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Hello lovelies, In case you didn't already know or hadn't already guessed I'm off on my Jollies, leaving 1am tonight/wednesday morning ahh I'm super excited, Me Oscar, Dan & My Nan are going to Es Cana in Ibiza at least I think that's what its called aha, Ibiza anyway. I can't wait to get out of this town for a whole week and share some quality time with my family and my Nan, she will be kindly babysitting one night whilst me and Dan let our hair down. So as I am off away I thought I would share with you what is inside my skin care bag...

I got this gorgeous bag from a Lancome event I have been to recently it was free with two beauty products bought on the evening filled with goodies. I have so many samples to get through I thought this would be a perfect time to trial them all out whilst I'm abroad. So I have stuffed my bag full of samples and some added extras. This isn't all my toiletries I'm taking by the way just some extra's I have thrown in, I literally have a bag for everything.

Magnitone Lucid* I have been using this about 3 times a week as I have quite sensitive skin I don't want to over use it as I feel it will damage it, as over used it can make my skin a little sore but when used appropriately it keeps my skin feeling cleaner, clearer and so soft! It is so easy to use and is mini which is perfect for taking on holiday with me and even comes with an adapter to charge abroad which is impressive although you probably wont need to take it with you as each charge lasts up to two weeks! It is waterproof so I can use this in the shower if I wish, can be used on two settings for a deep cleanse or for sensitive skin which is the one I tend to go for. I love that it has a timer also, each section of your face is timed so you know not to spend too much time on an allotted place on your face and its pink, plush pink actually. Dan also loves this and his skin isn't as sensitive as mine so I am sure he will be using this on our hols.

Cleanse - I have picked up two cleanser samples, one of my faves DHC Cleansing Oil as this wipes of your make-up in seconds, you literally rub it in your hands and rub quiclkly and even the most stubborn of mascaras comes of like a dream, if I didn't have so many samples of this I would have the full size with pride, its a dream cleanser. Then I picked up the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel*, I am looking forward to trying this one out as I am new to the Clarins skin care brand and always here good things about them and their ingredients. I got a load of samples from Clarins at a beauty event I recently went to so can't wait to trail them.

Tone -  The toner I am trialling on my hols is The Body Shop Nutriganics Refreshing Toner, I am sure I will be after something refreshing after being out in the sun and too cool me down, so looking forward to using this, I got this last Sunday in the mini baskets they do as it was buy one product get another for half price, bargain.

Moisturise - I have picked up two samples one for day and one for night, firstly for the day I have The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturising Cream, I have used this cream before and it's lovely. Smells beautiful, sinks in to the skin beautifully and very lightweight. Perfect for under a BB cream around the pool. Then for the evening I have the No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream, I really like No7 skin care so I can't wait to see how this one works out. 

Skin Care Extra's - I am a lover of lotions and potions to keep my skin looking radiant, glowy and to stop those wrinkles coming through and keeping my face feeling smooth. So I love a good exfoliator and oil to keep my skin looking fresh and to stop those lips looking chapped and naaaasty. I usually only exfoliate my skin once to twice a week so the drabs I have left of the Origins Modern Friction exfoliator is perfect, it smells lovely and can be a soft exfoliator or abrasive depending on the amount of water you use in the process but it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. Then for oil I have the Nude Omega Oil, I recently had this in a Birchbox and have high hopes for this product as I always see Nude products get raved about. For one night of pampering too as I love a good face mask I picked up this one from Aromotherapy Hydrating Rose Face Mask, so can't wait to see what this does for me. The lip scrub I always use is the Lush Santa lip scrub, people will think I am mad if I am caught buffing my lips with this stuff in sunny Ibiza but no fu**s will be given as this keeps my lips looking and feeling silky soft, perfect for my bright lippys in the sun, but under my lippys or if I am in the pool I have two lip balms. A stronger SPF one from Malibu tropical flavor having an SPF of 30 so great if I am lounging around or having fun in the pool with Oscar, don't want to burn my lips do I and a casual lip balm that is usually in my handbag is one from Carmex, I find this a little sticky at first but the mosy hydrating lip balm I have found. As well as protecting my lips I have an SPF of 50 Face cream from Malibu as I know some foundations and moisturisers have them in but you can never be to careful especially when you just go lobster red and don't tan like me so this factor 50 will defo keep my skin safe and stop my skin going like that womans off Benidorm haha.Then obviously I have a skin cloth, I have also added in some Liz Earle Muslin cloths as they are my favorite and a travel sponge that expands in water, you never know when you might need one of those. 

Body Bits - Deodorant is obviously a must, no one likes smelly pits right? I find roll on is perfect if you sweat more than others spray ones literally do nothing for me, I have noticed a massive difference since using roll ons especially the Sure Crystal Invisible Deodarant, this leaves no marks on your clothes and keeps you fresh all day and smelly free! You also need body scrubs and shower gels so I picked a little handful of smaller bottles to go in my bag such as the Snowfairy from Lush Shower gel, this is heaven in a bottle it smells of fruity pears and candyfloss and its sparkly pink, who doesn't want to shower in that? I have one from Alien, my all time favorite perfume this shower gel keeps you smelling of this fo a good couple of hours after it's just heavenly. Also Soap&Glory Calm one Calm All Bath Soak and Scrub Of Your Life, they do some amazing scents and these two products are favorites of mine, they will keep my skin in tip top form and smelling gooood. 

What do you like to take away when you are travelling?

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