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OOTD from the little cute boy again.

Hello lovelies, today I have another outfit of the day post for you all from my lovely little boy. I swear he is getting used to posing on my blog for you all now. I just love him, hes gorgeous but obviously I'm biased. Here is what he wore,

Top - Primark
Jumper - M&S
Bib - Funky Giraffe*
Jeans - Next
Shoes - Clarks*

Just a standard burgundy t-shirt from Primarni, does the job such affordable clothes. One of my favorite jumpers he owns that he got from Nanny for Christmas last year, its super chunky and looks really comfy and cosy. I love the colours and the stripes all together. His bib that I very kindly got sent from Funky giraffe is my new favorite accessory. I have necklaces Oscar has this, it goes with almost anything. His shoes that I very kindly got sent gift vouchers for made my week and came in just the right time as if you remember me explaining when we went to Blackpool the winds were at 100mph and one of his shoes blew away! I was absolutley gutted and angry aha as there not cheap so they came in just the right time! I love Clarks shoes, they may not be the cheapest of shoes but there so practical there the only shoes Oscar will keep on his feet (being the wind not being awful). I went to Clarks for his first pair of shoes because I knew that they would be the best option. I have tried lots of stores for shoes and they never stay on and he doesn't seem to be able to walk very well in them. The only thing I will slate Clarks shoes is for the design, well lack of for toddlers. A lot of people agree with me and people call them 'ugly shoes'. Not all of them are but I do think a lot are old fashioned looking but these ones I chose 'Deck Flex Navy Combi Leather' shoes are smart, preppy looking shoes and they go with all of his outfits. He walks a dream in them and there brilliant for your little ones on the move from early stages. We both enjoyed the weather in the garden and thought it was a perfect excuse to do an OOTD. 

Hope you enjoyed my little man posing for the camera, where are your favorite places to shop for your little ones clothing?

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