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Hello lovelies, how rubbish has the weather been this week? Typical when the fella finally gets some time of work and me! We have been stuck what to do, but have loved family cuddles on the sofa watching movies and I love nothing more when its dark and gloomy outside to light some candles. The candle I am currently burning is this one, it smells so delicious and instantly brings me back to my youth of running down the road trying not to miss the ice cream van for a 69er, not what you're thinking, filth. There probably about £2 nowadays but nothing like an ice cream in the summer but are we getting summer this year? It just keeps raining lately, this candle will just have to do for me now and pretend its summer. You will want to eat this as soon as you smell it, its just gorgeous! I love these little tumbler candles as there in between the small and medium candle sizes, not too expensive and they burn for ages, as I like changing my scents up all the while this size is perfect for me and makes the whole of the living room smell amazing or any room i'm burning it in, I have a slight obsession with Yankee candles though and trying to get through my stash at the minute but I have the small jars dotted all over the house with the larger ones kept in the living room, Asda actually sell Yankee candles for the fraction of the price, my favorite scents are fresh, sweet, fruity and strong Christmas like scents for example cinnamon etc, mmm makes my nose happy aha.

Do you have a favorite Yankee Candle? 

High street Vs High end, My Favorite - Foundations.

Foundations - MAC Studio sculpt 'NW20' & Rimmel 25 hour '100 Ivory'

Hello lovelies, I thought I would do some blog posts showing you my favorite products that are high end and high street as I do love a bit of both and I know everyone has their own budgets and preferences. I own a mixture of high end and high street, mainly high street but I like to treat myself now and again with some high end pieces, I thought I would start these posts of with my favorite foundations.

Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hour foundation -

This is my favorite high street foundation and I think it always will be, I have tried a range of different affordable foundations and I always always come back to this, it gives amazing coverage, medium to full. It is quite thick, but that's how I like it you can always adjust it to how you like it though, it blends in like a dream and doesn't look cakey on the skin at all, it dries quite matte but doesn't cling onto any dry areas. It is very long lasting, I don't know about 25 hours as I wouldn't leave foundation on that long but it has lasted me all day and night before, keep up the good work Rimmel. 

Mac Studio sculpt SPF15 foundation -

I love this foundation so so much, If I never had to worry about money I'd have this and only this probably but my high street option is great for work and if I don't want to use all my Mac one up. I like this over my Estee Lauder one even, I know shock horror, again this is build-able to your taste from medium to full, thick and creamy and gives you such a flawless finish, it's very long lasting and just makes my skin feel alive, vibrant, fresh, dewy and just lovely! I adore it so much and how my face transforms when I apply this. 

Just a little note I have combination skin if your interested in any of these foundations I would highly recommend them both to you, especially if you have combination skin.

What is your favorite foundation?

Birmingham Selfridges Wishlist

Hello lovelies, If you didn't know already me and my best friend Jess from Coffee&Cosmetics are hosting our first very own blogger meet up in Birmingham this Sunday June 1st and I am so excited! Jess has done such an amazing job getting PR companies on board giving us some samples for all our lovely attendees, I wasn't as lucky no one wanted to share with me aha but I did manage to bag us a Lush event! Which I am very excited about, were all meeting for food at Ming Moon mmm then getting our shop on which brings me to my 'realistic' wishlist, you should have seen my first wishlist it was ridiculous so I have narrowed it down to just a handful and will hopefully purchase a couple of the items above at Birmingham Selfridges. The Chanel Perfection Lumiere velvet foundation is completely Vivianna's doing! After seeing her rave about it on her blog I immediately wanted it, but I may just ask for a sample of this and see how I get on with it before I buy it, as I do this a lot and end up not liking a product a bit daft really isn't it? I have always had my eye on a Nars blusher and the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks not like I need another but who cares and I was searching through Mac shadows as I really want to start up my own little palette and experiment more, that is not the shade though! It is is the shade Arena I liked the look of but they only had one picture for a Mac shadow sadly to put in my little collage. I'd love to know what you would advise me to get my hands on in Selfridges, pop a comment below with your fave beauty buys. 

