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Mummy Monday - Mother's Day

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you all my Mother's Day, I woke up quite late for me as Oscar is pretty much my alarm at the moment and he had a lie in, we got up at 9 but in my defense the clocks had only just gone forward, that's my excuse anyway aha. I was supposed to go to my mums for half 9 and Dan was dropping me off before he had football but I had to get ready and Oscar ready so there was no hope I could do all that in half an hour so Dan made me a coffee then went to football so I got a move on. I got to my Mum's for 11 and only got about ten minutes with her as she was going out but she got to open all her presents of me and we managed to get in some selfie's aha. I usually just get some flowers and a cars for Mother's Day but I pushed the boat out this year and got her some thoughtful presents, she loves hearts and pictures with quotes on, that sort of thing so I got a couple of those and a Yankee candle she loves 'soft cotton' its her favorite with her favorite chocolates too.

She was pleased with her presents, I also got my Nan a little something as she kindly bought me some gifts and a card in case Dan forgot aha, but he didn't he was very thoughtful this year and got me a card well in advance as its usually a last minute jobby with him, bless him and the best part he surprised me with.. 'You are not only the best Mum in the world your the best girlfriend in the world and I am so proud of you, you deserve to be treated and I know you love your blogging so I'm going to buy you a laptop today'. I was stunned, I had hinted all this year I have wanted a new laptop as he bought me a second hand one of his friend and it is super slow, was driving me insane so I finally got my own brand spanking new one yay! It's the Hp pavilion, that doesn't mean a lot to me as I haven't the foggiest about laptops, my brother recommended it me, I just needed a laptop for my blogging and bits I didn't need anything extravaganza. I am already loving it though, its super sleek looking, it's not too heavy and it does everything I need it too, the only thing worrying me was windows 8 but my brother is going to teach me everything I need to know so that shouldn't be a problem. I didn't even want a gift from Dan not that I am not completely grateful because I am, I just feel so lucky to even be a mother it is the best feeling in the world, waking up every morning to my beautiful little boy and seeing his smile every day I just love him so much. I just wish Dan was also there to wake up to every morning but he works away and it sucks but he's doing it all for his family which I am also thankful and so lucky for, I have the best men in my life.
What did all my yummy mummy friends get for Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments below what your day was like also x

Have you discovered - Foundation.

Hello lovelies, I missed out on last Sundays 'Have you discovered - Primer' as I just couldn't write about a primer I have loved as I have been changing them all around, I am still yet to find a primer I love an religiously wear, but I have loved everyone's posts and it has gave me some inspiration to find a primer fitted to me. 

9th March - Introduction 
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1st June - Mascara
8th June - Lip Product
15th June - Haircare
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6th July - Beauty Tools
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20th July - Fashion Brands
27th July - Round up & Giveaway!

The foundation I have chosen for this post is Royal Effem Extreme Lasting Matte Foundation, I have never fell in love with a foundation so quickly since my Mac studio sculpt, but this is just another favorite on another level and my new holy grail foundation. Well once I buy the full sized bottle as at the minute I am using sample sachets as if you haven't already seen my foundation collection it's pretty big and needs using up before I buy ANOTHER, but I will definitely be buying this as it is just so gorgeous on your skin, it feels so light and lasts for hours! The coverage is amazing, very full but if applied lightly you could have medium, I love the spatula inside, which is different but very inventive as I think you won't waste a lot of product with it. I think this gives you the most gorgeous flawless complexion and makes you feel instantly confident just with your bare face. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a full coverage foundation but doesn't want cakeyness and for it to feel heavy on the skin, this is perfect for you.

If you would like to read my full review of it and see the great coverage it gives you feel free to read my review HERE :)

My Make-Up Collection - Lip products.

Hello lovelies, it has come to the end of the road on the make up collection posts, sorry. I really hope you enjoyed them and I didn't bore you all too much, I will be doing reviews on make up brushes and extra bits through out the year so look out for them, have a lovely weekend everyone! 
As I have quite a lot of lip products I won't be putting too much detail into this post and will be more picture heavy so you can see what I have in my collection or it would take me ages and you probably wouldn't want to read it all anyway aha, but if you would like to know more about a certain product or brand in my collection I will be more than happy to help you with that just leave your questions in the comments below. 

