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The Gro Company - All Aboard Mobile £29.99*

Hello lovelies I was very kindly given this gorgeous mobile to review for you all, it's absolutely beautiful and Lawson fell in love with it as soon as I fixed it to his cot, which was very simple! I hate fiddly fixtures and this was as easy as ABC, it all clicked in together then just attached to the side of the cot with a spinning wheel fixture so anyone can do it.

Pleasant lullaby style music while it spins around above baby's head, it doesn't last a long while though so you have to keep twisting it for the song but if your lucky like me and your baby doesn't need much to be settled for the night your fine. He loves going in this in the day time though and watching all the cute soft transport go around him, as you can see by his face he's like oooh. My other son Oscar loved watching it too whilst he's lay on his bed next to him.

It's ever so soft, beautiful bright colours and perfect for your cot and travel friendly if your going away for a weekend or fancied taking it on holiday. It has a lot of blue in it but you could easily get away with using this in a girls and boys bedroom who doesn't like cars, boats and aeroplanes? They also sell a really cute gro bag that matches this mobile, which is what I'm looking into next as its getting quite nippy in the early mornings and at night now I think and Lawson is terrible for kicking his quilt off!

I would highly recommend checking out the Gro Company's mobiles they come in lovely designs fit for a prince or princess.

Has your little man or girl got a mobile above their head?


The fantastic goody bag.*

Hello lovelies, last week or so a go I attended a Bodyshop event in the Birmingham Bullring shopping centre, I rarely go in bodyshop to be honest, its so big, clean, light and airy in there, plenty of room to manoeuvre around with a pram which is useful for me, I hate tiny shops with small passageways. The whole point of the event was there new launch to Spa of the world, it had been a while since my previous blog event and probably the best one I've been to in a long while.

I've never been to an event feeling so relaxed, pampered and felt like it was all about me and other bloggers obviously. It wasn't a sales pitch or people making us by things it was just fantastic to be surrounded by people with similar interests and to have a lovely relaxed evening. I was immediately felt at ease when I spoke to the manager Elaine who hosted the event, she is the most loveliest woman and so easy to talk to, she was ever so helpful, bubbly and very friendly warm natured lady who I could of talked to forever. 

I started the evening of by listening to a skin care consultant and her showing us a consultation on a blogger to help her with her skin care needs then I got told I was having a pamper! Who would refuse, before the pamper there was a questionnaire to answer about how me and my body was feeling and how I would like to feel the results are in the products I got pampered with, I tried out there new Spa of the world Moroccan Rhassoul body clay on a bit of my arm by the lovely Jess pictured above, I could instantly feel it doing something, the clay is designed to firm and tighten your skin, it helps to tone your body up and revitalises your skin. She then washed it of and already feeling smooth she added some more moisture by adding the Spa of the world Hawaiian Kukui Cream, this stuff smells amazing! Well actually the whole range smells amazing but this is the most luxurious feeling body cream, I really did feel like I was in a spa when I shut my eyes for a few brief moments. Why Jess did all that on one arm she tested out two other products from the range on my other arm to see the difference, she started of with the Spa of the world Dead Sea Salt Scrub this felt so good, very exfoliating but when washed of left like the loveliest film of moisture and silkiness, I know films on the skin don't usually feel good but this felt awesome I don't think you would even need moisturiser after this if you are usually lazy like me after a bath but the next product might make you change your mind, for just that extra few minutes add on the Spa of the world French Lavender Massage Oil, this stuff is just wow, smells divine and will help you drift of to sleep once you've massaged it in or even better if you have a partner or friend get them to do the hard work for you!

Bodyshop really want to bring the spa to your home, I personally love pamper nights so this range is perfect for me, I love treating my boyfriend to massages and facials and he thoroughly loved it with the new products I bought, I had to purchase the Dead Sea Salt scrub so good for exfoliating your skin and getting a good circulation going and the massage oil, it really helped us both have an early night and a great nights sleep and he said his skin felt amazing the morning after as did mine. They are so affordable too, I thought they was going to cost an arm and a leg when I saw the Spa range but was pleasantly surprised, I've linked some of the products above so you can see for yourself. 

