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Who you gonna call? SPOT BUSTERS


Hello lovelies, so annoyed as I wrote this out last night taking me a couple of hours ( I was multi-tasking watching breaking bad) and blogger decided to delete it all, thanks for that! I'm seriously thinking of moving to Wordpress, anyone else had this trouble? Anyway enough rambling I thought I would share with you all some products that have brought my skin back to life and nice and clean, a lot of you on Twitter wanted to see so here they are.

Garnier Pure active intensive exfobrusher spot fighter - I got this recently in the clearance section in Boots, I'm getting some right good bargains in there at the moment I picked this up for about £2.50 what a steal! I use this about 2-3 times a week after my first cleanse. You twist the head and put it upside down under warm water to get the liquid out then twist the lid back to stop anymore liquid coming out and rub the bristles all over your face (170 bristles to be precise) I have combination skin and this is more for oily to spot prone skin so I just applied this to those areas on my face such as my forehead and chin, it feels a little strange at first but isn't painful or discomforting the bristles are really soft and they get right into your clogged pores and remove all your dead skin cells, your face feels refreshed and sparkly clean afterwards.

Liz Earle Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser - This is the main thing that has cleaned my skin up, I used this many months ago with a sample bottle I got from QVC curious to try it but when I used it all up I still had copious amounts of cleansers to get through so thought it was silly to buy a full size until I got through my stash, regretting that massively now though as my skin has been nothing but terrible the past few months after trying all sorts my spots just wont go away! I never had spots before I was a mother now its a regular occurrence but thankfully Liz Earle had a little offer on for under £10 for a full sized bottle and I have got quite through a lot of cleansers, so thought it needed to be back in my skin care routine and now its staying forever! It is quite strong in scent with its eucalyptus essential oils infused, its got quite a strong minty scent but it also has rosemary, chamomile and cocoa butter infused inside also all great properties for clean soft skin and my did my face feel as soft as a baby's bum after bringing this back into my routine, the muslin cloth works wonders too as it gives you that exfoliation feel to it but not too course at all, this even gets rid of the most stubborn of mascaras such as falsies and they're real! If you have combination skin you need this in your life.  

Eucerin Dermo purifyer cleanser* - I was very kindly given this from the Escentual team along with a lot more Eucerin goodies in a bag, I am very lucky and these are such a lovely brand and always sociable on Twitter keeping you up to date with offers and very friendly, its very rare you get that with companies these days but these are lovely and have a fab website HERE full of all ranges of products they also have 25% of everything at the minute but hurry as it ends tomorrow! I have heard Eucerin raved about a lot in magazine adverts so I am glad I have the chance to try there products out, this has worked wonders on my problematic skin on my chin, again this is more for oily-spot prone skin but I just put this on areas needed, I put it on to my skin and wash it of with warm water, it is soap free gel cleanser which eliminates excess sebum, removes dirt and make up! It has a concentration of 6% Ampho-Tenside and anti bacterial bodies to make your skin clean and clear for tip top condition, I am using this as my second cleanse at the moment till my skin has all cleared up then I will probably use this 2 - 3 times a week to keep on top of it.

Origins Super spot remover - This stuff stings like a bit*h, but in the world of beauty we all know no pain no gain right? I guess the burning feel is from the Salicylic Acid but this makes the healing process a lot quicker and gets deep into the clogged pore, it also has caffeine and red algae inside to help relive the irritating redness of the blemish. You don't have to soak your face in the stuff either you just dab it on to the most irritating spots you have and let it do its magic, I rarely use this unless I have like a horrible boil on my face, you know those spots where people shout 'who's your mate' yeah them ones, thats the only time I use this pretty good really as £14 a pop it would get quite pricey for this small bottle but it will last you for ages if you don't smother your face in it, it was awarded the best spot treatment by Company last year too, I'd definitely recommend this to you. 

Sudocrem Skin care cream* - I think this stuff is not mentioned about enough, its a wonder cream! I know people think of Sudocrem as a nappy rash treatment or for healing sores etc but it can do a lot more, I know as a teenager before I knew anything about cleansing and toning I would smother this all over my face if I had the tiniest zit and would pray to god the next morning it would be gone (teenager problems), then I'd wake up with the mankiest pillow where the Sudocrem had been, yuck. Now though as I am fully aware of cleansing and toning I tend to use Sudocrem just on my spotty areas, I apply a thin layer and cover with a plaster over night this stops your pillows getting into a mess! Top beauty tip right? I was just using Oscars big tub but now Sudocrem have a skin care line which I was kindly given a 30g tube of by there team I now have my own handy sized tube to keep in my handbag for on the go or make up bag as it's not only good for cleaning up your spots its great if you have really dry flakey skin and dry areas like elbows and ankles to smother in, its a magic cream. Even the celebs rate this cream, eg Cheryl Cole and Amanda Holden say this works wonders and is there go to cream for killing spots, Lauren Pope & Chloe Sims from Towie smothers this all over their face at night for their night cream and  Kimberly Walsh from Girls Aloud says The zinc oxide it contains prevents moisture loss and its lanolin has excellent moisturising qualities, need I say more? Lets not underestimate a cheap cream from the drugstore again as it really does do wonders on your skin and keeps them blemishes at bay! 


  1. I've been breaking out a lot lately :( Thanks for this post maybe i'll try the super spot remover !
    hope it won't be too harsh on my skin


  2. Ah, the first product reminds me of my teen years, I used to swear by this! haha. It was good on my stop prone skin before it got dry :(

    Jay x

  3. Just stumbled across your blog - love it!
    I swear by sudocrem!

    chelseapostsbeauty.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. I have just started using the Liz Earle cleanse & polish and oh my, it is amazing! My skin has really broken out and this stuff seems to be the only thing calming it. I really want to try the Origins spot treatment too but it is quite expensive for such a small pot! x

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