What's On My Nails Wednesday #10

Rimmel 60 seconds Rita Ora polish - Breakfast In Bed

Hello lovelies, I do apologise but its another Rita Ora Rimmel polish but I just can't get enough of them, plus its the last one I own so you won't be seeing anymore I promise, I do have one more pastel shade for you next week though then there will be neon's and brights, so look out for those! This is a gorgeous pastel blue like perfect blue skies, I wish I added some clouds on there now, I will start doing a bit of nail art in on Wednesday's too to jazz things up a little, again its another pastel shade and on the wand they have this metallic shiny glare but this doesn't show at all on the nails they just look lovely and shiny, they last for ages with out chipping and are very fast drying! This is perfect for you busy people who hate waiting around for drying and this is good to go with one coat but I always like to finish it of with two coats to make it extra opaque and a touch of to coat to seal it all into place. I have already had a lot of compliments with this shade and have loved wearing it this week, do you own any of the Rita Ora polishes yet?

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream | Review

Maybelline Dream pure BB 8-in-1 BB cream £7.99

Hello lovelies, I have been on the hunt for a new BB cream for ages now ready for the warmer months (if we ever get those) and I was in Boots the other day buying some make-up for my mum and seen Maybelline still had a 3 for 2 offer on, I got my mums mascara and lipstick and seen they did this bb cream so I thought I'd give it a go as it was free. I am terribly fussy with bb creams, I like a medium to full coverage and most bb creams make me look so orange even the light shade ones! But this is in fact the shade medium as the lighter one would have washed me out I think, so if like me you are pale this one will be perfect for you I reckon, this one is for oily skin too as I couldn't find the one for combination skin but this has worked great on my skin, I am having no problems with it so far any way plus my skin is more oilier in the summer months. It has an SPF of 15 it claims to -

1. Conceal imperfections.
2. Helps protect against the appereance of blemishes.
3. Oil free - non greasy.
4. Minimise the appearance of pores.
5. Clarifies the skins look.
6. Conceals redness.
7. Hydrates and smoothes.
8. Compliments the skin tone.

I would have to agree with them all, although it doesn't completely hide your spots but what make up product really does? There not miracle workers but I hate my freckles and they hide most of them, it definitely compliments my skin tone, it feels lovely and smooth and minimises the large pores I have on my nose. I am loving this, even more so then my favorite last year the Garnier bb cream.  It even gives me a little airbrushed look and I only need to put the tiniest amount of concealer on top, this is great if your in a rush and a little goes a long way with the Real techniques stippling brush. I would say it is medium to full coverage, very buildable and they also do one for dry skin, I'm not actually sure if they do one for combination but this one worked great for me. I would highly recommend this if you like a good coverage bb cream, its light and perfect for the warmer months, I love the packaging too it fits perfectly into my make up bag.

Mummy Monday - Way 2 cool OOTD

T-Shirt - H&M
Denim shorts - Next
Shoes - Vans

I took these pictures last week when we had lots of sun but what do you know, the rains come out to play again, typical British weather. It was also an opportunity to get an outfit post with his new shoes, they fit perfectly and he walks fab in them, he even starts running now. I was torn between these and converse but I think I'll still get him some converse too, I love mine! We was enjoying the sunshine in the front garden and playing with his ball, nothing better and free than spending time in the sun with your little ones, it makes him the most happiest too. 

Have you discovered? - Eyeliner

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a gel eyeliner, I haven't seen this floating around the blogoshpere yet so here is my 'have you discovered' product.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black shock gel eyeliner £8.99

This product is now a staple in my make up bag! It is the most easiest and quickest eyeliner to apply and it doesn't budge for no one, it takes a good rub with the cleansers/micellar waters to get this bad boy off, so its perfect for you party animals or business busy people out all day in no time for touch ups. It comes in a twisty lid, then once the lid is removed is had a twisty bottom that gets the product out of this silicone sort of rubber applicator on the end with a slit, after looking at the new benefit eyeliner this looks so similar! For first time users you need to twist the bottom as it clicks about ten times until the product comes out then after that just once as it comes out quite quickly, it is very soft and I can apply this with just one hand quickly over my lids, perfect for YouTubers aha. It is quite an intense black as it says on the packaging 'black shock' but if you apply it as gently as you can you can get away with wearing it the day time if your not as daring with eyeliner, also if your a beginner as liquid eyeliner a good tip is to do dot to dot on the top of your eyelid then join them all up to form a straight line. I couldn't recommend this product enough to you all and its 3 for 2 on at boots so go grab one quick, also a lot cheaper than the benefit version. 

