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Battle of the pound lipsticks | MUA VS Makeup Revolution.

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a great bargain priced post! If you love lippy and affordable ones your in the right place.

Make-up academy VS Make-up revolution

Shade 8 | Shade 16 | Shade 4
Depraved* | Rebel with cause* | The one*

Price: Both only £1 absolute bargain!
Long lasting: They both last around the same time, a couple of hours, the more pigmented colours last a tiny bit longer.

I feel the MUA ones are more glossier and like lip balms rather than lipsticks apart from the red shade they do, I also hate the fact they don't have proper shade names. I like that there not too pigmented as there perfect for work and days where you only want a touch of colour. The Make-up revolution lipsticks are very pigmented and glossy to touch but dry quite quickly on the lips to look more lipstick like and are very opaque after a couple applications. They both smell like play dough which is pretty weird aha, I find that the MUA ones tug a little more as the Make-up revolution glide on the lips a little easier also their shade names are much better. They both look similar in packaging but I like that the Make-up revolution lipsticks have the little lipstick pot on the lid so if you loose your lid in you hand bag there's two, but I have found it hard to take that little pot of the lid whereas the MUA ones come of very easy with a tug. Over all I would lean more towards the Make-up revolution ones I think as they have shade names, more pigmented and a huge variety of shades. 

Have you tried Make-up revolution yet? I would highly recommend you checking them out and to see which one pound lipstick you prefer.


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  2. Have you tried the MUA matte lipstick range hunny? I much prefer those and they last a lot longer on the lips & suprisingly don't dry out too much!

  3. I haven't tried make up revolution yet, I don't mind MUA but they don't seem to stay...and when I say that I mean like not even 5 mins! xxx

  4. Wow I haven't heard of this brand. What a bargain at £1

    Pink Polka Dot & Popcorn

  5. I am so keen to try out Makeup Revolution, I keep seeing them pop up on Twitter! Especially as I'm not a fan the MUA lipsticks.

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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