It was lovely to meet up with my blogger gal Clo, we had a lovely Wagamamma lunch with prosecco then headed of to the event hosted by the lovely Elaine, thanks so much Elaine for a thoroughly lovely event and the lovely goody bag, I learned so much look out for reviews coming up!


Hello lovelies, a few weeks back we took a very spontaneous trip to Teignmouth we just decided to go that weekend, the weather was awful the day we got there so didn't get chance to take many photos, I really wanted to vlog but just didn't get the chance, the weather was torrential! The Friday we went around Torquay, did some shopping trying to keep indoors as much as we could and had an early night at our hotel. Our hotel was right on the beach front so we had a beautiful view.

Hallelujah for sunny Saturday! Saturday was such a beautiful day, the weather was just right not too hot but enough, Oscar loved it in the sea on his inflatable boat with his dad and uncle dave, Dans family were down there on that weekend which is my I suspect Dan made the trip happen aha. It was really lovely though we spent most of the day with them Saturday, I went for afternoon tea with the ladies whilst the lads stayed on the beach, we all took it in turns with Lawson feeding, everyone loved baby cuddles, who doesn't? 

That evening Dans family had the kids in the arcade so we could have a romantic meal, it was so lovely I feel so much happier near a beach, I don't know what it is I particularly love Devon on a whole, I'd be so happy to live there one day. So there isn't many photos of our weekend due to the fantastic weather but on the Sunday we actually went to Crealy an amazing adventure park for kids and I took a few pictures there so that post will be up soon, we had an amazing family time holiday and was lovely to see Oscar smiling his head of, he loves sand and water! He's a little water baby, Teignmouth is probably the smallest place in Devon I'd been to but lovely all the same. 

Have you ever been to Teignmouth? 


Hello lovelies, so the other day me and my Nan was having our weekly browse through the town, believe me there isn't much to browse in our town but we always end up spending far too much money. We are the type of people to go in home bargains for one thing and come out with lots of things we don't really need, but on this particular day we stumbled into Boots as she needed to pick up her prescription and said she fancied a new mascara, me being the great beauty blogger aha I helped her out but we spotted this great No7 bargain...

If you buy any two products from No7 you get a free gold package that contains a mini eyeshadow, mini mascara and a skin illuminator AND a voucher for a lipstick of your choice! Us being the cheap skates just went for the cheapest option the nail polishes as there only £6 each so thats £12 for two and the lipsticks alone are just under £10 so your literally paying about £2 for all the fabulous contents, what was even better was my nan treated me so it cost me nothing ha. I would definitely think about purchasing this though, if not for yourself this would make one amazing christmas or birthday present for anyone who loves their make-up or No7 in general. 

I'm even tempted to pick up two more nail varnishes just to get another free lipstick, the mini's will make great gifts in beauty hampers I like to make over christmas, the best deal N07 have ever come up with but of course to celebrate a fantastic 80 years of there hard work. I picked up the nail varnish shades So Simple and Highland Mist, So simple is a gorgeous very nude shade and Highland mist is more of a mavey nude, I love them both. Then it took me ages to pick a lipstick as there were so many to choose from but I thought I would pick a nice new shade for Autumn so I got Ginger rose, a gorgeous orangey toned lipstick I think perfect for autumn/winter and it was from the moisture drench range so it has moisturising properties and spf in there so can't wait to rock that in the colder months. 

Have you gotten round to picking up this fantastic offer yet?! 


Hello lovelies, its been a while since I made a cheeky little lush haul! I attended a Lush event a while back and had lots of products left over so was trying not to spend more money on them but with new products launching how could I refuse a little online order?

I new I had to buy The Comforter shower cream instantly as it is my favourite ever bath bar! It smells absolutely amazing, I then spotted Milky Bath, a cute little milk bottle looking bubble bar that is filled with skimmed milk, orange oils and cocoa butter to give you super soft supple skin. I was intrigued by the Frozen bath bomb and partly got it for my little boy Oscar as he loves my Lush baths, he loves watching the bombs do fascinating things in the water and swirl the colours with his fingers, I heard this bath bomb is great! Lastly on the bath side of things I picked up the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon, basically a macaroon looking bubble bar, it is a new formula to their original, I was a huge fan of the original so excited to see how this one goes, I will be reviewing all of them for you.

