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Hi lovelies, I have braved another outfit post I literally tremble when I finally press the post button it's daft aha, I think once I have finally reached a healthy goal with weight loss I will be less worried, who am I kidding I thought I was fat when I was a size 12! But moving on, me Hayley and Chloe did a spot of shopping Sunday and I saw this gorgeous coat in H&M and having a lovely friend who works there (Chloe) I got an extra 25% off an already great bargain! This coat should have been £50 but was in the sale for £20 you can work out the rest mathematically aha. As it is getting near to Autumn the weather is changing all the time so this light weight coat id perfect for this kind of weather, to me it's quite smart looking and will be worn with nicer outfits. The boots I also got in a sale last year for a bargain price of £10 I love a good bargain in case you hadn't already guessed and I think the cream and leopard print work really well together plus they are so comfortable. 

Have you already been buying your autumnal/winter coat yet?

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