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Oscar's first proper hair cut.

Hello lovelies, how much is Oscar being featured this week on my blog aha? He is taking over with his handsomeness. I thought I would share with you all Oscar's hair cut experience, I say proper as Dan being a cheap skate or practical which ever you prefer aha, taking Oscar to a hairdressers costing £2.50 for his first ever hair cut I wouldn't even known he'd been, if it wasn't for the tiny bit of hair he bought back. I couldn't believe it, so as I am fortunately working with Rachel Lamey's I thought it was about time he had a decent hair cut and for him to finally look like a little man, his mop was getting out of control.
 Ryan was cutting Oscar's hair which I was glad about as I know him, so if Oscar did play up I wouldn't feel so bad. Ryan was so patient with him and explained he had had worse children in there screaming the place down so that instantly made me feel better and at ease. Oscar hates sitting still if it doesn't consist of being in front of Micky Mouse Club house so Ryan had his work cut out, but he patiently took his time chopping away at Oscars locks and I am so impressed with the finished look. I sadly didn't take a before picture but I will insert a previous picture of him with his longer locks and an after picture. Ryan also provided toys for Oscar which calmed him down a little and I luckily had a box of raisins which helped him quieten down also. Not just saying this as I know Ryan but he really is amazing at hair, you should see all the transformation looks he has done to people and the mess my hair was in for him to turn it around a couple of months back, he is going to go big places. Look at his work on the Rachel Lamey facebook page here.


This picture seriously cracks me up aha, 'How much are you taking off Ryan?' 


My smart handsome little dude, it is now manageable, thinner and looking goood. If your looking for your little one having there first trim or hair cut, Ryan is the best hairdresser I know, pop into Rachel Lamey's if you live near and you will be as happy with the outcome as I was, thank you Ryan.

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