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Rachel Lamey - Espa Back, Face and Scalp.

Hello lovelies, today I have another treatment review post for you from the Salon I have been working with. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with the best Salon in my hometown, 'Rachel Lamey's', in my opinion anyhow. As previous blog posts you will know from there welcoming, friendly attitude to customers new and loyal. The range of treatments, products and procedures they do. If you're going out or just wanting a new look/change or  a pamper there all the things you need in one place. But back to my treatment, according to ESPA them selves this is their hero treatment.

ESPA - Back, Face & Scalp Treatment.

As always when I first arrive in the salon I am greeted with huge smiles and asking If I'm well etc, a member of staff will take my coat and ask me for refreshments. Today I said yes and opted for a cuppa and may I say Laura is not only good at her treatments she makes a cracking cup of tea! Aha, I got into the holistic room to be greeted by the most amazing smell, an Espa candle burning. I need it in my life, it smells absolutely gorgeous I forgot to ask which one it was but as I will be back in there Thursday I will ask as it's just beautiful and you all know I love my candles. Laura went through the same steps on my previous facial using the skin vision lamp and noticed my skin had changed from the last visit, which I knew as I have been having problems with my blemishes again and she knew that just through looking through the lamp. That thing is amazing and I can't believe how amazing it is, I think all beauty salons should own these if your giving facials as you need to know what skin people have before you put certain products on them. It doesn't harm your skin in anyway and Laura knows exactly what product's to use on me once she has looked through the skin vision lamp. Once that is done with she asks me to fill out a form on any changes I thought I had from the last visit and any comments I wanted to make then asked me to undress and get comfortable under the robe on the massage bed, also reminding me to drink my tea before it got cold as there is nothing worse than cold tea, she's spot on. 

I adore this room so much, it is so homely but once the lights are dimmed and the tranquil music is playing your in another world. It is the most relaxing place on earth when your in that zone. I waited till there was a knock at the door by Laura ready for the treatment to start, the best bit.

Laura started of by applying Espa - Exfoliating Body Polish all over my back, an exfoliating polish infused with cooling spearmint essential oil for a refreshing, uplifting experience to make your skin radiant. I instantly smelt the minty aroma it was very refreshing and gorgeous under my nostrils. She massaged that into my back, obviously it was quite gritty being an exfoliator but felt like my back was being refreshed and being renewed if that makes sense. She then took that of with these amazing warm mittens it felt awesome, once that was all off she massaged Espa - Energising Body Lotion all over my back, a light lotion with antioxidant-rich, almond oil to protect against environmental aggressors and richly hydrating in Shea butter for a smooth feel and appearance.  This smelt gorgeous also, I love the smell of almonds, she used techniques I can't explain but my back did feel brand new after the massage and a good couple of days after. She is amazing at what she does, she really is. She then finished of my back with this and asked me to roll over and covered my front up and massaged my arms, hands, fingertips and scalp with Espa - Energising Bath Oil & Body Oil, instantly nourishing formulation enriched with the purest blend of the finest oils for soft, silky smooth supple skin. That is exactly how my skin felt afterwards! My scalp massage was also so relaxing and soothing, like I said before your taken into a new dimension a totally different world with the tranquil music in the back of your mind and all these pressures and techniques being used on your body your in heaven. 

Lastly the face massage/facial, Laura took of my make up with Espa - Hydrating cleansing milk mentioned in my facial review here. Then applied Espa - Balancing Herbal Spa Fresh, a gentle clarifying natural toner to refresh the skin. Then went into the massage with Espa - Replenishing Face Treatment Oil, again mentioned in my facial review. The face massage was also amazing like my previous facial my skin feels and looks so supple and glowing afterwards I just want to have my nightly face routine there every night but that would be a hefty bill. For a facial it's going to cost you £50 but for all this it's going to cost you just £60! That is a bargain for all of these treatments, I know some of you are thinking that is still expensive and of-course it will be if you can't afford it that's why it's nice to have these treatments once in a while to make you feel special. Everyone deserves a pamper now and again and sometimes you have to pay that little extra for the best! You can pay £20 - £40 but is it worth it? I would much rather go all out on a more expensive treatment and feel the benefits from it than waste £20 - £40 here and there and not gain anything from the experience, wouldn't you? This is the salons best holistic treatment they have to offer at the minute.

I couldn't recommend this salon to you enough, if you want to be made to feel at home and get pampered your in the right place. Plus you get a bosting cup of tea, who doesn't love a good brew. Or any other refreshments you prefer, as always too Laura gives you a card with all the products used on yourself and asks if you want to know more about the products which is very helpful. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps in some sort of way to know what there treatment experiences are like, you just have to experience them for yourself. They still have 50% off to new customers so go on and treat yourself or get your other half too, you will feel like a new person inside and out. They have exciting news too as they are getting a new website installed with their shop all my readers can buy from them, all the products I mention on here etc and they always have a good offer on. If your not from Rugeley but don't live too far away I highly recommend you go in and check there treatments out, hair and beauty you will feel the luxury afterwards, thank you for reading.

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