I then went on for more practical things, I have super bad dry feet I am currently using a fantastic cream from Scholl but for that extra pamper on my feet I thought this would do the trick, Volcano foot mask, it sounds amazing, the ingredients and reviews sounds amazing so that went straight into my online basket! Then lastly but most defiantly not least I picked up the Salted Coconut hand scrub, this stuff smells insane and I've only used it twice and its made my hands feel unbelievably smooth! I'm trying to use this 2-3 times a week but its addictive and right next to the hand wash in the bathroom, I may need to move it. 

Have you been purchasing anything form Lush recently?


Scholl Dry skin instant recovery cream £5.99*
Scholl Party feet ultra slim invisible gel cushions £4.99*

Hello lovelies, I know it seems like summers almost over with the weather being up and down but I am still rocking my flip-flops/sandals wherever I go and there is nothing worse than cracked heels or dry feet in general! I do actually suffer really bad with dry feet, I am on my feet all day looking after my two little monkeys, cleaning, cooking, shopping, chores etc and I have been searching high and low for a good foot cream, I've even tested a fair few too.

When I kindly got sent this foot care duo I was sceptical in thinking this cream would do anything even if it does say 'instant recovery' I thought yeah right not with my dry trotters! But I was so wrong, I was amazed the morning after. What I like to do with foot creams is lather my feet in the cream, lots of it and put bed socks on then sleep with it over night to get better results, better results I got! My feet felt unbelievably smooth, I couldn't actually believe it, I've been using this cream over two weeks and my feet feel brand new and I have of-course repurchased it already! 

If you think your feet are vile, dry, cracked and ugly to look at and your hiding them away in your socks in the nice weather I really urge you to try out this cream you will be amazed with it as much as I was. You don't have to leave it on overnight if you don't like things on your feet overnight I am sure it works just as well, whatever works best for you. I loved that it wasn't a greasy texture at all, it sank beautifully into my skin and how long it left my feet feeling smooth for if I hadn't applied it the next day. 

Now the party feet cushions, anyone who knows me knows that I'm no 'party girl' I left those days a long time ago, I much prefer a brew in front of netflix, blogging or getting into a new book! Obviously nights out every now and then are good to let of a little steam, get my dancing shoes on and have a good time but I actually found these unbelievably comfortable in my gym shoes! I had been after some gel like inserts for my gym shoes for a while but just never got round to getting any, I used these spontaneously and they do the trick! They make my feet feel so comfy and easier to do my exercises in, so thank you very much Scholl team you have made me and my feet very happy and gorgeous!

Are you a fan of the Scholl products or even tried any?



Hello lovelies, I know I said I was going to do joint outfit posts with the boys but Lawson was in his pram most of the day and I just took a few shots of Oscar whilst we was at the farm, more about our trip to the farm will be up on my blog soon but I just thought I would share with you all what Oscar wore there. 

I'm in love with the colour of his Ralph Lauren t-shirt and thought they went well with his darker blue shorts and obviously you have to be wellie ready for the farm! Oscar loves wellies, he wears them in the garden whatever the weather and I was so shocked I saw these in Aldi a while back, I saw that they had dinosaurs on them so had to get them for Oscar as he's obsessed with dinosaurs at the minute.

It was a lovely day, the weather was beautiful so he was dressed for the occasion, have you taken your little ones anywhere nice in the summer holidays?


Make Up Revolution Ultra Contour Palette £8.00*

Hello lovelies, been a while since I did a beauty post review, I know I mentioned before about getting my shit together but I have wrote up some sort of schedule in my notepad now and trying to do those posts and sorting different posts out per month, hopefully get me back on track and not leave a big gap between posts, so lets hope it works! Anyway back to this awesome contour palette...

It comes with eight incredible pigmented shades, three powders to go over your concealer and lighter areas where you are highlighting, two highlighters a lighter shade to go down your t-zone, above your cheek bones, cupid bow and anywhere else you like the strobe look then a darker higlighter to add bit of shine on your bronzer as well as three bronze shades for contouring or just to bronze your face.

