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Teal Zoo Animals Baby Bean Bag Chair | Bean Bag Planet £29.99*

I was over the moon when the company kindly asked if I'd like to review this baby bean bag, I am obsessed with all things for babies at the minute, I said I wouldn't go to mad with Lawson like I did with my first Oscar but you just can't help yourself when everything is just too darn cute.

Lawson absolutely loves this thing, he lies in it and pretty much eases of to sleep rather than his rocking chair, it looks so comfortable as well, he sinks into it, unlike chairs he's not slumped in it or in any awkward positions his body adjusts with the beans, it's pretty much a memory foam mattress for babies. I love the colour of it too and the animal print design around the side which is an easy material to wipe clean. You also get two removable cover with your bean bag for babies and toddlers so for just under thirty pounds this is going to last you a long while, well worth the money and I don't know how long they have that offer on for at the moment. 

The strap is easy enough to use and goes up to the weight of 30kg, it helps your baby from getting 'flat head' , it actually provides comfort for babies with colic and I wondered how it pretty much stopped now I know this helped him massively. As you can see yourself he is more than happy in his little chair, it's very lightweight so easy to move around anywhere in the house and perfect for taking to a friends or family. This will last you a good eight years so a great investment and can even hand it down to your own family once your child is old enough. It also comes in the shade yellow if you love the animal design yourself or many other designs for boys or girls or unisex if you fancied buying this fora gift for someone, it really would be the perfect gift and you don't know the sex there is so many to choose from. 

Oscar sometimes like to sit on it whilst Lawson is having tummy time and he equally loves it and finds it comfortable, I want one myself now. I have let Lawson have his naps in here and he seems very settled and will sleep in there until he's due his next feed so I can keep this downstairs and keep a watchful eye on him rather than him being upstairs in his cot. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to review this and now I have I wouldn't even hesitate to buy one, I might even buy this as a gift for a friend as it really is great! 

Have you tried baby bean bags?


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