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Hello lovelies last Sunday I went to a fab event hosted by the lovely Abbigayle, This girl is literally the most organised person ever! I have never been to a blog meet so organised, prepared yet relaxed all at the same time. Prior to the event I met up with my blog gal Hayley then we met up with some new blog friends by Primark and about three of us ended up getting the same dogtooth scarf, we had a quick Starbucks then made our way to Brindley place. 

We got to Brindley place and arrived to the meet up destination The Slug & Lettuce, We made our way in and sat our selves down at a table, the best table, where the jugs of apple juice and other refreshments where may I add, we sat opposite to Kirsty Lo who did a lovely presentation on Motives cosmetics and shown us all a gorgeous eye shadow palette which was pretty huge! I have never seen such big eye shadows then we got to do some fun little games. Firstly we took selfies with the amazing organizers Abbigayle had made us to win a prize, then we got a yummy cupcake and had to think of a good slogan to go with the cupcake, strangely me and Sophie came up with the same one! 'Keep Calm and eat a cupcake.' Sophie I had met for the very first time and were literally like sisters seperated at birth yet shes bloody gorgeous! I clicked with her straight away and now have a fab friend thanks to Abbi's meet. Alongside with my Hayley and was lovely to see Rachel again and meet new faces. We managed to sneak in a little selfie whilst we was there as you can see above.

After we had fun with some games as well as a game that got us all involved together and getting to know each other a bit better we had a little tutorial from the lovely ladies from The Central school of make up artists to create the perfect flick/wing/liner. There best tip was to tilt your head whilst applying I still don't think each side will be equal but I am going to keep trying till I master it. After all the fun, games and tutorials we finally got to tuck into the most scrumptious buffet, there were the cutest mini burgers, the best wedges I have ever tasted, prawns, breaded mushrooms, chicken strips, chicken burgers, pulled pork burgers and profiteroles! If all this wasn't enough we got the most loveliest goody bags. Abbigayle talked a bit about the products and the amazing sponsors that got involved they were all very very generous. My favorite brand Lush gave us some lovely products and a firm favorite 'tea tree toner', River IslandBee Good, Lylia Rose, Nanshy, Brat & Suzie, Milton Lloyd, Lovely Lotions, Female First, Harlequin Cosmetics and Dottie rocks. 

I want to give a massive warm thanks to Abbigayle for putting on an amazing meet and I hear its just the first of many! So keep your eyes peeled and don't miss another, a big thanks to all the sponsors and for the lovely bloggers I met on the day, to the ones I didn't speak to you all looked beautiful and will definitely pick the courage up next time to have a natter with you all. 

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