I will have to get a look up for you using this palette I am so so impressed as I always am with Make Up Revolution, I am always praising them to my friends and telling them it may be cheap but they really are amazing. The highlighter in this (top right) is better than my Mac ones! Yeah you heard me, I swirled my brush around this highlighter and applied straight to my face as I didn't think it would be that pigmented, how wrong was I! I sure had the strobe look going on, you only need the tiniest amount on your brush to achieve a gorgeous highlight to your face, its my new fave!

The bronze shades are perfect for my pale skin but also for when I fake tan too, I don't think I would use the darker highlighter but that's just personal preference. I never tend to powder contour but I am definitely going to try it after I have used liquid concealer on my face to set everything into place, I'm intrigued to see the final outcome. For £8.00 you really can't go wrong with this product it has everything you need in one box to contour/strobe your face for a night out or dramatic day look and perfect for holidays or weekends away.

Have you tried the Ultra Contour Palette? 


Hello lovelies, so Oscar is finally out of nappies through out the day, he has been for about a month now but when it's your first child and first time doing this you need to make triple sure. I'm so proud of him and here is the methods I used.

- You need patience, lots of it.
- A potty obviously or if your child prefers 'the big toilet' get them a toilet trainer seat.
- Spare clothes/pants when out and about.
- A reward chart.
- Lots of praise.
- Let them pick their new pants.
- Make it fun.
- Make it as less stressful as possible.

I'll be honest I am the least most patient person going, I was finding the whole thring stressful and was dreading going out and about with no nappy on especially as I had Lawson to push in the pram whilst we was walking around places. But I decided to stay in for a week without nappies, letting him go round butt naked and he was just running to the potty when he needed it, I thought wow this is easier than I thought. That was until I let him go around the house with trousers/pants on with no nappy. I think he thought he had a nappy on as he was just weeing himself. I though nooo we've been doing so well.

I thought don't stress, Oscar will pick up on it and I can't shout I just have to be calm and think of something else, so everyday I would put his pants on and say you mustn't wee in your pants and go straight to the potty when you need to go, you're a big boy now who doesn't need nappies, overtime you go on your potty I will put a gold star on your reward chart, when you get so many stars I will treat you to something nice. This worked a treat! We had a few accidents when we went out but I persevered, took spare clothes with me all the time, I still do because you never know but touch wood he hasn't had an accident in ages.

He loved picking his own minion pants, feeling like a big boy whilst were out sitting on the 'big one' he calls it and loves shouting in restaurants 'I've just done a big poo' haha, that was my favourite. Some other ideas i've heard of is put food colouring in the wee, put a ball in the potty to wee on? I've googled all sorts but that is all I did, with lots of perseverance it worked and now I won't have to worry about him in nursery when he joins late September. Obviously all techniques work differently for different children but patience and perseverance are the top two factors I think anyone needs and maybe bribery aha. But most importantly you've got to know if your child is ready for potty training, don't push them too early or knock there confidence, I knew because Oscar kept tearing his nappy of all the time or told me he was wet and went from there, I hope this helped in some way.

What were your best potty tips?


Hello lovelies, another month another favourites, as you may see one product has sneaked itself back in again.

L'Oreal Facial Cleansing Oil £7.99 - This is the product that has made it's way back into my favourites, I'm just using it non stop. It's super easy like I said last month to wipe all your makeup off in one go with no fuss, leaves my skin feeling nourished and super soft and even gets rid of stubborn mascara. 

St Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub £4.19 - A very gentle exfoliator that smells amazing, I prefer to use this in the morning when I'm showering as I hate bits everywhere over the sink, everything just gets all messy lol. I especially like to use this when my skin is feeling dull and not as clean as I like it to feel, it buffs away all my dead skin cells and leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Benefit Hervana £23.50 - I have only recently purchased this but I have used it non stop since I did by it, I had been after a Benefit blusher box for ever and so glad I ended up picking this one, it has all the right pinks for my skin tone and gives my cheeks a really nice glow and pop. It also has a little bit of highlight in there to really make my cheeks shine.

