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Hello lovelies, see what I did there^ if you listen to Rita Ora that is, I have a few of her new nail polishes in the Rimmel range. If you didn't know how much of a nail varnish hoarder I am, where have you been, under a rock? The lipsticks didn't really appeal to me so I thought I would try out the nail polishes. I have already done a 'whatsonmynailswednesday' with the hot pink HERE but I wanted to show you all of them that I own. 

Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Collection - £3.69

Don't Be Shy | Lose Your Lingerie | Pillow Talk

I am already a huge fan of Rimmel nail polishes as they are cheap and cheerful! You get a good few days wear out of them before chipping and the colour range is just amazing. As soon as I heard Rita Ora had her own range out I jumped on it, as I have a lot of similar colours I ended up choosing these three. I adore the packaging with the gorgeous Rita on the front in a stamp form with her signature and I only just realised as I uploaded the picture's that every shade her nail colour is the same as the shade, I would highly recommend you checking these out.

Don't Be Shy - A gorgeous bright fuchsia pink to make any fingertips look funky and out there, as the bottle says don't be shy, you really can't be with this on your nails. I have loved wearing this this week and looked great on my night out.

Lose Your Lingerie - Saucy, this is a beautiful pale pink with a little sheen to it. I really want to wear this next but want to change my brands round a bit in me 'whatsonmynailswednesday' but I can't wait to wear this, perfect for spring!

Pillow talk - Such a gorgeous pastel blue with a sheen to it, like a beautiful blue skies day on your fingernails. I am a massive fan of pastels lately and I am looking forward to testing this one out also.

Have you bought these yet, if so what's your favorite shade?


  1. These shades are so lovely Paige! I like Pillow Talk the most :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Aren't they just babe! I love them, it is gorgeous, I don't have enough finger nails to try them all out haha, too many polishes not enough hands xxx


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