Who you gonna call? SPOT BUSTERS


Hello lovelies, so annoyed as I wrote this out last night taking me a couple of hours ( I was multi-tasking watching breaking bad) and blogger decided to delete it all, thanks for that! I'm seriously thinking of moving to Wordpress, anyone else had this trouble? Anyway enough rambling I thought I would share with you all some products that have brought my skin back to life and nice and clean, a lot of you on Twitter wanted to see so here they are.

Garnier Pure active intensive exfobrusher spot fighter - I got this recently in the clearance section in Boots, I'm getting some right good bargains in there at the moment I picked this up for about £2.50 what a steal! I use this about 2-3 times a week after my first cleanse. You twist the head and put it upside down under warm water to get the liquid out then twist the lid back to stop anymore liquid coming out and rub the bristles all over your face (170 bristles to be precise) I have combination skin and this is more for oily to spot prone skin so I just applied this to those areas on my face such as my forehead and chin, it feels a little strange at first but isn't painful or discomforting the bristles are really soft and they get right into your clogged pores and remove all your dead skin cells, your face feels refreshed and sparkly clean afterwards.

Liz Earle Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser - This is the main thing that has cleaned my skin up, I used this many months ago with a sample bottle I got from QVC curious to try it but when I used it all up I still had copious amounts of cleansers to get through so thought it was silly to buy a full size until I got through my stash, regretting that massively now though as my skin has been nothing but terrible the past few months after trying all sorts my spots just wont go away! I never had spots before I was a mother now its a regular occurrence but thankfully Liz Earle had a little offer on for under £10 for a full sized bottle and I have got quite through a lot of cleansers, so thought it needed to be back in my skin care routine and now its staying forever! It is quite strong in scent with its eucalyptus essential oils infused, its got quite a strong minty scent but it also has rosemary, chamomile and cocoa butter infused inside also all great properties for clean soft skin and my did my face feel as soft as a baby's bum after bringing this back into my routine, the muslin cloth works wonders too as it gives you that exfoliation feel to it but not too course at all, this even gets rid of the most stubborn of mascaras such as falsies and they're real! If you have combination skin you need this in your life.  

Eucerin Dermo purifyer cleanser* - I was very kindly given this from the Escentual team along with a lot more Eucerin goodies in a bag, I am very lucky and these are such a lovely brand and always sociable on Twitter keeping you up to date with offers and very friendly, its very rare you get that with companies these days but these are lovely and have a fab website HERE full of all ranges of products they also have 25% of everything at the minute but hurry as it ends tomorrow! I have heard Eucerin raved about a lot in magazine adverts so I am glad I have the chance to try there products out, this has worked wonders on my problematic skin on my chin, again this is more for oily-spot prone skin but I just put this on areas needed, I put it on to my skin and wash it of with warm water, it is soap free gel cleanser which eliminates excess sebum, removes dirt and make up! It has a concentration of 6% Ampho-Tenside and anti bacterial bodies to make your skin clean and clear for tip top condition, I am using this as my second cleanse at the moment till my skin has all cleared up then I will probably use this 2 - 3 times a week to keep on top of it.

Origins Super spot remover - This stuff stings like a bit*h, but in the world of beauty we all know no pain no gain right? I guess the burning feel is from the Salicylic Acid but this makes the healing process a lot quicker and gets deep into the clogged pore, it also has caffeine and red algae inside to help relive the irritating redness of the blemish. You don't have to soak your face in the stuff either you just dab it on to the most irritating spots you have and let it do its magic, I rarely use this unless I have like a horrible boil on my face, you know those spots where people shout 'who's your mate' yeah them ones, thats the only time I use this pretty good really as £14 a pop it would get quite pricey for this small bottle but it will last you for ages if you don't smother your face in it, it was awarded the best spot treatment by Company last year too, I'd definitely recommend this to you. 