Mac Shy Girl £15.50 - I have been loving nudes on my lips through out summer and a few pinks but mainly nudes, this is a coral beige shade, my favourite! It has a creamy texture and to make the colour pay of stay I always put a lip liner on my lips before hand, I think this shade would suit most skin shades as I am really pale it doesn't wash me out at all and compliments it well I think, it is most definitely my go to colour at the moment. 

Imperial Leather beautiful Moments Body Wash £2.49 - I know this maybe quite an odd thing to have in my favourites but I am so in love with this, its a body wash I use in the shower that leaves my skin feeling silky smooth afterwards without needing to moisturise! I especially use this on days where I really can't be bothered to moisturise after the shower, it makes my legs feel amazing after shaving too and it smells incredible! It has pearls of argon oil in it that does all the hard work that you don't have to, I'd definitely check it out if you loathe moisturising as much as I do. 

What have you been loving through out July? 


Kegel Exercise weights - JD Harris £19.95*

Hello lovelies, today I have something a bit different and almost personal on the blog today, if you're a mother yourself reading this you will know the importance of pelvic floor exercises after having a baby. I have had two children now and I will be totally honest in saying I was rubbish at doing my pelvic floor exercises first time around, I was naive in thinking it wouldn't matter at all. I was wrong, oh so wrong!

Kegel weights helped me massively, for a start you don't know if you're even doing your pelvic exercises right, no one can help as it's inside your body, no one can see you on the outside doing it. These make life so much easier for me and only takes 15 minutes time up of your day, you could do this whilst having a shower, washing up, just doing general day to day jobs around the house or looking after your little one. 

The weights go from a 25g to 95g which all comes in pretty different pink shades so you know which weight is which and has a nice feminine touch to them. You start with the weight you find most comfortable with to hold then you gradually go up. Not only does this help gain your pelvic muscle back this also helps with incontinence, you know when you only need to sneeze and a bit of dribble come out, I'm sure us mums have all been there or you've laughed too much aha. Not any more for me, these have made me a lot more confident in myself and I just love the whole easy process with them. On a brighter note also it helps in the bedroom to improve sexual performance for you and your partner, a bonus right. There is no side effects from the weights and its all natural without having to go under any surgery.

On their site they have youtube videos and lots of information to help how to use them and the difference it has made on people's lives and they also have a Facebook page where they talk about all their products which is very useful. 

If you're a new mum or a mum to be I would definitely think of investing in these. 


Teal Zoo Animals Baby Bean Bag Chair | Bean Bag Planet £29.99*

I was over the moon when the company kindly asked if I'd like to review this baby bean bag, I am obsessed with all things for babies at the minute, I said I wouldn't go to mad with Lawson like I did with my first Oscar but you just can't help yourself when everything is just too darn cute.

Lawson absolutely loves this thing, he lies in it and pretty much eases of to sleep rather than his rocking chair, it looks so comfortable as well, he sinks into it, unlike chairs he's not slumped in it or in any awkward positions his body adjusts with the beans, it's pretty much a memory foam mattress for babies. I love the colour of it too and the animal print design around the side which is an easy material to wipe clean. You also get two removable cover with your bean bag for babies and toddlers so for just under thirty pounds this is going to last you a long while, well worth the money and I don't know how long they have that offer on for at the moment. 

The strap is easy enough to use and goes up to the weight of 30kg, it helps your baby from getting 'flat head' , it actually provides comfort for babies with colic and I wondered how it pretty much stopped now I know this helped him massively. As you can see yourself he is more than happy in his little chair, it's very lightweight so easy to move around anywhere in the house and perfect for taking to a friends or family. This will last you a good eight years so a great investment and can even hand it down to your own family once your child is old enough. It also comes in the shade yellow if you love the animal design yourself or many other designs for boys or girls or unisex if you fancied buying this fora gift for someone, it really would be the perfect gift and you don't know the sex there is so many to choose from. 

Oscar sometimes like to sit on it whilst Lawson is having tummy time and he equally loves it and finds it comfortable, I want one myself now. I have let Lawson have his naps in here and he seems very settled and will sleep in there until he's due his next feed so I can keep this downstairs and keep a watchful eye on him rather than him being upstairs in his cot. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to review this and now I have I wouldn't even hesitate to buy one, I might even buy this as a gift for a friend as it really is great! 

Have you tried baby bean bags?