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Mummy Monday - Family Day to West Midlands Safari Park.

Hello lovelies, firstly I'm sorry for the lack of posts last week, very rarely my fella gets any time off and he had a week off so I took full advantage of it. I'm rubbish with saved posts too, I never save them I just want to upload them all. But I'm back again with another Mummy post, so hi again and I hope you're all well and hope you enjoy my family day out post.

West Midlands Safari Park.


As it was Dan's week off we wanted to ram as much as we could in those seven days we had together with him helping his dad out down the road also. On Tuesday I decided for us all to go here as it's only an hour an a half away, I love animals and know Oscar does too, Dan's fond also aha. Me and Dan went when Oscar was in my tummy and I thoroughly enjoyed it so couldn't wait to go back. We got there and Dan decided it would be more benefical for Oscar if he was on our laps, I thought it was unsafe and stupid being the adult in the relationship aha, but you don't drive fast or irresponsibly around the park so I don't see why it would hurt. Plus he did get to see the animals more as he would have struggled in his car seat, Oscar was instantly shouting ooooh and cooool when we got closer to the animals. My stupid phone battery died after the drive around park bit though so you don't get to see the penguins, bats, meerkats, lemurs and goat feeding. I absolutely love the penguins I could watch them for hours, like fish I find them so therapeutic. The lemurs were amazing me and Oscar stroked them and he was laughing his head of at them bless him aha. Meerkats adorable as always and the goat feeding was fun, Oscar also laughed his head of at them also, I think there tongue's tickled his hands. But I do have some pictures of our adventure in the park where you drive around, the Giraffes were in there pen thing so you can't see them and the tigers were sleeping as always. I hope you enjoy the pictures and leave me a comment of your favorite animal at the zoo/safari below. My favorite animal at the zoo is monkeys! I really want one, but they don't have monkeys at West Midlands Safari I love staring at Tiger's though, they are just beautiful creatures, I just want to go and stroke them, but anyway enough babbling, here's our pictures.


  1. Aw your son is adorable! Looks like such a fun day out I love zoos!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you so much lovely!
      He's the cutest haha, makes my day.
      I love them, Dan finds zoos boring but I could literally
      spend hours there haha xxx


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