Sudocrem Skin care cream* - I think this stuff is not mentioned about enough, its a wonder cream! I know people think of Sudocrem as a nappy rash treatment or for healing sores etc but it can do a lot more, I know as a teenager before I knew anything about cleansing and toning I would smother this all over my face if I had the tiniest zit and would pray to god the next morning it would be gone (teenager problems), then I'd wake up with the mankiest pillow where the Sudocrem had been, yuck. Now though as I am fully aware of cleansing and toning I tend to use Sudocrem just on my spotty areas, I apply a thin layer and cover with a plaster over night this stops your pillows getting into a mess! Top beauty tip right? I was just using Oscars big tub but now Sudocrem have a skin care line which I was kindly given a 30g tube of by there team I now have my own handy sized tube to keep in my handbag for on the go or make up bag as it's not only good for cleaning up your spots its great if you have really dry flakey skin and dry areas like elbows and ankles to smother in, its a magic cream. Even the celebs rate this cream, eg Cheryl Cole and Amanda Holden say this works wonders and is there go to cream for killing spots, Lauren Pope & Chloe Sims from Towie smothers this all over their face at night for their night cream and  Kimberly Walsh from Girls Aloud says The zinc oxide it contains prevents moisture loss and its lanolin has excellent moisturising qualities, need I say more? Lets not underestimate a cheap cream from the drugstore again as it really does do wonders on your skin and keeps them blemishes at bay! 

Lip product addict | TAG

Hello lovelies, I have seen this tag everywhere recently so had to jump on the band wagon as I am just a little bit of a lipstick addict, ok a big bit look at my collection HERE! I thought it would be rude not to join in, this was originally started by Amelia LanaEssie Button both gorgeous girls with fab blogs and YouTube channels, here is my answers...

1. Favorite balm/treatment -

For me the best lip treatment is the lip scrubs from Lush, Bubblegum has to be my favorite but I've used all that one up and currently using the Santa's lip scrub still from there Christmas stock, don't worry it's still in date they last about a year I think, even though you could make one at home you're never going to get is as good as how they do it plus it smells amazing of cola which instantly makes me think of the cola truck at Christmas, it's not Christmas in our house until the cola truck is on the tv, although I think it gets earlier every year aha. It is gritty in texture but not too intense to rip of the skin on your lips, it's just great for exfoliating them and keeping them in tip top condition, also a little tip if you want extra exfoliation, I take an old toothbrush and rub them with this on, perf!
The balm I am currently loving is the EOS balm in raspberry, it's the perfect dome shape to just rub all over your lips quickly to bring the moisture back in and it smells divine, also the colour is gorgeous this is always in my handbag for on the go fixes, for an over night lip balm I use Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream that stuff is awesome. 

2. Best eye-catching red

For me it has to be the Nars Velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella, not only is this beauty eye-catching it is what converted me to be a red lipstick lover, I never thought reds suited me but this opened my eyes. It is a deep dark red that lasts all day and night! My best friend Jess borrowed this last weekend when we went to a party she partied, drank lots and ate and it didn't budge! What more could you want? Also it doesn't bleed and the pen applicator makes it super easy to apply, I got this in a set featured HERE.

3. Best luxury & drugstore -

Luxury - It's another Nars product but this baby is gorgeous it is the Nars Satin lip pencil in Lodhi, this is a jumbo lip pencil filed with vitamins and adds moisture to your lips as well as covering them in pigmented coral goodness, such a beautiful colour perfect for spring and summer. I fell in love with this as I swatched it at my nearest Nars counter and couldn't leave without it. 
Drugstore - The Maybelline colour sensationals are so gorgeous, super pigmented with amazing lasting power also, this is one of my favorite bright lippys in my collection in the shade shocking coral, although to me it's more of a bright neon pink with maybe a tadge of orange infused, the packaging is lovely too. 

