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My Make-Up Collection - Eye liners

Hello lovelies, here is my eye liner collection and near the end of posts on my make up collection, I hope some of you enjoyed this.

I contain my eye pencils and liquid eye liners in a Muji drawer storage compartment as it is easy to select which one I need on the day, I may be in the mood for a liquid eyeliner or I may be in the mood for eye liner pencil, who knows.

Liquid Eye Liners

I love a liquid eye liner, I just feel they give your eyes more definition and stand out more. It can look a little harsh sometimes in the say if not worn correctly or too thick and heavy, obviously that is your personal preference, whatever you are comfortable with. I tend to wear a very thinned brush liquid eye liner in the day if I do opt for liquid eyeliner then a thicker one of an evening. My favorite day one is the Eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner, I have worn this at night too but I just think it is a gorgeous bold black over my lids and really gives my eyes some depth and I feel complete once this is applied. It lasts all day but isn't too hard to budge of a night time. I love a felt tip sort of eyeliner and the Bombshell and Seventeen one just do the job for me, easy to apply, last for hours and don't smudge at all through the day. I not long bought the NYC liquid eyeliner from the pound shop believe it or not, I don't usually get along with these sort of brushes but I'm getting on alright with it for now, again lasts hours and great pigmentation, what a bargian for a quid! Rimmel just never seem to let me down and they haven't with their Exaggerate liquid eyeliner, an intense black that gives you that sultry sexy look and lasts for hours.

Eye Liner Pencils

I have no high end eye liner pencils apart from the Jelly pong pong one if you would count that as high end? I am unsure but it is a lovely eye liner with it being an eye shadow too, great duo. As well as Inika but I got these two out of a beauty subscription box, this is also a lovely pencil, very soft and gentle on the lids but with an intensifying pigmentation lasting for hours and it is organic. I won't really bore you with the ins and outs of my eyeliners but I have been wearing pretty much every day the MUA intense colour eye liner pencil in brown as I think this is more subtle for the day time and lasts me all day, amazing for a pound you really can't knock that.

Again if you would like to know about any of the products in a bit more detail or swatches let me know in the comments below.


  1. Great post hun, love seeing people's makeup collection :) you're eyeliner collection is very similar to mine. My favourite is probably the eyeko, couldn't be without mine :) lovely blog xxx


  2. I love eyeko for a winged eyeliner look it's great, body shop is my personal fav for a crayon xxxx



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