get her wear out of this as she loves bright coloured nails all year around. 

Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush in the shade 04 - I have never actually tried anything from the brand Kiko before and was really happy to receive one of their cream blush sticks as cream blush is one of my favourite forms of blush currently, 04 is a gorgeous pinky shade, id say a barbie pink sort of colour and will look lovely against fair or dark skin in my opinion.

Overall the box is worth £92.87 but I paid £18.99 so a huge saving! If you love a few of these beauty bits in here it's well worth the price and savings, let me know what you think of this particular box or check out their other boxes they have to offer. 


Hello lovelies so it's Halloween Saturday! How are you celebrating? Do you even celebrate it?

It will be Oscar's first time trick or treating this year I can't wait to see his face and do up his face with face paints! Oscar actually wants to be spiderman for Halloween and we got his outfit from the Disney store! Here is the spiderman one and here is the page full of all the costumes you can think of for trick or treating or getting dressed up for a party

All the time just before Halloween I love to carve pumpkins, oscar enjoyed it more this year as he is older, the great thing about having kids too is they get to scoop all the goop out, I hate scooping all the stuff out its gross and smells yack too. We all had fun even Dan got stuck in as you can see above aha.

Will you be getting dressed up this Halloween? 


No7 Mini eyeshadow palette | Jo Malone Candle | Yankee Candle 
Liz Earle Gift set | Kiehl's facial cream | Charlotte Tilbury mini lipsticks

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you what I am lusting after and would love to get these on my birthday or maybe get them myself with money I get for my birthday. I am 25 on the 11th of November and I feel so old I know it's only 25 but to me thats like ahh half way to 50! I've gone off splurging on make up to be honest, I know shock horror! But since we have two beautiful boys I would just rather all my money go on them, clothes especially! I love shopping clothes for boys but my lovely partner is treating me to a night in Liverpool the weekend of my birthday and he said he's going to treat me so it will be really nice to spoil myself with my birthday money and get some time for ourselves and shop till we drop.

I loved the shades in the mini No7 eye shadow palette, especially the plum type one gorgeous and perfect for autumn and winter, I have always wanted a Jo Malone candle too but still think its freaking ridiculous priced for a candle I'll be scared to burn it but sweet almond and macaroon just sounds like a dream for the nose! I love my yankee candles and haven't tried the snowflake cookie one so may have to purchase that, LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of the Charlotte Tilbury mini lipsticks, like I need anymore but cute little lipsticks? I NEED them. I also love my Liz earle cleanser so will be good to get another cleanser its one of my favourites and they always bring out some great gift sets near Christmas then lastly I'm in need of a life changing moisturiser! I have tried so many and none of them make me think wow that's dong a good job so maybe this one from Khiels will? Who knows.

What's on your wish lists? If you have one comment below I love seeing what other people are lusting over. 


From this...

To this...

How we got there...

Hello lovelies, so a couple of weeks ago an old friend of mine Zoe came over and gave me a little pamper! I wanted to go lighter to match my new caroline flack bob I have going on and she did just that! I hadn't seen Zoe in absolutely ages and she openly admitted she had never done a balayage on a human head before, I obviously had full faith in her!

As you can all see she didn't let me down! How amazing to do a whole new look without doing it before, with a little help from youtube believe it or not. Zoe made me feel so at ease, we chatted a lot and it was nice to be pampered in the comfort of my own home, benefits of being a mother! It's hard for us mums to go to salons with little ones and struggling for child care, you wouldn't be able to relax at all so Zoe has that great advantage of working from home in her own lovely salon which I will show you in a moment and also comes to your home if you live locally in Rugeley/Cannock. 

I was so happy with the results and want to go even lighter now, I'm seriously debating a fringe too what do you think? I always crave a fringe in the autumn/winter because you haven't got to worry about that awkward sticky forehead situation. Anyway back to the balayage journey, as you can see Zoe did a clingfilm process, which we both thought was way better than foiling as you could see the bleach working in full force instead of clock watching and guessing. Zoe used Wella bleach and hair colour on my head to get the finished look, I always get complimented when someone I haven't saw in ages see's me and they all want to go lighter so I point them in the right direction (Zoe). Considering Zoe has only been doing this for 6 months she has been doing amazingly, I love some of the work she has done which I will share below now but not only is she great at hair she can do nails and spray tans! She is also now starting to do hair extensions all keeping up with being a mum to two little darlings, what a woman. 

I'm so glad I went for the plunge of going lighter, my hair is still in great condition and it was lovely to catch up with Zoe, I loved feeling so at ease and comfortable as sometimes when I walk past certain hair dressers they can give you glares and it really puts me of even wanting to step through the door, there is nothing better than sitting in your own home with your own brew enjoying a pamper or if you do want to get out the house enjoy Zoe's lovely little salon she has at her own home.

Zoe is the pretty little thing bang in the middle of my little collage sporting her new fringe! Her lovely salon above too, thanks so much Zoe for making me feel great and I'm looking forward to you making me even lighter this week! I wouldn't hesitate to spur any of my friends on to try Zoe out if there thinking of a hair change/nail change or fancied a spray tan! 