4. Best Mac lipstick

I don't think you can go wrong with a good nude, everyone needs one in there life even you pale girls like me who worry about nudes washing out there colour, this will compliment it! It has a slight pinkness to it so it's more wearable than most other nudes (I also have a dupe for this coming up soon). This is in the shade Hue, I think one of Zoella's really old videos had this featured on there and I seen it on a lot of YouTube videos going about a couple of years ago so I thought I would go to my nearest Mac counter and swatch it, it was as gorgeous as it was seen on the video's, it has the tiniest amount of shimmer running through it but you can't tell that much once applied, it just looks like you have glossy lips and they last a good few hours, also the Mac scent hubba hubba. 

5. The most disappointing

Apologies for the grubby lid, I never use this lipstick anymore so have just tossed it about I really need to give it away or something. Sorry to say Revlon your usually good at what you do but you've let me down in this department with your Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede lipstick in the shade high heels, the colour is beautiful a baby pink but the formula isn't so, I find it quite drying on the lips and they claim to be budge proof another false claim, the colour comes straight off after an hour or so.

6. Liner - Yes or No? -

A big fat NO on this question for me, a beauty sin of mine I am absolutely awful it looks like my son has attacked me with his crayons, I try and do it so slowly and precise and I just look like a complete clown, I watch copious amounts of YouTube videos but still haven't got the hang of it, I need a make up artist to teach me, any takers? 

7. Best gloss -

I couldn't choose from these two the L'Oreal stain splashes are just lovely, they have a strange formula as they go on really wet then dry instantly on your lips to keep the colour lasting on your lips, there packaging is beautiful and I love the wand, to me it looks like a mini set of lips and makes it a lot easier to apply to your lips they also smell yummy. Then we have the Mac dazzleglass in shade dark orange, this is a sheer orange shade but can be buildable, it is not sticky at all and feels quite moisturising on your lips it has a slight shimmer and is great to put on top of a coral/orange lipstick for extra glossiness. 

8. Something extra -

The Revlon lip butters and Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet matte finish lipsticks are my favorite lip products too, the lip butters are perfect for a wash of colour on your lips perfect for work and every day activities, very moisturising and come in a gorgeous array of shades for everyone's tastes. The rouge edition lipsticks are so pigmented and last all day and night, these are my go to lipsticks for a night out or if I'm going somewhere nice for the day I would recommend these both highly to you all, go get swatching in boots you wont regret it. 

I tag you all!!

LUSH - Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly.

LUSH Shower Jelly - Sweetie Pie £6.75

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a product from one of my favorite shops if you didn't know already Lush, this is also one of my favorite products, in my top 3 any how. This is a shower jelly but I always find myself using it more in the bath, I'm a bit of a rebel like that. You only need to rub this onto your skin the tiniest amount and it lathers up gorgeously, it smells sooo good too with cherries, blackcurrants and coconuts as the main scent, covered in its wobbly goodness with sparkles. It is indeed a party in a tub, it looks and smells good enough to eat but I wouldn't advice you to do that, it smells very similar to the Comfortor if you have ever smelt that, those are the sort of scents you will get with this, rich, sweet and feminine it arouses my nostrils however wrong that sounds. Not only can you use this as a shower/bath body wash you can also use it on your hair! It has seaweed infused inside so will do wonders on your hair, you can also freeze it or chill it, this would be great in the summer to rub all over you too cool you down in a luke warm shower, a party in the shower smelling absolutely gorgeous what more could you want? Although I said it smells feminine my fella adores this too, he loves the comfortor also though, maybe he just likes sweet smells like I do, we have to fight for this in the shower like it's not hard enough to keep it in your hands, its a bit of a slippery bugger. It makes your skin unbelievably soft and lasts for absolute ages, I love that Lush do not test on animals and they always do tremendous work for all types of causes around the world, if you have never been inside Lush I would highly recommend you do and go check out this product, its amazing! Since I walked into Lush about 3 years ago I have never gone in there again and not bought anything, it gets addictive so I will warn you on that but well worth every single penny I spend. Have you tried this shower jelly, or what is your favorite Lush bath/shower product?

Whats On My Nails Wednesday #9

Hello lovelies, I'm having a bit of a change around on my blog and going to start of a schedule soon that I can hopefully keep up to date with, just bare with me and I will post it soon, today for you though I have another installment of the #whatsonmynailswednesday post, I can't believe I'm already on my ninth! I hope you love this shade as much as I do...

