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The fantastic goody bag.*

Hello lovelies, last week or so a go I attended a Bodyshop event in the Birmingham Bullring shopping centre, I rarely go in bodyshop to be honest, its so big, clean, light and airy in there, plenty of room to manoeuvre around with a pram which is useful for me, I hate tiny shops with small passageways. The whole point of the event was there new launch to Spa of the world, it had been a while since my previous blog event and probably the best one I've been to in a long while.

I've never been to an event feeling so relaxed, pampered and felt like it was all about me and other bloggers obviously. It wasn't a sales pitch or people making us by things it was just fantastic to be surrounded by people with similar interests and to have a lovely relaxed evening. I was immediately felt at ease when I spoke to the manager Elaine who hosted the event, she is the most loveliest woman and so easy to talk to, she was ever so helpful, bubbly and very friendly warm natured lady who I could of talked to forever. 

I started the evening of by listening to a skin care consultant and her showing us a consultation on a blogger to help her with her skin care needs then I got told I was having a pamper! Who would refuse, before the pamper there was a questionnaire to answer about how me and my body was feeling and how I would like to feel the results are in the products I got pampered with, I tried out there new Spa of the world Moroccan Rhassoul body clay on a bit of my arm by the lovely Jess pictured above, I could instantly feel it doing something, the clay is designed to firm and tighten your skin, it helps to tone your body up and revitalises your skin. She then washed it of and already feeling smooth she added some more moisture by adding the Spa of the world Hawaiian Kukui Cream, this stuff smells amazing! Well actually the whole range smells amazing but this is the most luxurious feeling body cream, I really did feel like I was in a spa when I shut my eyes for a few brief moments. Why Jess did all that on one arm she tested out two other products from the range on my other arm to see the difference, she started of with the Spa of the world Dead Sea Salt Scrub this felt so good, very exfoliating but when washed of left like the loveliest film of moisture and silkiness, I know films on the skin don't usually feel good but this felt awesome I don't think you would even need moisturiser after this if you are usually lazy like me after a bath but the next product might make you change your mind, for just that extra few minutes add on the Spa of the world French Lavender Massage Oil, this stuff is just wow, smells divine and will help you drift of to sleep once you've massaged it in or even better if you have a partner or friend get them to do the hard work for you!

Bodyshop really want to bring the spa to your home, I personally love pamper nights so this range is perfect for me, I love treating my boyfriend to massages and facials and he thoroughly loved it with the new products I bought, I had to purchase the Dead Sea Salt scrub so good for exfoliating your skin and getting a good circulation going and the massage oil, it really helped us both have an early night and a great nights sleep and he said his skin felt amazing the morning after as did mine. They are so affordable too, I thought they was going to cost an arm and a leg when I saw the Spa range but was pleasantly surprised, I've linked some of the products above so you can see for yourself. 

It was lovely to meet up with my blogger gal Clo, we had a lovely Wagamamma lunch with prosecco then headed of to the event hosted by the lovely Elaine, thanks so much Elaine for a thoroughly lovely event and the lovely goody bag, I learned so much look out for reviews coming up!

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