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I was hugely inspired to write this post from the beautiful Em who did this youtube video 'you look disgusting' from awful readers who had put her down on her video comments and Instagram etc, but what made me think was I thought about those things about myself! No one should ever make you feel shitty about yourself especially YOU. Your given a body and a face, you have to live with it so you should appreciate it, we all come in different shapes and sizes, colours, some with freckles some without. Most of us find something we hate about ourselves I don't think we will ever be truly happy with ourselves even if we were 'perfect'. Perfect does not exist by the way. 

I remember when I was little I used to say to my mum, I wish I looked like her she's so beautiful, amazing figure and gorgeous long blonde hair like a Disney character! My mum replied 'she must have a really spotty bum' haha, sound hilarious thinking about that now she was probably just trying to make me feel better about myself but I think the real message was we're not all perfect we all have flaws. I am not the perfect size, I'm never going to be a slender size 8. I've had two beautiful children and started to fall in love with the marks they created on my body I have stretched to fit there beautiful bodies inside of me and helped them grow why should I hate that? I have ditched the Bio oil and now smile when I look in the mirror, I don't smile so much looking at the little kangaroo pouch I have going on but I'm working on that one day at a time. I went to the gym 3 times in one week that might not seem a lot to some but thats a massive achievement for someone who never worked out in there life before. 

I used to hate my freckles, I am covered in them! I even have freckles in my eye but I weirdly like them. I used to hate looking at myself bare faced in the mirror I am so pale, I used to think you are so ugly. It helps being with someone who has seen you at your very best and your very worst and always tells you how beautiful you are wether your done up to the nines or have nothing on what so ever. I never believed him five years ago but I am starting to believe him now, he wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it right? We all get breakouts you just deal with them, we're only human. I could never walk to the shop without piling the make up on, call me vain but that's how bad my anxiety was and self worth. I used to think if I didn't pile my slap on people would stare and laugh or call me names thats how sad and bad it was. Looking back now I think get a grip but we all have doubts about ourself. It didn't help in high school when childish boys used to shout moley moley moley, Austin powers didn't help that either, I can laugh about that now but it did used to hurt, like I didn't want that mole on my face jerks but my mole is my mole and makes me different from everyone else. 

No one should ever make you feel down and your the only one who can truly change that, it obviously takes time to build up your self confidence just deal with one thing at a time, I started wearing bb cream instead of a heavy duty foundation, I started ditching the eyeliner on top of my lids and just wore mascara, I ditched lipstick for lip balm and now just wear my brows and mascara most days, don't get me wrong this is nothing against wearing make up as I love it its just about learning to love myself in the skin I own. I don't have to go out every day with a full face of make up to feel god about myself anymore I can just rock my brows (they aren't done much in this photo as I have literally just took this photo). I also think when you wear make up in the future you look more done up rather than looking the same all the time. 

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, we all have different features and personalities and personalities shine through much more than looks, looks fade but a nice person always stays. Some people are really lucky that they are naturally stunning, I am not aha. I still get a little jealous when I see a gorgeous olive skinned babe rocking a natural look but I think all people have a little green eye monster in them unless you are 1000% happy with yourself, if so good on yourself. 

Do you ever think eff it I'm going bare faced today? Also what makes you confident?

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