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Goldwell Kerasilk Event - Rachel Lameys.

Hello lovelies, yesterday I was very lucky to be a hair model for Rachel Lamey's Hair and Beauty Salon. It was a Kerasilk demo event where the team were getting taught how to do a kerasilk treatment which is a new treatment that treats unmanageable, frizzy and curly hair to sleek, straight or stylish waves. They have different intentness for each customer, for example there could be a customer with afro curly frizzy hair that still wants her curls but wants to tame the frizz, so the stylist would choose a medium intensify to give a subtle curl without the frizzyness. Then you could have someone with really thick out of control hair who wants really straight hair so the stylist would intensify them with the highest kerasilk treatment. That isn't even the best part, it could last up to five months! Imagine not having to straighten your hair every day for that long? You just wake up in the morning, have a quick shower blow dry your hair and you're good to go, it doesn't even sound real does it? But it is, it's so true as I am the evidence.

I will take you step by step what happens in the treatment if you have never heard of this before and if like me you had unmanageable hair you will seriously want this in your life, it could even change your life! My hair before the treatment was so poor, from dying it over and over, a lot of heat on it, the ends are just knackered basically I really didn't have high hopes but after the whole treatment I was gobsmacked, but I'll get to that at the end.


Chemically damaged, unmanageable, frizzy.

First Step

The stylist will wash and shampoo your hair to see it in its natural form before analysing what treatment you will need and how you want your hair to look like for the end result.

Second Step

After discussing how intense you want the treatment to go the stylist will dry your hair 80% and tie it all up in little knots as featured here.

The stylist will then take out your hair layer by layer very thinly applying the kerasilk treatment all over your hair strands soaking it all up but not drenching it. Once it is all on your head which takes about 40 minutes it is left for 15 minutes to all soak in together and gets penetrated into each and every hair strand. 

Third Step

Once the 15 minutes are up the stylist blow dries your hair 100% to really work the treatment in, then they put your hair up in those funny buns and again take out a tiny section at a time and iron your hair strands bit by bit 6 times per hair piece. Then you wouldn't believe after ironing your hair all over you go and wash it all out, using the Ultra rich kerasilk rich shampoo and conditioner, you only need the tiniest amount as there products go a long way and they smell gorgeous too.

Forth Step

The stylist will then finish it all off with a blow dry in to the style you like it and job done! No straightening was involved at all just a blow dry and this was the finished look...

Sleek, Shiny and MANAGEABLE!

I could not believe my eyes and the transformation, I thought my hair was at no return, granted underneath my hair does need a really good trim which it will be having very soon but you wouldn't even know what state my hair was in before if you just seen my hair at this picture would you? It looks like it has been cut but it really hasn't. This would work even better on natural frizzy hair though not chemically damaged like mine, but if you have damaged your hair through colouring and heat etc I would recommend this to you also, because before this treatment it was pretty impossible to run my fingers through my hair without it snagging and hurting then after the treatment I could easily run my fingers through my hair and it was unbelievably soft and sleek, I am seriously amazed!

If you have really frizzy hair, overly curly hair you cant tame or just hair that is really out of control I couldn't recommend this enough to you, I really think it would change your life and make your life a whole lot easier. When I first heard it was £150 I thought wow that's expensive but after having a good think on the amount of products we waste money on, thinking they will tame our frizz, un-damage our hair because the adverts say so, I would be able to afford several of these treatments! Plus this treatment lasts you up to 5 whole months so really you would only need this a couple times a year and you don't have to straighten your hair every single day. I will show you some before and after pictures of some hair models below how much better it is on non chemically damaged hair, in theory it is saving you money and saving it from further damage.

If you want your hair in better condition and to feel fabulous I would highly recommend you going for this treatment and you will see the amazing result for yourself. I was very dubious but it worked amazingly and me and I have the shampoo and conditioner also to trial out with it, which makes the treatment last longer looking after it and maintaining your hair. If you are one of my local readers Rachel Lamey has a fantastic offer if you book in your treatment ASAP with £25 off so £125 for the treatment with the after care to go with it. It is an offer you really can't refuse I just want to be there with every treatment they do to see the transformation and the shock people will have on there faces. They already have a couple of bookings after seeing the results with my hair and the lovely educator Marie Crowder from Goldwell giving her a consultation, Marie was absolutely lovely and explained everything in full detail and made it look really easy, it is pretty straight forward as I think I could easily do this myself if I had all the products but its best to leave it to the professionals. 

I really hope this helped you in some way and has give people an insight to the world of fab hair, don't be feeling down about your frizzy mane go and sort it and make your life easier.

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