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Hello lovelies, so today I thought I would let you have a little look into Oscar's nursery/new bedroom. Oscar hasn't slept up here properly yet as in the Summer it was stifling upstairs as we live in a bungalow with an annex, so it means my beauty room and Oscar's nursery is in the loft. It's like a green house so we just play up here at the moment. You can probably see the picnic on Oscar's bed from last weeks post aha!

Starting off we have Oscar's sign above his door 'My little prince' as that is what he is, I got this made for me buy a lady who sells shabby chic things from Lichfield I really can't remember where I found her though sorry. Then as you walk into the room you see Oscar's super cool sports car bed, we got this from a local furniture store and we got it for a really good deal. His bedding is of-course Mickey Mouse he is Disney Junior and Nick Jr crazy. Next to his bed we have a rocking chair from Ikea that I just covered in a throw for now as it has hard wooden sides that I covered just in-case he fell on it. Then besides that is a play circus tent from Ikea and some random toys most probably from Argos. 

Then pretty much in the rest of the room is just an array of every toy you can think off, I only just recently finally put his jumperoo away, that was a god send when he was little, well worth the price! I could probably do with putting his other toys away or selling them as he is getting a little to big for them now, I think its just hard when your a mum knowing your little one is growing up and you just want to keep hold of everything. Most of his furniture is from Ikea as well as the green storage boxes and all his toys are from everywhere! Some gifted for birthdays and Christmas or just me spoiling him aha I just can't help myself. Then on the walls we have home made canvas art, some Winnie the Pooh canvas art and some animal stickers, we also have a star wall light from Ikea I forgot to picture. 

Please try to avoid the old fashioned carpet that's the only thing we haven't got round to doing upstairs yet but its all painted, I am just wondering as he is 2 soon I might change his nursery again into some sort of theme but unsure of what that theme is yet hence the mishap of odd furniture, he is massively into cars but at this age I am sure they change there mind about things like the wind. I hope you liked having a little nose around Oscar's nursery I am looking forward to doing a theme and having matching furniture and if you have pictures of your little ones nursery or some ideas for a theme please let me know in the comments below, I am open to ideas! 

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