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What's On My Nails Wednesday? - Introduction.

Hello lovelies, after starting Becka's new series she gave me the inspiration of starting my own series for all the nail polish addicts like myself. I thought it would be a great way of getting the blogging community together and finding some new polishes along the way. I know myself I haven't got through all of my collection yet, have you? This will be a great way of doing that.

I also thought if a lot of people do get involved we could do a nail polish swap at the end of every month if a lot of people are interested, another great way of discovering new colours, stepping out of our comfort zones or just discovering new brands. If you get your nails done at the salon you can still share! Just remember to post the nail polish used brand and the name of it and even say where it was you got them done for a recommendation.

My aim is to post every Wednesday 'What's on my nails' you can join me posting every Wednesday or every other Wednesday whatever suits you, just join in whenever you like. I am looking forward to the people who have already wanted to join in for there first post and if you too want to get involved just leave in the comments below your email and blog name and I will add you to this list. Also hashtag #womnwpaige so I can keep up to date with everyone's posts and things. 
Hope you like the idea and want to come on board and look forward to your first post starting the 26th March.


  1. Oh I love this Idea Paige:) I'm in!

    lucystan86@hotmail.co.uk / http://prettylittlethingsmcr.blogspot.co.uk


    1. Glad your in babes! The email is practically this so I look forward to your post next Wednesday hunny :) xx

  2. I'm SO in on this! Sounds like a fantastic idea :D Finally I'll be inspired to use all of my nail stuff instead of reaching for the same few colours every time.

    Kerry x

    1. Glad to hear it Kerry :) thanks hunny.
      I look forward to to your first post :)

  3. Me please! I have way too many nail polishes so hopefully this will inspire me to use them up!

    Laura | Cherry Soda


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