I contain my lipsticks in an acrylic storage unit I purchased of Ebay, I am not sure of the buyer though sorry but it has a section with 12 slots, two long slots at the back and an open slot the other side that fits all my lipsticks in very snug. I am currently over flowing with my lipsticks so I need to stop buying any more at the moment really. At the bottom I just took a picture of some lipsticks I love and wear quite a lot, Revlon lip butter in Creme Brulle, I love all my Revlon lip butters as they are very hydrating and glide so lovely on the lips but this shade is just a gorgeous nude that you can wear with any outfit and any make up look. Then for a bright pop of colour that lasts for hours and stains your lips which I like as it means you don't have to keep re-applying it and this is the Maybelline Colour sensational in Shocking Coral. I have really gone of Glossy box at the minute they have just disappointed me this year big time but one product from there box that I have always loved is their lipstick in Glossy Pink it is just the perfect pink that goes with everything you can wear it to work, coffee with your girlfriends or for a night out, it lasts a good few hours and smells quite nice too. Collection Deluxe lipstick in Talullah, I love a pink lipstick in case you hadn't already realised, but this is a beautiful baby pink perfect for spring and adds a girly look to your face. Then lastly the Sleek pout paints are just amazing, they last a good while, super pigmented and handy little size to fit anywhere. Also if your friend wants in on the action it's super hygienic as she just needs to squirt the product onto her finger and dab on her lips, it feels watery at first but then dries instantly to give you the most gorgeous pop of colour on your lips, I need to add more of these to my collection because there stunning.

This is an acrylic storage from Muji where I store my lip balm I'm currently using, lip crayons, lip 'chubby sticks', high end lipsticks and my lip glosses. 

Lip Balms

I have oh so many lip balms but I keep them in a cute little heart bowl and I just store in this storage what I am currently using and that is my new EOS balm which I am so happy I finally have one, I have seen them every where on peoples blogs and wanted to get my hands on one, I finally saw a bowl staring at me in Selfridges and wasn't leaving without one. I got the flavour raspberry and it smells gorgeous, it is helping my chapped lips and I just love applying it with the easy ball balm and the other lip balm is A-Derma Baume Levres Intense Repair Lip Balm, I think I got this in a beauty box of some sort, not 100% but I always use then I'm up in my beauty room and love the feel of it, it is heavy but soaks in straight away. 

High End Lipsticks

I don't own that many high end lipsticks but I love my little collection, I really want to try a YSL lipstick the packaging is just stunning I need one in my life, I will get one soon. I love the texture and scents of Mac lipsticks they are packaged in sleek black bullets and last a good few hours, I am yet to try their matte finishes but love the ones I own, Chatterbox, Hue and Snob. Then I just have a couple of Clinique lipsticks which feel luxurious on the lips, hydrating and lasts a good while on your lips I have them in the shades Delovely and All heart. 

Lip Glosses

My most used lipglosses are the Rimmel Apocolips, L'Oreal Stain Splashes and Mac Dazzlegoss. A lot of people have mixed views on the apocolips but I love them, they last so long on my lips, a great range of shades and super pigmented. The L'Oreal stain splashes feel so watery at first but quench your lips thirst then dry instantly and give a gorgeous glisten to your lips and come in the most pretty colours. 

'Chubby Stick' Lipsticks

I love these, they are just super easy to apply and feel hydrating on the lips. I have been loving the new Revlon Matte balms, they are not drying at all. I also love the Bourjois lip sticks as they feel lovely on the lips, last for hours and I love the colour range. 

Lip Crayons

I have mostly Nars lip crayons and I absolutely love them, I have reviewed the minis HERE, I then recently bought a full size one which will be being reviewed soon. The Elf lip crayon is a great budget buy and lasts a few hours and looks lovely on your lips then lastly I have a Max factor colour elixir in passionate red, a shimmery dupe for Nars Cruella and not in matte form but the colour is very similar. 

Hope you liked my lip product collection

My Make-Up Collection - Eye liners

Hello lovelies, here is my eye liner collection and near the end of posts on my make up collection, I hope some of you enjoyed this.

