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Whats On My Nails Wednesday #1

Hello lovelies, welcome everyone who is joining in on this new series of mine and welcome people who are just reading about it. The introduction to this series is here, I just think this is a great way for nail polish lovers like me to get through their collection, as again if your anything like me you haven't touched half your collection yet you just have an un-healthy obsession with buying pretty polishes when you see them, now you can finally use them all, starting with this new series of mine. Join in whenever you like as long as it's on a Wednesday obviously or it would be pretty pointless aha, here is my first #whatsonmynailswednesday #womnwpaige.


Firstly, I adore the packaging of these nail polishes with the sleek square dimension and you have to pull the lid of to get to the product and this is my first ever Butter London polish, I am in love. I am pretty tight though when it comes to spending over £6 for a nail polish as I have so many in my collection I think do I need to spend that much when I have a similar colour that cost me about £5 and I heard that more expensive polishes tend to chip more! But luckily for me I was whizzing around Tkmaxx the other day searching through the beauty bit like I always do and came across this, guess for how much? No, your wrong £5! What an absolute steal when there usual price is £14, I just couldn't spend £14 on a nail polish it would kill my bank account aha, but they come in the most beautiful colours and this one in particular.
'Come to bed red' is a gorgeous sexy red that gets deeper in colour every time you apply another coat, to me red polish just says 'sophistication and sexiness' I don't know why that's just my opinion. I very rarely wear red nail polish but this immediately caught my eye and I couldn't walk away from a £5 Butter London nail polish could I?

Hopefully there is other people joining in with this who said they were aha, or I am starting this week alone either way I'd love to know your thoughts and if any one does take part today I can't wait to see what your wearing on your nails this Wednesday.


  1. This is so gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of reds because they're so versatile. I feel like it's something that can be worn year-round unlike some other colors that are geared toward specific seasons. I love the Butter London packaging as well- so chic! Thanks for posting!

    1. I'm glad you liked the post hunny! Yes I have to agree with you there it does look gorgeous all year round and just seems to go with any outift! xx

  2. This is a beautiful colour I love red nails, can't get enough of them! I haven't actually tried the brand before though xxx

  3. Gorgeous shade of red! I have never tried Butter polishes but I always look at them when I'm in Harvey Nichols


Thank you ever so much for your comments, I value them all and try to get back to you all soon as possible. Lots of love xxx