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Hello lovelies, so Oscar is finally out of nappies through out the day, he has been for about a month now but when it's your first child and first time doing this you need to make triple sure. I'm so proud of him and here is the methods I used.

- You need patience, lots of it.
- A potty obviously or if your child prefers 'the big toilet' get them a toilet trainer seat.
- Spare clothes/pants when out and about.
- A reward chart.
- Lots of praise.
- Let them pick their new pants.
- Make it fun.
- Make it as less stressful as possible.

I'll be honest I am the least most patient person going, I was finding the whole thring stressful and was dreading going out and about with no nappy on especially as I had Lawson to push in the pram whilst we was walking around places. But I decided to stay in for a week without nappies, letting him go round butt naked and he was just running to the potty when he needed it, I thought wow this is easier than I thought. That was until I let him go around the house with trousers/pants on with no nappy. I think he thought he had a nappy on as he was just weeing himself. I though nooo we've been doing so well.

I thought don't stress, Oscar will pick up on it and I can't shout I just have to be calm and think of something else, so everyday I would put his pants on and say you mustn't wee in your pants and go straight to the potty when you need to go, you're a big boy now who doesn't need nappies, overtime you go on your potty I will put a gold star on your reward chart, when you get so many stars I will treat you to something nice. This worked a treat! We had a few accidents when we went out but I persevered, took spare clothes with me all the time, I still do because you never know but touch wood he hasn't had an accident in ages.

He loved picking his own minion pants, feeling like a big boy whilst were out sitting on the 'big one' he calls it and loves shouting in restaurants 'I've just done a big poo' haha, that was my favourite. Some other ideas i've heard of is put food colouring in the wee, put a ball in the potty to wee on? I've googled all sorts but that is all I did, with lots of perseverance it worked and now I won't have to worry about him in nursery when he joins late September. Obviously all techniques work differently for different children but patience and perseverance are the top two factors I think anyone needs and maybe bribery aha. But most importantly you've got to know if your child is ready for potty training, don't push them too early or knock there confidence, I knew because Oscar kept tearing his nappy of all the time or told me he was wet and went from there, I hope this helped in some way.

What were your best potty tips?

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