I contain my eye pencils and liquid eye liners in a Muji drawer storage compartment as it is easy to select which one I need on the day, I may be in the mood for a liquid eyeliner or I may be in the mood for eye liner pencil, who knows.

Liquid Eye Liners

I love a liquid eye liner, I just feel they give your eyes more definition and stand out more. It can look a little harsh sometimes in the say if not worn correctly or too thick and heavy, obviously that is your personal preference, whatever you are comfortable with. I tend to wear a very thinned brush liquid eye liner in the day if I do opt for liquid eyeliner then a thicker one of an evening. My favorite day one is the Eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner, I have worn this at night too but I just think it is a gorgeous bold black over my lids and really gives my eyes some depth and I feel complete once this is applied. It lasts all day but isn't too hard to budge of a night time. I love a felt tip sort of eyeliner and the Bombshell and Seventeen one just do the job for me, easy to apply, last for hours and don't smudge at all through the day. I not long bought the NYC liquid eyeliner from the pound shop believe it or not, I don't usually get along with these sort of brushes but I'm getting on alright with it for now, again lasts hours and great pigmentation, what a bargian for a quid! Rimmel just never seem to let me down and they haven't with their Exaggerate liquid eyeliner, an intense black that gives you that sultry sexy look and lasts for hours.

Eye Liner Pencils

I have no high end eye liner pencils apart from the Jelly pong pong one if you would count that as high end? I am unsure but it is a lovely eye liner with it being an eye shadow too, great duo. As well as Inika but I got these two out of a beauty subscription box, this is also a lovely pencil, very soft and gentle on the lids but with an intensifying pigmentation lasting for hours and it is organic. I won't really bore you with the ins and outs of my eyeliners but I have been wearing pretty much every day the MUA intense colour eye liner pencil in brown as I think this is more subtle for the day time and lasts me all day, amazing for a pound you really can't knock that.

Again if you would like to know about any of the products in a bit more detail or swatches let me know in the comments below.

Whats On My Nails Wednesday #1

Hello lovelies, welcome everyone who is joining in on this new series of mine and welcome people who are just reading about it. The introduction to this series is here, I just think this is a great way for nail polish lovers like me to get through their collection, as again if your anything like me you haven't touched half your collection yet you just have an un-healthy obsession with buying pretty polishes when you see them, now you can finally use them all, starting with this new series of mine. Join in whenever you like as long as it's on a Wednesday obviously or it would be pretty pointless aha, here is my first #whatsonmynailswednesday #womnwpaige.


Firstly, I adore the packaging of these nail polishes with the sleek square dimension and you have to pull the lid of to get to the product and this is my first ever Butter London polish, I am in love. I am pretty tight though when it comes to spending over £6 for a nail polish as I have so many in my collection I think do I need to spend that much when I have a similar colour that cost me about £5 and I heard that more expensive polishes tend to chip more! But luckily for me I was whizzing around Tkmaxx the other day searching through the beauty bit like I always do and came across this, guess for how much? No, your wrong £5! What an absolute steal when there usual price is £14, I just couldn't spend £14 on a nail polish it would kill my bank account aha, but they come in the most beautiful colours and this one in particular.
'Come to bed red' is a gorgeous sexy red that gets deeper in colour every time you apply another coat, to me red polish just says 'sophistication and sexiness' I don't know why that's just my opinion. I very rarely wear red nail polish but this immediately caught my eye and I couldn't walk away from a £5 Butter London nail polish could I?

Hopefully there is other people joining in with this who said they were aha, or I am starting this week alone either way I'd love to know your thoughts and if any one does take part today I can't wait to see what your wearing on your nails this Wednesday.

My Make-Up Collection - Blushers

Hello lovelies, today is blushers in my make-up collection.

I will start with my cream blushers and liquid blushers as I have been a huge cream blush lover at the moment, it seems to have taken over my love of powder blushes, I can't actually remember the last time I used a powder blusher as I keep switching my cream blushers around but without further a do here is my cream'liquid blush collection.