Check out Zoe's Facebook pager HERE x


Hello lovelies, the other week me and the boys went to our nearest wildlife centre, once a month they have a different topic this day was obviously hedgehogs as you can see.

We all had a lovely walk around the wildlife centre and ventured to see if we could see hedgehogs in the wild, we didn't as hedgehogs do usually come out more at night time. We made clay hedgehogs and a big hedgehog picture out of nature we saw on our journey around the wildlife centre, I can't for the life of me think of the womans name who hosted this fab event but she was amazing, I only knew about this because I saw a post on Facebook and she said she had been running these events for 10 years! How amazing, it was amazing to be outdoors with my family and the whole thing cost one pound! That's just a donation for the willed centre itself so this lady devotes all her time into this for nothing. You can tell how passionate she is, bubbly and full of facts on wildlife, she is also a children's teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know Oscar did, although I think me and Dan liked doing our hedgehog picture more than Oscar as he saw giant puddles to jump in. 

On our walk through the wildlife centre we saw lots of different birds and there was actually some rats scuttling around maybe for the fallen seeds on the floor if you can spot them in my pictures above, Oscar enjoyed watching the birds get the food and collecting bits of twigs and leaves for our picture.

The lady who was supposed to come and do a little talk about a hedgehog let the woman hosting it down but just as everyone was leaving her neighbour found a hedgehog in the street and brought it down to show us all, she was more worried about the hedgehog getting run over or something so she said she would put the hedgehog back somewhere safe after we all got a closer look, I have actually saw a few hedgehogs in my garden and I always feed them and try and find something for them to sleep in but after this event we were thinking of building a good home for the hedgehogs that venture into our garden as Dan's a carpenter he can hopefully build a pretty decent one, hopefully.

Next month is Owls so I'll let you know how that goes down but we all had a lovely time, it just shows there is so many things to do in the outdoors for pence! You just have to search a bit harder or just look around a near forest/wildlife centre and see what nature/wildlife you come across. 


How stunning is this hand held mirror? When Oscar's boutique emailed me I was overwhelmed by their website because everything is so beautiful and shabby chic, if you're into that sort of thing you will fall in love with their website! As i said I was overwhelmed so when they said what would you like to review I said I love everything and I would be more than happy to review anything you have, so when they sent me this gorgeous mirror I was over the moon, not vain or anything aha.

It is very shabby chic, stunning detail on the back of the mirror its cream with a wash gold finish, it's about 32cm so big enough and will look beautiful on your dressing table. It reminds me of my great nans mirrors she used to have on her dressing gown I used to love watching her at her dressing table putting her make up on, I think that's where my passion from make up started. It's nice to have a little memory from that also and a gorgeous mirror to have displayed on my dressing table. It feels so luxurious so for under £20 this would be a perfect gift for any one in your family that loves putting on their make up or for those close ups to touch your brows up etc. 

I am in love with their website too, there is everything on their form mirrors to ornaments to home accessories and trinkets etc, for anyone who loves shabby chic you will want everything on their website like I now do. I know where I'm sending my family for the Christmas list.

Have you been on Oscar's Boutique website before?


Gumigem Bubba Bag £19.95*
Gumigem Cat pendant Salem £12.95*

Hello lovelies, so I was very kindly given some products by the brand Gumigem not that long ago, we have put them to the test well more importantly baby Lawson has put them to the test! He has no teeth yet but he is forever putting his fingers in his mouth so it can't be that far of now before some cute little toothy pegs come through. I absolutely love the idea of the 'gumi' bag, Lawson is starting to get really good at grabbing things and placing them from one hand to the other, the keys are his favourite! Oscar loved the phone, he was walking around the house calling nana aha so it entertains all ages of children.

The cat necklace is also a perfect idea! Lawson is always grabbing my hair/necklace/chest or whatever he can grab so this is amazing not only for him to soothe his gums of teeth that are coming through but for entertainment value also. He can tug at this necklace to his hearts content and get all his slobber on it other than my clothes. I chose the black one as I think it will be easier to go with most outfits, yes I'm totally cool with me cat woman like necklace, I know you'll all want one even if you haven't got a child! 

The bubba bag is super cute and as I said it entertains from birth up to toddler years, Oscar loved carrying the bag around and putting things in it, it's also useful and easier to take to other people's houses with the handy little bag. I am always forgetting to take entertainment with me when I go to friends or families houses so it's super useful, both of my children love it and they also do a range of bangles for older children, stylish and great for your teeth! 

I will defiantly be recommending this brand to my friends who have just had a baby or with one on the way, babies go through such a tough time with teething I really think these will help massively, the cat pendant has a smooth side and the other side has raised nubs for really getting in there on the gums for babies who want to chew on things like that, they will really benefit from it. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to trial these out my sons love the products. Thanks again Gumigem. 

Have you tried Gumigem products for your babies before or what are your best teething solutions?