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Whats In My Handbag? #2

Hello lovelies, it's been a while since my last WIMH post so thought I would do an updated version. Well this is what was in my bag on the Sunday morning just gone.

Bag - TKMaxx

The bag itself is a gorgeous bright coral with hints of red and pink to it, the colour was what immediately drew me in, I just think it's gorgeous! The beautiful gold detailing and the edgy zip detailing also, as well as the interior, unique and so pretty. But what's inside it?

Company Magazine
Notebook & Pen
Cinema Ticket
Mini Hair brush
Stella McCartney Perfume*
EOS Balm
Mentos Gum
Nars Make-Up Bag
Espa Skincare guide book

I have a cinema ticket from the movie me and Dan watched double dating with my friend Jess and her boyfriend, we watched Non Stop the new Liam Neeson film, it was really good I thoroughly enjoyed it, had me guessing the whole time. I am constantly carrying my notebook and pen with me recently as I can jot notes down when they pop into my head. Also always have some sort of magazine in there, I am loving Company at the minute and loved 'Zoellas' feature this month. You're always in need of a hairbrush and I constantly need some sort of lip balm, this is a recent purchase from Selfridges as I have always wanted one and finally got it, I'm loving it already. I also always have some sort of gum/mints in my back as you always need back up and my passport because, well you just never know. The Stella McCartney perfume is what I have recently been wearing so that was in there for touch up's if needed and I am always carrying a spare dummy, Oscar hardly even wears his anymore I just prefer to be fully prepared if the worse comes to the worse. The Espa guide shows me what products where used on me in treatments this is from my Back, Face and Scalp massage which is now reviewed on the blog here. Then lastly my make-up bag, I love my Nars bag it's just stunning, sleek with a pop of colour. I am going to do a seperate post for 'what's in my make-up bag' soon for spring so look out for that one. 

Leave links below if you have done a recent WIMH post please lovelies as I love to have a nose also.


  1. I actually love your bag, and the NARS make up bag is to die for xxx

    1. Thank you baby, I know isn't it lush :) xxxx


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