My two favorite blusher's that I am always switching between is the Revlon photo ready cream blush in Coral Reef, this is a gorgeous coral pinky toned blusher that can be sheer or full coverage depending how heavy handed you are. I apply my cream blushers with my Real techniques buffing brush as I find this really easy to just dab onto my cheeks. My other favorite is So Susan 8 hour cheek stain, if you didn't have a brush you could easily just dab this onto your cheeks but I much prefer using my brush, a very subtle red with undertones of pink that gives you that healthy rosy glow, it does last all day and I just love it. I do love the Max Factor miracle touch cream blush in soft murano also but I like wearing this in the winter months as it gives me a nice healthy glow but a bit more of a deeper rouge sort of colour. I will be looking forward to using the Maybelline Dream touch blush in 06 in the spring summer season as it is a beautiful pink that pops your cheeks with a hint of shimmer. Also for spring I love the Rimmel Stay blushed liquid cheek tints, I have actually reviewed them HERE. L'Oreal Cashmere blush and eyes, I have never used this on my eyes as I don't think I would suit this colour on my eyes but it is lovely on the cheeks a gorgeous topaz sort of colour, great for a summer bronzey glow to your complexion. Then the others I haven't tried, I just can't get round to using liquid blushers I think I need to watch some youtube videos on it shamefully, just the whole concept, the nail polish like brush applicator it's just strange but I do want to use them, maybe they will be my next blusher addiction? 

Powder blushers

I don't actually own any high end blushers as I don't think I need one, your looking now thinking isn't that Elizabeth Arden, your right but I can't count that in as I got it for a bargain price at fragrancedirect! A blusher is a blusher to me, a powder you put on your face. I am not judging anyone who does buy expensive blushers fair play to you, I am lured in by the Benefit blushers but I just can't justify the price of them as I am hit and miss with powder blushers now I'm a cream blush kinda gal. I love every single one of my collection here though and have actually used them all, yes applaud me. Cheaper than chips blushers I love, MUA the best bargain ever at £1! You wouldn't expect a lot from a pound blusher but it is pigmented and lasts a good few hours! The Natural collection blusher I own as you can see I love as I have hit pan a gorgeous peachy pink toned blush that really compliments my pale skin tone. Elf is another cheap  brand that never seems to disappoint, this is a gorgeous blusher with gold flecks in it to create a gorgeous shimmer that you could use as a highlighter too. Seventeen do a lovely collection of blushers for under five pounds that are pigmented and last hours I love the one I own, a deep pink that is lush. The new edition to the Seventeen blush collection though 'the stamp' is inventive and cool but it tricks you, you swatch it on your hand and you think oh this is quite sheer it doesn't look at all like the scary colour on the sponge, so you have a good strong dab on your cheek, then your like WOAH what the, you have a big pink splodge on your face, so not cool. So next time I will definitely be applying it a lot more gently. Sleek is middle range priced not too cheap not too expensive, just right. They offer some great products, very pigmented blushers I am loving the trio you see up there perfect for on the go or your away for a weekend so you have some choices rather than lugging your blushers around with you, you have a trio on hand. 

If you would like to know about any of the blushers in more context then please just leave your thoughts in the comments and I will be happy to add more information about them to this post. What is your favorite blusher brand?

My Make Up Collection - 2nd Draw of Foundations & BB Creams.

Hello lovelies, continuing my make up collection posts from last week today I have for you the rest of my foundation collection and some BB/CC creams I own.

The rest of my Foundations.

Seventeen On the Spot Foundation in shade natural, Apparently helps you get rid of the appearance of spots in less than four weeks, hmm I don't agree with this at all. I didn't use it solid for four weeks so I can't judge strongly but it defiantly didn't get rid of spots or the appearance of them when I did use it. It is a very light coverage foundation, you don't get a lot of shade choices and doesn't last a great deal either, this is probably the product i like the least of Seventeen products I have tried but I wear this on days when I'm not really making much of an effort. MUA Undress your skin illuminating foundation in porcelain, I don't know why I still have this in my collection as I hate the formula, once dried on my skin it feels quite chalky, I may see if my friend wants this and see how she gets along with it, it might just be my skin, who knows? I actually haven't even got round to trying the Revlon foundations, how awful of me, true beauty blogger who hasn't even used things in her stash yet. Lastly the LUSH color supplement in light yellow, a funny shade name but their foundation is to suit your skin tone and pigmentation, it is handmade and not only is it a foundation it helps to mosturise your skin with its ingredients of vitamins and oils and also protects you from the sun a pretty good all in one foundation! I love the coverage of this, I would say medium to full, it helps cover blemishes and dark circles and I love the packaging, its different. 

BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers.

My favorite of them all, in my collection anyway is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector all in one BB cream, I find with most BB/CC creams I have tried they just don't offer enough coverage for me and don't make any difference to my skin/appearance, but I find with this it does! It is medium to full coverage and covers any red areas and small blemishes. Again being rubbish I haven't tried a couple more products in my collecton being the Inika mineral foundation which I got in a glossybox and No7 Triple protection tinted moisturiser. I also love the Body Shop Vitamin E tinted moisture lotion, this has medium coverage for me, it is protecting my skin at the same time and it's great for days where your just plotting about and don't need a full coverage, if I had a great flawless face I would wear this every day. Two I'm not a fan of is the CC cream and Pure BB cream, I picked both of these up from Home bargains both under £2, so not a cheap and cheerful product. I will be giving these to my Mum or Nan as there not massive make up wearers and they may like them. Lastly Olay complete care plus touch of foundation, I like this product but I do find it can make me a bit orange throughout the day, medium coverage and moisturises my skin as well as covering it up.

I would love some BB cream recommendations, if you have any or your own favorites please leave them in the comments below.

Mummy Monday - What we got up to this Sunday.

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you all what the Kazoks family got up to on Sunday, Kazoks is my fella's last name not mine aha, he's not foreign either but his Granddad was Latvian, another fact about us you didn't know. If your a loyal reader of my blog you will know my boyfriend works hard away all week so we only get the weekends together at the moment, so we try to do as much as we can as a family, as I work Saturday mornings too. It is really hard but were both trying to adjust to it so we can save for our own home out of the current town we live in and were going to New York in November too so lots of spare pennies needed. So this weekend/Sunday this is what we did.
We took Oscar to a Wacky Warehouse in the Staffordshire area, one we hadn't been to before. Oscar loved it, it wasn't too bad there either, lovely food was served in the pub next to it and cheap! It had two areas for the juniors and the toddlers and Oscar had a fun filled hour and so did we aha, were such big kids at the soft play areas. 

We went to a Car Boot first thing Sunday morning, Me and Dan love a good bargain and a good root through a car boot, one mans junk is another mans treasure and all that. We really need to do our own with all the junk we have! I didn't find that much stuff but Dan bought me a Minion phone case as I'm pretty addicted to them at the minute with my big teddy and small one and I bought Oscar some toys as there was a stall selling new toys not old and used but at cheap prices and Dan got himself some work wear, along with a hot dog and some donuts, there the best at car boots. 

Then all that afternoon we made some food and all snuggled up together on the sofa watching Frozen, I have been wanting this film for so long and finally got my hands on it! We all loved it, but Dan was cursing me afterwards as I spent most of that night singing all the songs from it aha, 'Let it go, let it go', 'Do you wanna build a snowman' etc aha. You can't go wrong with a Disney film I can't wait for Oscar to be at the age were he really appreciates things and we can take him to Disneyland I will still probably be more excited than him though as I have never been and always wanted to go. 

Frozen "you wanna build a snowman?"


Once Oscar had his milk, bath and bed we just spent the rest of the night snuggled watching movies :)

What did you get up to this weekend and what do you enjoy most doing with your family?


Royal Effem - SS14 collection.

Hello lovelies, today I have for you all a make up brand I am new to and already have fell in love with them. It takes a lot for me to instantly fall in love with a brand, I usually like to try everything out from their collection but after wearing a few products I am hooked. It's not cheap but it's not that expensive either, think Mac prices, but this could take over my Mac obsession if I am honest and it's on my door step at Rachel Lamey's which is relevant, I don't need to keep umming and arring online thinking will this shade suit me? I can go into the salon try a few of the samples, get a make over and know what to get. Without further a do here are the products I have been trying.

