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Kegel Exercise weights - JD Harris £19.95*

Hello lovelies, today I have something a bit different and almost personal on the blog today, if you're a mother yourself reading this you will know the importance of pelvic floor exercises after having a baby. I have had two children now and I will be totally honest in saying I was rubbish at doing my pelvic floor exercises first time around, I was naive in thinking it wouldn't matter at all. I was wrong, oh so wrong!

Kegel weights helped me massively, for a start you don't know if you're even doing your pelvic exercises right, no one can help as it's inside your body, no one can see you on the outside doing it. These make life so much easier for me and only takes 15 minutes time up of your day, you could do this whilst having a shower, washing up, just doing general day to day jobs around the house or looking after your little one. 

The weights go from a 25g to 95g which all comes in pretty different pink shades so you know which weight is which and has a nice feminine touch to them. You start with the weight you find most comfortable with to hold then you gradually go up. Not only does this help gain your pelvic muscle back this also helps with incontinence, you know when you only need to sneeze and a bit of dribble come out, I'm sure us mums have all been there or you've laughed too much aha. Not any more for me, these have made me a lot more confident in myself and I just love the whole easy process with them. On a brighter note also it helps in the bedroom to improve sexual performance for you and your partner, a bonus right. There is no side effects from the weights and its all natural without having to go under any surgery.

On their site they have youtube videos and lots of information to help how to use them and the difference it has made on people's lives and they also have a Facebook page where they talk about all their products which is very useful. 

If you're a new mum or a mum to be I would definitely think of investing in these. 

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