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My Make-Up Collection - Primers and Concealers.

Hello lovelies continuing my collection, today I have for you my primers and concealer collection.
Primers -

I don't have many primers and there all diddy sizes as I have not long been a primer user, terrible beauty blogger right? I have only just learnt what a big impact a primer does have on you, especially if your on a night out or going somewhere nice for the day and you want your make up to still look great and untouched. I have already been loving Mac Prep and Prime, I love the silky texture to it and it keeps my face put through out the day and afternoon, also takes away any redness I have which is usually around the bottom of my nose, I'm seriously contemplating purchasing the full size of this or the drugstore alternative No7 Airbrush away primer, this has the same silly texture and keeps my make up put all throughout the day and evening. It also feels hydrating on my skin and works as a moisturiser.

I'm still yet to try the Monu one I have in my collection and a bit worried to use an illuminating one as I'm worried it will make me look shiny and greasy etc. But I will have a play around with it soon, I love the Pore fessional primer from Benefit, need I say more being a top seller and I noticed how much it made a difference on my large pores all over my nose it definitely minimised them and the silky texture that is not at all greasy it feels so lovely and soft on my skin. 

I need some recommendations for a good primer though as I am new to the primer game, leave me your recommendations in the comment's below please lovelies.


I'll start with my favorites, Collection lasting perfection, I have them in shades 1 and 2, I use 1 under my eyes as it instantly makes me look alert and awake and banishes dark circles. I use shade 2 to cover up blemishes, it's thick creamy consistency helps covering up any old blemish from tiny to humongous, it's cheap and very cheerful. My other favorite is a recent purchase, Mac Studio finish spf35 concealer, also very creamy thick texture it covers up like a dream and is perfect for under my eyes, I finally found a concealer that doesn't crease under my eyes! I have hit pan on my Mally Concealer cancellation system, it is a concealer and powder in one duo, it is creamy but doesn't cake at all, it covers dark circles, blemishes and the translucent powder sets it all. I am considering re purchasing this after I'm done with the rest as I have thoroughly loved it and always get a bargain with Mally over at QVC. The No7 concealers I have are a bit too dark for me so I'm considering giving these to my mum as I am so pale and I found these quite drying on my skin for some reason. I find the Clinique Airbrush concealer works perfectly under your eyes to make your eyes look bright and bushy tailed but didn't work great covering up blemishes it also looks lovely on your brow bone. I seem to have a love and hate relationship with the Benefit Boing concealer and the Seventeen Phwoar paint concealer, there both great concealers but hit and miss for me. I wouldn't miss them compared to my Collection and Mac one at all but I do also like them. They do there job of covering up blemishes and covering my under eye circles I just don't favorite them at all. Then lastly on a budget concealers W7 Camouflage kit concealer, five shades for you to pick and choose from to get your desired shade, it isn't magnificent at covering up lots of blemishes and scaring etc but it does cover up light blemishes and red areas. It only cost me about £4 but I see this on Ebay and amazon for under £2, it's worth adding to your collection, I would suggest this to younger girls or girls who don't need that much concealer as it is great to add to your make up collection and wont break your bank balance aswell as not breaking the bank we have MUA Cover and Conceal wand, again works great for under your eyes but not brilliant at covering blemishes, only £1.50 though it lasts a while for the small price tag you can't really expect miracles.

What are your favorite primers and concealers, I'd love to know in the comments below.


  1. Oo I haven't seen that No7 one before, I have a Boots voucher so might check it out! Great post :) xx

  2. I love No7 products in general I am becoming obsessed, I love the smell and the price and like jem I have a voucher too ;) I can't afford more expensive ones, although I love to get the samples xxx

  3. I love using Benefit POREfessional and MUA cover and conceal, they do a fantastic job for me, :D.

    Toria (toria-creativemine.blogspot.co.uk)


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