They have the most gorgeous outer packaging, I was very kindly sent some PR* samples from Royal Effem as the salon told them I was blogging for them so I got some freebies luckily but I will definitely be purchasing some of the other products my self as I love everything. I got sent some samples of the foundation which I am already raving about to everyone, I will explain more below but I will be buying this! 

Royal Effem - Beautiful Highlighter in Arcobaleno 001. £21.60*

Please excuse my not done up face, I just wanted to show you the gorgeous effect it has. Can you see the illumination and glow to my skin? This is a wonder product, it is not only a highlighter it has a built in bronzer and blusher also! As you can see on the swatches above, the top two are what I use for the highlighter applied to the top of my cheek bones, my brow bones and cupids bow and the bottom two bronzer and blusher. If your minimalistic, or just don't have the biggest make up bag in the world you need this in your life. This would be a great product to take on a weekend away or out on the town as it has everything you need to touch up your cheeks. It is highly pigmented and lasts for hours, you literally only need the tiniest swipe of your make up brush on this product as a little goes a long way and because of the super pigmentation you could end up looking like an Umpa Lumpa if your heavy handed. Overall I just love it, it makes my skin look alive, refreshed and glowy. 

Royal Effem - Extreme lasting matte foundation in 803. £23.75*

Using the sample sachet above I instantly fell in love with this foundation, it has took over my Mac studio sculpt favorite already, sh** got real. I love a full coverage long lasting foundation and this ticks these boxes and more. After using this sachet I did find it was too dark for me so in the salon Rachel very kindly gave me samples to match my skin perfectly but I will show you what this looks on my skin using the 803, I am an 801 now and it matches gorgeously. 

Excuse my 'bare' face and it being a tad orange on my pale ass face but look how 'flawless' it looks, I know my skin is far from flawless with my imperfections and blemishes but it does give an air brushed finish. I love a matte finish and I know people with dry skin worry about that but don't with this, it feels silky and very hydrating on the skin and doesn't latch at all to my dry areas like previous foundations have in the past. It lasts all day and night still looking fresh after a day at work or a day running around with the little one. It is also water resistant so you could even go for a swim in it, or great for the warmer months as you wont have an icky sticky, sweaty face, not attractive. It has a very creamy consistency and even comes with a little spachelor applicator when you buy the full sized bottle, an inventive way I think, you don't waste any product that way and you only need the tiniest amount to cover all your face and imperfections so is well worth the money. Lastly it also contains vitamin A and E inside along with anti radical properties, has an SPF of 10 which you need in a foundation and lanolin & paraffin free. 

Royal Effem - Lipstick in ROSA 001 £16.95*

I love a pink lipstick for spring, this one is perfect. It can be sheer or full coverage after a few layers, a nude pink that looks great with any make up look and can be worn day or night. It is a very moisturising lipstick full of vitamins and minerals. As we eat almost 90% of our lipstick, I know gross right but true Royal Effem thought what would be better to infuse into a lipstick? Vitamins and minerals, you may as well if it's going inside of you, good idea. It is very glossy as you can see on the swatch above and lasts a good few hours through drinking and eating also. I love how they also have the colour at the bottom of the lipstick making it easier to choose quickly when stood against a collection of lipsticks. It has the same sweet vanilla smell as the Mac lipsticks which I love. I'm not overly excited or happy with the way Royal Effem package there products considering there prices but I'll let them off with the amazing formulas they have to offer, if only they packaged there products as gorgeous they do with outer packaging. I am loving the SS14 collection they have to offer at the moment and the lipstick colours are all stunning.

This is the finished look I did using the Royal Effem make up and some of my own at home.

For all my readers the salon I am working with will have there shop up and running soon and may have some offers for you, in the mean while you can ring the shop and they will sort out what you want and send it for a small p+p fee. - info@rachellamey.co.uk, 01889585073.

For my local readers, go in and have a look at the beautiful collection Royal Effem have to offer, everything is just gorgeous, Rachel will be more than happy to help you and even give you a mini make over.

Also keep a look out for more Royal Effem posts as I thought it would be a great idea to do some Celeb inspired make up looks using the Royal Effem make-up brand. If you want any more information about the brand or the salon I am working with to get you any products just leave your details in the comments below.

Have you tried Royal Effem? I would love to see some reviews below.