Rimmel 60 seconds Rita Ora polish - Lose your lingerie

I fell in love with this after the first coat, you only need one coat to be sufficient but for a more opaque look I added another, it is a candy floss pink that makes me think of that and ice creams when I look down at my nails, feminine and a really pretty pastel pink. This look would go with so many outfits and for a day or night look if you was attending a wedding or an after party. I added a bit of sparkles on my pinky from an odd glitter tub I found lying around in my beauty room for a little jazz, I'm getting abit addicted to sparkles on my nails at the minute. What are you wearing on your nails right now?! Let me know in the comments below.

Battle of the pound lipsticks | MUA VS Makeup Revolution.

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a great bargain priced post! If you love lippy and affordable ones your in the right place.

Make-up academy VS Make-up revolution

Shade 8 | Shade 16 | Shade 4
Depraved* | Rebel with cause* | The one*

Price: Both only £1 absolute bargain!
Long lasting: They both last around the same time, a couple of hours, the more pigmented colours last a tiny bit longer.

I feel the MUA ones are more glossier and like lip balms rather than lipsticks apart from the red shade they do, I also hate the fact they don't have proper shade names. I like that there not too pigmented as there perfect for work and days where you only want a touch of colour. The Make-up revolution lipsticks are very pigmented and glossy to touch but dry quite quickly on the lips to look more lipstick like and are very opaque after a couple applications. They both smell like play dough which is pretty weird aha, I find that the MUA ones tug a little more as the Make-up revolution glide on the lips a little easier also their shade names are much better. They both look similar in packaging but I like that the Make-up revolution lipsticks have the little lipstick pot on the lid so if you loose your lid in you hand bag there's two, but I have found it hard to take that little pot of the lid whereas the MUA ones come of very easy with a tug. Over all I would lean more towards the Make-up revolution ones I think as they have shade names, more pigmented and a huge variety of shades. 

Have you tried Make-up revolution yet? I would highly recommend you checking them out and to see which one pound lipstick you prefer.

Have you discovered? - Eye Shadow/Palette.

Hello lovelies, I missed last Sunday's but I'm back today showing you my eye shadow little duo's I have never seen mentioned in the blogosphere before. 

Ted Baker Beauty Eye Shadow Compact

I got these a while back of my mum as a Christmas present, usually when I get make-up sets for Christmas there never normally that good but these are gorgeous and very pigmented on the lids. I adore the packaging I just think there beautiful, my most used is the pinky shades, they don't have shade names sadly but you can see ones a greeny palette, one pink and another a deep purple and gunmetal grey perfect for a dark smokey eye. The olive green shade reminds me a lot of my Mac shadow in 'sumptuous olive', they are all lovely shades and perfect for slipping in your make-up bag, also both the shades in each palette are great for there own smokey eye look without using additional shades. Have you ever been surprised with a make-up gift set?

Magazine freebies I purchased this month.

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you the magazines I purchased purely for the freebies! Last year I used to buy all the magazines monthly and show you what freebies I got but it was a waste of money to be honest, so now I just buy the ones I like. I loved the freebies inside this months Company but I subscribe to them already so didn't buy another for the freebies but there gorgeous pastel nail polishes.

Elle - £4.00

A mini Benefit pore minimiser primer, I love this primer and have so many samples of it I have never needed to buy a full version yet so another to add to my collection, well worth paying £4 for though.

InStyle - £3.90

A very gorgeous nail polish from Nails Inc in the shade 'Copacabana Coral' a gorgeous coral that will look gorgeous on my finger tips for summer and on my toes in my sandals too. They also have a greyish colour and a very pale pink on offer too. 

Marie Claire - £2.50

In this months Marie Claire you get a trio of mini's from Aromatherapy Associates including a renewing rose cleanser 10ml, rose renewing moisturiser 5ml and a rose face mask 5ml. I couldn't wait to try some of there skin care so thought this was a steal at £2.50 and I can't wait to try the face mask!

Have you picked up any magazines for the freebies yet?