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Lip product addict | TAG

Hello lovelies, I have seen this tag everywhere recently so had to jump on the band wagon as I am just a little bit of a lipstick addict, ok a big bit look at my collection HERE! I thought it would be rude not to join in, this was originally started by Amelia LanaEssie Button both gorgeous girls with fab blogs and YouTube channels, here is my answers...

1. Favorite balm/treatment -

For me the best lip treatment is the lip scrubs from Lush, Bubblegum has to be my favorite but I've used all that one up and currently using the Santa's lip scrub still from there Christmas stock, don't worry it's still in date they last about a year I think, even though you could make one at home you're never going to get is as good as how they do it plus it smells amazing of cola which instantly makes me think of the cola truck at Christmas, it's not Christmas in our house until the cola truck is on the tv, although I think it gets earlier every year aha. It is gritty in texture but not too intense to rip of the skin on your lips, it's just great for exfoliating them and keeping them in tip top condition, also a little tip if you want extra exfoliation, I take an old toothbrush and rub them with this on, perf!
The balm I am currently loving is the EOS balm in raspberry, it's the perfect dome shape to just rub all over your lips quickly to bring the moisture back in and it smells divine, also the colour is gorgeous this is always in my handbag for on the go fixes, for an over night lip balm I use Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream that stuff is awesome. 

2. Best eye-catching red

For me it has to be the Nars Velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella, not only is this beauty eye-catching it is what converted me to be a red lipstick lover, I never thought reds suited me but this opened my eyes. It is a deep dark red that lasts all day and night! My best friend Jess borrowed this last weekend when we went to a party she partied, drank lots and ate and it didn't budge! What more could you want? Also it doesn't bleed and the pen applicator makes it super easy to apply, I got this in a set featured HERE.

3. Best luxury & drugstore -

Luxury - It's another Nars product but this baby is gorgeous it is the Nars Satin lip pencil in Lodhi, this is a jumbo lip pencil filed with vitamins and adds moisture to your lips as well as covering them in pigmented coral goodness, such a beautiful colour perfect for spring and summer. I fell in love with this as I swatched it at my nearest Nars counter and couldn't leave without it. 
Drugstore - The Maybelline colour sensationals are so gorgeous, super pigmented with amazing lasting power also, this is one of my favorite bright lippys in my collection in the shade shocking coral, although to me it's more of a bright neon pink with maybe a tadge of orange infused, the packaging is lovely too. 

4. Best Mac lipstick

I don't think you can go wrong with a good nude, everyone needs one in there life even you pale girls like me who worry about nudes washing out there colour, this will compliment it! It has a slight pinkness to it so it's more wearable than most other nudes (I also have a dupe for this coming up soon). This is in the shade Hue, I think one of Zoella's really old videos had this featured on there and I seen it on a lot of YouTube videos going about a couple of years ago so I thought I would go to my nearest Mac counter and swatch it, it was as gorgeous as it was seen on the video's, it has the tiniest amount of shimmer running through it but you can't tell that much once applied, it just looks like you have glossy lips and they last a good few hours, also the Mac scent hubba hubba. 

5. The most disappointing

Apologies for the grubby lid, I never use this lipstick anymore so have just tossed it about I really need to give it away or something. Sorry to say Revlon your usually good at what you do but you've let me down in this department with your Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede lipstick in the shade high heels, the colour is beautiful a baby pink but the formula isn't so, I find it quite drying on the lips and they claim to be budge proof another false claim, the colour comes straight off after an hour or so.

6. Liner - Yes or No? -

A big fat NO on this question for me, a beauty sin of mine I am absolutely awful it looks like my son has attacked me with his crayons, I try and do it so slowly and precise and I just look like a complete clown, I watch copious amounts of YouTube videos but still haven't got the hang of it, I need a make up artist to teach me, any takers? 

7. Best gloss -

I couldn't choose from these two the L'Oreal stain splashes are just lovely, they have a strange formula as they go on really wet then dry instantly on your lips to keep the colour lasting on your lips, there packaging is beautiful and I love the wand, to me it looks like a mini set of lips and makes it a lot easier to apply to your lips they also smell yummy. Then we have the Mac dazzleglass in shade dark orange, this is a sheer orange shade but can be buildable, it is not sticky at all and feels quite moisturising on your lips it has a slight shimmer and is great to put on top of a coral/orange lipstick for extra glossiness. 

8. Something extra -

The Revlon lip butters and Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet matte finish lipsticks are my favorite lip products too, the lip butters are perfect for a wash of colour on your lips perfect for work and every day activities, very moisturising and come in a gorgeous array of shades for everyone's tastes. The rouge edition lipsticks are so pigmented and last all day and night, these are my go to lipsticks for a night out or if I'm going somewhere nice for the day I would recommend these both highly to you all, go get swatching in boots you wont regret it. 

I tag you all!!


  1. I love Lush lip scrubs! Bubblegum is my fave too, although I'm using Santa's Scrub at the moment haha!
    NARS Cruella looks like a gorgeous shade.

    Jess xo

  2. I really want to try the EOS balm.. Looks like its worth the hype xx

  3. As a fellow lip lover I had an orgasm from this post ! God they are so gorgeous !


  4. I still haven't picked up a Lush Lip Scrub. I need to as soon as I go out of town again! Hue is a gorgeous color. That's going to be one of my next MAC purchases. Great Tag! I'm planning on doing this soon on my blog, too! :)

    Hope ♡ | http://www.beautyandbliss67.blogspot.com

  5. It's all about the NARS Cruella lip pencil. I hope Selfridges has this <3 xxxx


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