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My Make Up Collection - 2nd Draw of Foundations & BB Creams.

Hello lovelies, continuing my make up collection posts from last week today I have for you the rest of my foundation collection and some BB/CC creams I own.

The rest of my Foundations.

Seventeen On the Spot Foundation in shade natural, Apparently helps you get rid of the appearance of spots in less than four weeks, hmm I don't agree with this at all. I didn't use it solid for four weeks so I can't judge strongly but it defiantly didn't get rid of spots or the appearance of them when I did use it. It is a very light coverage foundation, you don't get a lot of shade choices and doesn't last a great deal either, this is probably the product i like the least of Seventeen products I have tried but I wear this on days when I'm not really making much of an effort. MUA Undress your skin illuminating foundation in porcelain, I don't know why I still have this in my collection as I hate the formula, once dried on my skin it feels quite chalky, I may see if my friend wants this and see how she gets along with it, it might just be my skin, who knows? I actually haven't even got round to trying the Revlon foundations, how awful of me, true beauty blogger who hasn't even used things in her stash yet. Lastly the LUSH color supplement in light yellow, a funny shade name but their foundation is to suit your skin tone and pigmentation, it is handmade and not only is it a foundation it helps to mosturise your skin with its ingredients of vitamins and oils and also protects you from the sun a pretty good all in one foundation! I love the coverage of this, I would say medium to full, it helps cover blemishes and dark circles and I love the packaging, its different. 

BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers.

My favorite of them all, in my collection anyway is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector all in one BB cream, I find with most BB/CC creams I have tried they just don't offer enough coverage for me and don't make any difference to my skin/appearance, but I find with this it does! It is medium to full coverage and covers any red areas and small blemishes. Again being rubbish I haven't tried a couple more products in my collecton being the Inika mineral foundation which I got in a glossybox and No7 Triple protection tinted moisturiser. I also love the Body Shop Vitamin E tinted moisture lotion, this has medium coverage for me, it is protecting my skin at the same time and it's great for days where your just plotting about and don't need a full coverage, if I had a great flawless face I would wear this every day. Two I'm not a fan of is the CC cream and Pure BB cream, I picked both of these up from Home bargains both under £2, so not a cheap and cheerful product. I will be giving these to my Mum or Nan as there not massive make up wearers and they may like them. Lastly Olay complete care plus touch of foundation, I like this product but I do find it can make me a bit orange throughout the day, medium coverage and moisturises my skin as well as covering it up.

I would love some BB cream recommendations, if you have any or your own favorites please leave them in the comments below.


  1. Love the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, definitely give it a go!:) x

  2. I really want to try the body shop tinted moisturiser, I much prefer that to foundation! Would love if you could check out my blog:)



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