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Hello lovelies, I used to do this a lot last year but I have tried to be a bit better with money this year, I'm not really doing great at saving still but I'm spending less on make up and things which is always a bonus. I thought I would do these again but just buy the magazines that I liked the look of the freebies not just all of them like before. I really wanted to try out the St.Tropez in shower tan as I was so intrigued buy it and loved the look of the other two freebies.

InStyle £3.99 Freebie - St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower lotion worth £14.50 currently in boots for £9.67 , this is the most wanted freebie I picked up, I had been eyeing it up in boots thinking shall I shan't I? I haven't seen many reviews on the blogosphere so I thought I would leave it for a bit then I seen it in WHSmiths free with Red and instantly picked it up, I can't wait to try it I'll review it and share with you all my feedback. 

Cosmopolitan £3.80 Freebie - New Cid Cosmetics Lipgloss in the shade Amaretto worth £17, I adored the colour of this lip product straight away, I love a nude lip shade! The freebies have a handful of different shades of lip glosses or a mascara, I'm so glad I picked up this shade it is stunning, it has a roller ball wand which glides on to the lips lovely and it smells amazing, I'll also review this in the near future. 

Red £4.10 Freebie - Jessica nail polish in the shade Confident Coral worth £10.50 but currently on feel unique for half the price at £5.25. I loved the shade I chose but you can choose from a couple more, some pastels and pinks. I imagine the polish is good retailing at £10, it may be in an upcoming 'what's on my nails Wednesday' post. 

Total price of magazines - £11.89
Total price of 'freebie' goodies - £42.00
Saving - £30.11 I know it wasn't a full size St.Tropez bottle but still a lot of saving buying the magazines to try out new beauty products.

Have you got your eye on any magazine freebies this month? 

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